My Favorite Designer Bags For 2020

February is here, and that means Spring arrivals are on their way in. A great reason also is that most Winter items are getting marked down. You can find some amazing designer pieces for a lot less than usual. I have a few great Designer Bags for this year that I absolutely love. I truly feel these will be favorites for years to come.

Dior Saddle Bag

This is a huge favorite already with lots of influencers and bloggers. I think this will be a Dior favorite for many years to come. This particular bag comes in many colors, and you can also purchase a strap if you are wanting to carry it as a messenger bag. I absolutely love the details on this particular Dior Bag. The way the flap looks as well as the name on the front. I feel this bag would go great with many different types of outfits. To me, this will be a classic.

Louis Vuitton Locky BB bag

I have always been and always will be a Louis Vuitton fan. I feel their bags are always a hit and will forever be in style. The vintage bags are gorgeous , and this Locky BB bag is so adorable. Louis Vuitton sets the record for classy and sheek. This particular bag has such a cute look to it. The long strap makes it the perfect messenger bag.

Gucci Ophidia Mini Round Shoulder Bag

I’m a Gucci lover, and it seems their bags never get boring. They seem to have such a creative side to their looks and design. I feel each and every bag they make has a story behind it. This particular shoulder bag is the perfect black round bag for a night out. It can be casual or dressed up in many ways. I absolutely think this is a great bag for 2020.


Met Gala 2016

I love fashion . Period . I love Everything about it, down to the fabric. I had the chance of watching the Met Gala 2016 introductions last night , and believe me when I say there were good, bad, and amazing! 

My all time favorite was Kendall Jenner’s look. One word wow. Her body graced Versace like no other, and the colors were phenomenal. I loved the way it fit , which was very elongating. Versace never disappoints. The other look I thought was a bit edgy, but gorgeous was Taylor swift. At her age, she can pull pretty much any look off, and look amazing. The accessory I thought really took it over the edge was the gladiator shoes, which are my favorite. They can be worn with any short dress, and can make a statement. 

Among the others I thought were not so amazing, was the whole Balmain look that Kim K and Kanye were trying to pull off. She looked wonderful, but what was up with his colored contacts? Didn’t that go out ten years ago? Nikki Minaj of course wasn’t the best dressed either. Well those were my two top favorites, and of course I can’t wait to see what’s going to be trending next year. Bling dressed were very popular this year, and some were just exquisite. 


Fall Fashion Boot Love

Hi ladies! 

It’s that time of the year, when we are hopefully updating our fall wardrobe , and adding some pieces that we can wear either down casually , or dress up. This is simply done by pairing a nice top with either dress slacks, jeans or a cute skirt. One item that can either be used casually or dressed up are the Fall Boots I am seeing. This past weekend, my husband gifted me with some great gifts, and one gift particularly being the FreeBird by Steven boots, which I am sincerely in love with. The detail is exquisite on the back as well as around the boot. They are on the expensive side, but you do not need to spend a lot to look good with boots. I’m seeing all brands carrying the cute fringe boots, and tall leather boots, which will look great this fall. If you do decide to splurge on some boots, remember that you can wear them for a long while. It’s nice to have that great pair of boots that is a little investment. Fringe is really in this year, and the shorter booties are great also paired with a skirt, and a nice tunic. Treat yourself to that great pair, and send your photos to us!! We would love to show them off!  



Henchizo Del Mar

Hi, ladies!

It’s almost bathing suit time, and I hope all of you are getting in the best shape of your lives! If you’re anything like me, you’re always on the lookout for a gorgeous swimsuit, and there are so many amazing designers that have come out with some magnificent designs. One I want to mention (I met them at the Austin Fashion Discovery event) is Hechizo Del Mar. These swimsuits are custom and absolutely stunning. If you are in the process of looking for that perfect suit, please check them out!

Click image to visit Hechizo Del Mar bathing suits

Click image to visit Hechizo Del Mar bathing suits