Hi ladies! 

Contouring the face is so popular these days, that buying that perfect contouring kit can be a bit overwhelming , due to all the companies that have come out with contouring kits. I have really tried most of them, and as they all are made amazingly, Smashbox has come out with something so much easier.Smashbox has come out with some amazing contouring sticks, that ultimately can redefine any area on your face. We all know that contouring the face can bring depth, shadows, hide unevenness, and give you a more defined look. These contouring pencils are made for either darker skin tones, or lighter and fair skin tones. They include two pencils for the darker , contouring lines, and be for the highlighter, that draws the contouring out. 

Pallets can be very convienent for some, but these contouring pencils do not need anything but the blending, which I love the beauty blender. You contour the areas you are wanting, and then blending in all the lines, to make it look natural. I am absolutely in love with these, and are one of the greatest inventions ever in makeup. You can pick these up at any Sephora store.