Five great benefits of wheatgrass shots

Wheatgrass is one of the best superfoods we can give our bodies. The benefits of this green is beyond amazing. Juice bars all around the world are offering wheatgrass shots to give your body that daily dose of health. You can make these in your own home with the right quality products. 

I’ve been taking wheatgrass shots everyday for the past year, and it really does make a difference in your health and energy levels. It’s an amazing blood purifier , and will leave you feeling great. Here are some wonderful benefits of wheatgrass. 

-wheatgrass is the ultimate healer for the body. It contains 17 amino acids which are building blocks. They contain many minerals that help body combat disease and ailments. 

-wheatgrass contains the amazing chlorophyll. It is healing to the blood and ultimately cleanses the blood like no other. 

-chlorophyll has enzymes that ultimately fight off the aging process. Chlorophyll is known to be one huge youthful additive. 

-taking chlorophyll wheatgrass shots has helped with tissue healing. It actually binds to the tissue and renews it from the inside. Wheatgrass is made up primarily of chlorophyll. It’s helpful in skin rashes when used topically.  If you are new to using wheatgrass , it’s best to buy a purified powder or a liquid chlorophyll supplement. You can use the wheatgrass in smoothies, and use the liquid chlorophyll mixed with water. It’s amazing for your health. 


Pumpkin spice soup

Fall is in the air, and one of my favorite recipes that I love making is anything with pumpkin . Pumpkin soup is full of antioxidants, and delicious at bat. There are many recipes out there that you can make that involves pumpkin. This recipe is one that I make throughout the Fall season, and my family loves it. 

-2 Medium pumpkins for recipe 

-2 cups organic chicken broth 

– 1 cup filtered water 

– 1 tsp cinnamon 

-1/2 cup maple syrup ( organic) 

-1/2 tsp nutmeg

-1/2 tsp ginger 

-1/2 salt 

– 1 cup half and half 
Boil chicken broth on low heat. Add in your pumpkin and continue to stir on low heat. Add in all other ingredients , continually stirring. Add in a bit of mint on top ( optional) enjoy! 


Wanting to go raw? 3 great ways to switch your eating

I’ve never felt more energized, and healthy than I do these days. I’ve been eating a raw diet , atleast 80 percent of the time , and I couldn’t be happier with the way I feel.

It can be very difficult to change your eating patterns if you are use to eating a certain way. You may be one that loves sweets. Guess what? You can have raw , vegan treats. If you are one that craves fried foods, then it may be hard in the beginning, but I promise you WILL adapt. I use a method of 80/20. I eat raw 80 percent of the time, and the other 20 , I allow my healthy non-raw treats. I hardly ever eat bad. I just have come to the determination that eating healthy is key to a healthy life and a healthy body. 

There are some great ways that will help you with the adjustment. I know many of you think that eating a raw diet consist of just eating raw spinach everyday. Wrong! There are amazing raw recipes that will really hit the spot. 

Start slow. You don’t have to go 80/20, overnight , or 100 % overnight. It takes time. It’s a process. Start by getting up 1 day a week or 3 days a week, and replacing your breakfast with a fresh raw juice. I do this every morning, and I love it. The small changes will give you a great start. 

-Try substitutions. Are you a pasta eater? Try making zucchini pasta instead. It’s delish. Substituting pasta with a zucchini noodle is the perfect start.  Do you think you can’t do without your milk? Try almond milk or flax milk. You will surprise yourself on how much you may start to love it. 

-Make a full menu for the week only with raw, vegan meals. Tell yourself your going to try it for one week. I can’t tell you how many amazing meals I’ve cooked that are raw and vegan. They are delicious. You have to start somewhere. If you have faith and discipline, you can do anything. 

Changing the way you eat for the better will not only change your body and mind, but it will change your life. 


Butter in your Coffee? Only the Right kind

Health trends come and go. Butter in your coffee is the newest one? I know it may sound a bit drab, but you wouldn’t believe the health benefits associated with adding it to your coffee,the grass fed kind. The benefits are surprisingly amazing.They aren’t telling you to go buy a tub of butter at the store , and add it to your black coffee daily. They are telling you to buy a good version of grass-fed butter, and add it everyday to your cup of java.

The reasons to substitute grass-fed  with those high preservative filled creamers are astonishing. The grass fed butter is known to super charge your brain function , and creates fat loss . The best thing about grass-fed butter is that it prevents you from getting cravings through out the day. It keeps you fuller longer. It regulates your cholesterol, and has the best ratios of omega6, and omega 3 fatty acids. These fats are great for the brain, and neurodegenerative diseases. 437e798540fff54b876cf4460d375161

Grass-fed  puts your body in a fat burning process, which in turn trims your body , and shows to reduce body fat mass. It increases cognitive function , and gives you energy all day without experiencing the “crash” mid day. It contains CLA for weight loss.

Why grass -fed? Most cows are corn or soy fed. It is cheaper on your dollar in the long run, and the milk has fats that aren’t particularly good for your body. Grass-fed is the perfect kind because its natural and has no added preservatives or chemicals in it. Two tbsp. daily in your coffee will give you all the benefits that it has to offer. The best part is that the butter will give your coffee a creamy taste, with out all the sugar. Try to get you some healthy butter in that java.



Three Items I am Loving this Week

I have to rave about some great items I am loving this week. I am always on the look out for the latest and greatest health items, and I believe I have found a few. There is always great products coming out that are helping people live healthier, and cleaner. When I say cleaner, I mean a cleaner lifestyle with wholesome, great products.

I am NOT a milk fan, nor will I ever be. I do replace my milk option with healthier versions of almond or flax milk. They are both delicious , and super healthy for you. I recently bought the new Ripple Milk. I have to say that I am hooked on it, as well as my kids. My kids being huge milk drinkers love the healthy milk. I use it in many smoothies for the kids, added with lots of fruit. The milk is dairy free, and high in plant based protein. It is very low in sugar, which I love. You will find that Ripple milk has 50% more calcium than regular milk. It gives you all you Omega 3’s, vitamin D, and Iron. Those are all important vitamins we need daily to keep our bodies healthy. The best part is that it contains 8 times more protein than almond milk. It is delicious at bat.fullsizerender-166I’m also loving the Think thin bites, that are loaded with protein for a great snack. These are great to take with you on airplanes, on your drives to school, and I give them to my son to snack on. They are equally delicious to. These are great to top on your Greek yogurt if you are craving something sweet. If you are a fan of the Think thin bars, you WILL love these bites. fullsizerender-168The last and BEST item I am in love with this week is my Owen and Alchemy cleanses. I bought two cleanses, and a few tonics , and they are AMAZING. I can’t get enough of these cleanses. you can pick a one day cleanse group, or a 3 days cleanse group. They are pure, and delicious. I feel energized, and better all around. If you are looking for a quick ,healthy cleanse, but are unsure where to start, check out their products. fullsizerender-169