Strawberry and blueberry pie

Hi ladies! 

I have the perfect dessert for this fall season. I love a mixture of fruit in pie. It’s so delicious and is a hit with my family. I had to share it with you so that you can see what you’ve been missing. 

-2 cups organic blueberries

-2 cups fresh organic strawberries cut

-3/4 cup sugar 

-1/4 cup cornstarch

The zest of an orange

-2tbsp butter

-1 organic free range egg 

-1 tablespoon water

-1 unbaked organic pie crust. 

Preheat the oven to 400 degrees. Stir together your blueberries, strawberries, sugar, cornstarch and zest . Pour in unbaked 9 inch pie crust . Beat together your egg and water. Lightly brush mixture into top of pie crust. Bake 50-55 min. You will love it! 


What is clean eating? 

Hi ladies! 

Clean eating is so important when we strive for optimum health. If you haven’t made a small change in your eating habits for the better, or do not know where to start , here are some tips on what clean eating actually is. We want to eat our food the way nature intended, and it’s Not a diet. It’s a lifestyle. Eating this way daily will bring you more energy, less ailment, clearer thinking, better focus, and a healthier body inside and out.  

 – drink atleast 2 liters of water daily- I can’t tell you the significant difference it makes drinking water. It flushes out toxins, and keeps you hydrated all day long. 

– keep alcohol limited. – cut down on alcohol , and if you want a drink , limit yourself to 1 glass of red wine daily for the antioxidants. 

-choose organic- choose organic whenever possible. It cuts out preservatives, fillers, ect. 

-read your labels- if you find something through the middle aisles at the store, it’s probabley 99% not good for you. The less ingredients, the better off you are. 

-avoid all processed foods- this includes refined foods also. Anything made with flour, sugar, is a no no. 

– drink your teas- they enrich your body, and have a cleansing effect. 

– eat tons of fruits and vegetables- organic possible. Eating these and replacing the bad food, significantly adds so many benefits to your health. 

– eat the healthy fats, and kick the bad days to the curb.  

 This way of eating resets your system, and adds much vitality to your life. You will age better, sleep better, have better workouts, cut out belly fat, ect. The list goes on. There is no better way of starting off the new year than to start eating clean! 


Creamy Strawberry -Banana Smoothie


Who doesn’t love bananas and strawberries together? It has always been one of may favorite combinations when making fruit dishes, adding them both to yogurt dishes, and oatmeal breakfasts. This amazing smoothie is so delicious, and is a great way to start your morning. If you are one that wants to add a bit more protein to it, you can add 1/2 teaspoon of organic peanut butter, to give you that boost, or 1/2 cup whey protein powder, if you are heading to a morning workout. Blend together and enjoy!

3/4 cup oramge juice

-1 banana

-3/4 cup fresh strawberries

-1/2 avocado

-2 1/4 cups ice cubes

This great smoothie recipe was one that I found in, which is one of my favorites. The paleo smoothies are awesome, and great nutrition for your health.smoothie



kiHi Beauties!

I am such a lover of green juices, and mixing my vegetables and fruits up with some added cilantro and parsley for that matter. I am a huge advocate for wheatgrass, chlorella. seaweed, and all the amazing greens out there. One item that is seriously at the top of my radar, is the super elixir, made by the amazing company This is called Super Elixir for a reason. It is very tasty and satisfying, and I am sure to buy this until the end of time. I am a huge believer in , you get what you pay for, and with this being at about 135.00, it is sure to make you feel amazing. It is completely free from dairy, gluten, and preservatives, and has tons of vitamins, minerals, Chinese herbs, and enzymes. I add it to my filtered water every day, and sometimes Ill add a bit of cilantro to it . If you are wanting to buy a good green powder mix, this is definitely one to try. Some of you may not want to pay this amount, but I can assure you that it will last a while, and you are totally getting your money’s worth on this. If you are new to juicing, or feel you don’t have the time to really make your juices daily, you should invest in a good green powder that will give your body all the good active antioxidants.drink


Scarlet Red Delight

Hi ladies!

For you girls and guys who follow the Paleo Diet or “Way of eating”, I will be posting some amazing smoothie recipes every Wednesday. These are great cleansing smoothies, only using fresh fruits and veggies. They are full of antioxidants, and you will truly love them. If you are one that isn’t big on eating vegetables on their own, which a lot of people aren’t, this is a great way of getting good amounts of vitamins and minerals in your diet. This is a very good smoothie, that includes beets in them. I know most of you are probably saying to yourself,” there is no way I am eating beets”. I promise you that you will be getting full amounts of vitamins and minerals, and you will not even be able to taste them, because the fresh fruit will altar the state of the taste of those beets. Try it! Its a great one!

1/4 cup fresh water

1 naval orange, peeled and seeded

1 medium beet, peeled and cut into chunks

1/2 seedless grapes

1/2 cup strawberries

1/4 teaspoon ground ginger

This makes two servings, so its best to share with someone, or if just making one, cut the portions In half.

juice 1