My September Beauty Favorites!

fullsizerender-180I always love sharing with you some of my favorite monthly beauty products that I try out. I’ve tried so many , and I want to give you a heads up on what I think are some amazing beauty products. If you are one that needs a change, or is looking to replace a product already with a better one, I’m here to help.

I get products sent to me all the time, and that’s one of the things I love about blogging. I can try and tell, and it helps all of you the next time you step into a Sephora. One item that I really love is the Korres bath gel in Fig. It smells amazing , and is the perfect scent for fall. The minute you open the bottle, the aroma is divine. imageThe next product that I love and will forever use is my Charlotte Tilbury Mascara. I love mascara and this is one of the finer ones I’ve used. It really wraps the lash, and gives it such a great curl. It’s best to curl your lashes before using, and make sure to start at the bottom of the lash to get the best effect. It’s truly phenomenal.imageThe last product that I think every single girl should have is the Laura Mercier skin brightening powder. Wow does it make your skin pop. It’s very important that you use it correctly to get the best effect from it. One thing you do not want to do is use too much. It takes very little, or your skin will look cakey and thick. That’s a look you do not want. imageWell there are my favorites. These products are truly amazing, and for the price of each of them , you are getting your money’s worth. It’s best to put forth the money to get the best quality.


Beauty favorites for August

I want to share with you some of my favorite beauty products. I’ve decided it’s best to share with you a month by month favorite list , so that you can try some things for yourself. It’s amazing how many new apps you find, or books to read, among other things, just by word of mouth. 

I traveled to NYC last month, and I literally didn’t know where to start in their gorgeous Sephora store. The details of this amazing architecture was through the roof. I think I went a little too crazy in there, but who doesn’t. I felt I picked up enough beauty products to last me the next two years. It’s always fun trying new products, but I had to share with you some of my best beauty products. I’ve used these products for a while now, and they are among my favorites. 

The amazing NYC Sephora! I instantly fell in love! 

This Nars Contour duo is the bomb. If you have never used Nars products, you really should try to. Their products are amazing, and literally deliver results. They make their products with the best in mind. The duo comes with a concealer , as well as a contour color. It will really uplift your features. I live with this daily. 

The Anastacia Beverly Hills palette is the BEST! I’ve tried multiple palettes and this is superb. It comes with the most amazing colors, and fits everyone’s skin tone . You can highlight and conceal as much as you want with this this palette. One of my ultimate favorites. 

I love Benefits high beam. This product is one of the best hands down. It gives your skin the dewy look it needs for great photos. It is applied to the cheeck bones, and will give you a bit of a dewy look. The light hits it perfect. It comes in a few different colors . 

Well here are some of my favorite products that I picked up at the gorgeous Sephora store. If you ever have a chance to visit , it’s absolutely stunning! You will have so much fun in there, I promise! 


My infatuation with Red..the best in lipsticks

Red is the color this fall. I’m loving the amazing lip colors coming out for the fall season. I have to share with you some of my favorites. I have always been a huge red fan. It has always went well with my dark hair( now I’m a bit caramel) and I think there is really something beautiful about the color. 
Red lipstick can be a hard color to pull off for many people. It seems to be a harsh color to some, and an edgy color to others. It is one of those colors that can make you look washed out real fast, or can really make your features pop. I find that some blond women look better in a more pale mauve or pink, where brunettes look amazing in Crimson or deep reds. It has a lot to do with your skin undertones , as well as your hair color. 

I am a super picky person when it comes to lip color. I despise matte lipsticks, and hate lipsticks that you can taste. I like classy, natural colors that doesn’t make you look too over done. When it comes to Reds, that’s a different story. I love the color Red on a night out, and a good red lip can make a great outfit pop. You can buy some great colors at Sephora, and try them on before you purchase. Here are some of my favorites for this fall season. 

Nars lip pencil in Infactuated Red

Burberry lip color in Oxblood

Cover girl in Crimson Cat

It’s very important to try any red color on before you buy. They can be tricky and some that are lighter may look better with your skin tone. Bring the fire out in your lip color this fall. 


Glowing skin with Giorgio

With the overloaded beauty works we all live in, it can be very overwhelming to find the perfect products that work best with out skin, and to me it’s even harder to find the perfect canvas products that will give your skin that perfect radiance. Everywhere we turn , there is a new beauty product out, or on the rise. Most products claim to provide your skin with numerous benefits , only after you have spent several hundred dollars trying them out.

Giorgio Armani, which has been around for years, has come out with a great product that truly delivers the benefits that they claim you will see. This foundation is truly composed of pigments and a variety of oils that will deliver your skin the perfect amount of coverage. It truly looks flawless, and still has a light weight. Your skin will not be weighed down by a heavy matted foundation. The oils in the foundation sink into your skin leaving you with a glowy look. Your skin will not feel greasy at all, as the foundation is light and natural. It is infused with SPF 30 and will give your skin the protection from the sun , all while giving you a healthy glow. I apply this foundation with a great foundation brush, and I only apply it in the T zone. I move the brush upward, and only apply it where I feel I want more coverage. I’ve said in recent posts that I’m not big on foundations, but I do like a nice coverage on nights out. This is the perfect foundation for any skin type. The foundation comes in many different shades , and there is one for everyone.


Too Faced Melted Lipsticks & Swatches & Review

Hi ladies! 

I’m sure you all know by now that I’m one of the biggest lipstick junkies from all the past posts that I’ve done on my blog. I love going in to Sephora and trying out all the latest and greatest beauty products. I have always loved Too Faced beauty products from the time that I laid eyes on them. The latest lipstick that I’m loving right now is the beautiful lip colors Melted by Too Faced. These colors are absolutely beautiful on , and they have a long staying power. More and more lipsticks are beautiful , but only stay on for a small amount of time. One thing I love about the Too Faced Melted colors is they last for hours, and have a great creamy look and feel to them. They aren’t too matted, and do have a shimmer to them. Too faced Melted lip colors come in six sultry shades , and are infused with antioxidant rich cocoa powder, and are vegan and gluten free. They bring bold color and rich shine , and the colors are stunning. The tubes are glam and cute, and would be perfect for any addition to a gift . Here are the swatch samples below:

My all time favorite is melted Nude because it’s the perfect light nude color, with not too much pink added to it. Check out the Too Faced Melted lipsticks at any Sephora store.