Physical Activity and what it can do for your health

Hey loves!

Physical Activity is essential to optimal health. If we don’t have a strong ticker, then our lives can be shortened. Its a known fact that physical activity helps keep our hearts strong, and our immune systems strong. European studies just came out with over 1.4 million Americans and studies have determined that not only can physical activity help with the heart, it can help keep many cancers at bay. The studies have included that participants had a lower risks of breast, lungs, liver, bladder, and colon among many others. There are many benefits of physical activity just 30 minutes daily.

  • Blood Pressure- At least 30 minutes daily of physical activity is known to lower blood pressure. The heart muscle is strengthened through exercise, which in turn keeps the heart strong. It keeps the blood pressure down. High Blood pressure is known to cause a variety of ailments including diabetes, heart disease and more.


  • Back Pain- We all suffer from a back ache here and there, but exercise keeps the back in great condition. Physical activity helps with your posture and flexibility to keep the back strong and supple. As we age, it is very important to keep our bodies flexible as we can. You can also do this with yoga and stretching.


  • Weight Reduction- We all know by now that exercising daily can help us lose body fat. Along with a good sensible diet, we can keep our weight healthy. When we keep our weight healthy, it keeps the over all body fat percentages healthy. High body fat has resulted in heart disease, stroke, heart attacks, diabetes, and much more. Getting in a regular walk daily for 30 minutes can do wonders for our bodies.


  • Better Quality of Life- Who doesn’t feel on top of the world after a good workout? I know I do. It is a known statistic that people often are in a great mood after a good workout due to the increased serotonin in the brain. We get our body moving, our blood starts pumping, and we know we are doing something amazing for our body. People who exercise for at least 30 minutes daily are happier, calmer, have less anxiety, and feel better overall.


You may feel you have no time to workout, and no one expects you to run a marathon. Thirty minutes daily is all it takes to stay healthy. It keeps your organs detoxed, and a good sweat never hurt anyone right? Looking at all the benefits of just 30 minutes can really change your life, and how you feel on a daily basis. You do not need to join any classes, or get a gym membership if you don’t want to. It takes a few legs, and a pumping heart to get the body good. pexels-photo (7)


Great ways to get the Calves you want

There are many people around that are just born with great calf definition, and then there are others that work hard for them. Whether you were one born with them, or you want yours more defined, there are some great ways to get the calves you want. The ultimate way of getting defined calf muscles is working the correct muscle group. Most body builders agree that a variety of high reps is what ultimately will get you defined calves, but others like myself believe that the key is working the calf muscle group quickly. I feel the total reps should be dispursed quickly in the shortest amount of time to get the definition.

Here are some of my favorite exercises that I love to do to work my calf muscles. If you are one that is new to working particular muscle groups for the first time, you will likely be sore for the most part the first few times. Do not over do it. Even if your progress is slow, results will come through.

  • Pick one calf exercise ( such as standing calf raises), and pick a high rep goal.
  • Use a weight that you normally would use for a 15 rep series, and keep going until you can reach your rep goal.
  • Do not do reps longer than a 1.5 minute period. If you haven’t reached your goal by that time, then just stop.
  • Work you calves in a variety of exercises for 20 -25 min, 3 days weekly. If you are a runner, running builds calf muscles quickly.

Calves are one  of the most hardest muscles to work. They will get sore easily and quick, and that is why its very important to not over due your training. It’s very important to make the most of the training that you do to get the definition you want. It may take some pain to get them, but I promise , they will come.

Make sure to always drink plenty of water, and stay hydrated during any form of exercise. If not enough water is drank during high intensity workouts, its likely that you will cramp, or get muscle fatigue. pexels-photo-110470 (1)


The best place for Namaste in Chicago! 

Hi ladies! 

I love Chicago, and as much as I’m visiting, I have found my ultimate place for getting my inner Namaste in. Yoga loft Chicago Is my ultimate favorite yoga studio. The atmosphere is gorgeous, and the minute you leave, you feel  amazing. The instructors are absolutely phenomenal, and you will not receive a better cleansing than this place. Chicago is known for the high city life, and that’s one thing I love about it. The energy, the people, shopping, but yoga tops it. It can be overwhelming finding the perfect studio. I’m so glad I found Yoga loft Chicago. It’s located just a few blocks off of Michigan Ave. They offer many classes, but their Power Flow Vinyasa is my favorite. They have wellness workshops weekly if you are in the city visiting. 


Eight great ways to detox your body

We are approaching the season where many people want to feel healthier coming off of a cold winter, and that means detoxing for the season, and getting your body to a more optimal level. Many of us have experienced the common cold, or even the flu for that matter, and there is no better time to start off this spring with a good detox . 

There are many food detoxes out there, and in a later post, I will address some of my favorites, but there are many ways we can detox our body by just making some daily changes in our living. 

switch up one meal a day with a smoothie. This smoothie should be loaded with greens, and vegetables, with an add in of parsley or basil. This will re charge your body , while adding in a variety of greens you do not normally get. I know your thinking that drinking a green juice doesn’t sound fun, but there are ways to add a tinge of citrus to them. 

  -eat more fiber daily. Add in a pice of fruit such as an apple a day. Apples are loaded with fiber, or add in some organic oatmeal . Steer clear of the packaged oatmeal, as they are loaded with sugar. 

-grab a massage- this will start breaking up the toxins in your body. Massage does so much for your body. I know you look at it as an extra expense, but it really does a body good.  

 -drink atleast a gallon of water a day. Water is lost all day in our bodies. Whether through exercise, sweat, ect. We need to be replacing our water intake every day. Drinking all day keeps our hydration up. 

-eat organic- I can’t tell you how different eating organic can change your body. You are saving yourself all of the preservatives that are sprayed on those fruits. 

-switch up your morning coffee with green tea. Green tea has so much more antioxidants in it, and it really helps boost your metabolism. 

-start sweating each morning. Go to a workout that will make you break a sweat, and sweat those toxins out. A good workout never gets old. 

-try getting a good amount of sleep every night. Try doing some things each night to ensure you get a good nights sleep. Stay away from alcohol close to bed time, or don’t eat or drink anything with caffeine in it. 

These will ensure that you will start the cleansing and detox process for your body. It’s all about the lifestyle. 


Tips to avoid Holiday Weight Gain

Happy Thanksgiving ! 

I hope you all enjoyed the days with your family and friends and counted all your blessings.

I wanted to share with you some great tips for avoiding Holiday weight gain. One thing I’m NOT going to do is tell you not to enjoy your favorite food at this blessed time. I’m the first one to admit, that one of the amazing things about thanksgiving is eating, drinking and celebrating. Life is too short not to enjoy those wonderful things. There are ways to enjoy without gaining that extra weight during these celebratory months.  

 – If you have a holiday party coming up, always try to eat a healthy snack before attending. This will cut your snacking and eating less once you arrive and the goodies are passed around. 

– Drink lots of water before your get together. You will not believe how much less you will eat, after hydrating well. You will feel so much more full. 

-limit your alcohol intake. I’ve said this so many times before. Too much alcohol will put weight on. Try to limit yourself to two drinks, or try to drink sparkling water with a bit of cranberry juice. I know it can be quite tempting, but simply making these changes can make a huge difference. 

-add in more exercise during the holiday season. If you know you are going to eat a huge meal during the day, try to get out and head to the gym or go for a run before you head to your gathering. The littlest things make the biggest differences. If you are out holiday shopping, always park out so you can do more walking. It always feels great to get a good workout in.  

 – try making your own veggie tray to take to your gathering, and snack on veggies before the meal is served. This will cut down on the calorie intake. 

I know that the holiday season can be hard with finding the time to just take a daily walk , or head to the gym, but in the long run, you will be glad you did it.