My Top 7 Must Haves To Add To Your Fall Wardrobe

Who is ready for Fall? I am totally ready. I love Summer, but with all the Covid Chaos going on, I think I’m ready for a change. How about you? One thing that I love about Fall is the Clothing. I just can’t get enough of the gorgeous long cardigans and the over the knee boots in all different styles and colors. Can I have them all Please? I have 7 Staples That I think Would add so many dimensions to your fall wardrobe.

Over The Knee Boots

OTK Boots are a must have for the Fall. These boots can really add so much to any type of outfits. These boots look great with dresses, and skirts and I absolutely love OTK boots with long cardigans and leggings. The popular Stuart Weitzman boots are a label staple, but you do not need to spend that on a pair of boots if you feel that doesn’t fit your budget. Steve Madden makes great boots and so does Sam Edelman. OTK boots are perfect for the Fall.

Long Black Cardigan

Black to me is such a versatile color. I mean what doesn’t go with the color Black? One thing I love about a good, black long cardigan is that it can be added to a daytime outfit and an evening outfit to add some flair. One of my favorite outfits is OTK boots with a long black cardigan and some rugged jeans. It’s a very casual outfit with some dynamic. A long, black cardigan will never do you wrong.

Denim Jacket

I have loved wearing a good denim jacket this past fall. I actually even wore it during the spring on chilly nights. It has become such a popular staple in the fashion world. Zara sells some amazing jackets , and HM has some great ones too. This jacket even looks great with a long tank dress. You can wear a denim jacket with any color. It truly makes any color pop.


Loafers have become one of my favorite type of shoe. It is a great addition to any shoe collection. I am loving the animal print loafers that are out everywhere. Loafers look great with any type of jeans, and also look great with long skirts, and even a great pair of shorts. I really truly hope Loafers are around for a long time. They are an easy go-to shoe, and most are really comfortable.

Black Leggings

Black leggings are a simple MUST-HAVE. They go with literally everything and anything. I love Black leggings with OTK boots and love them to go to the gym. The great thing about these leggings is that they can be dressed up or down. You can go from the gym to dinner with only changing a few pieces of clothing. They are a great must have for the Fall, and did I mention how comfy they are? Lululemon makes some great leggings.

Puffer Jacket

I can’t get enough of puffer jackets when it comes to chilly weather. They are everywhere, and I can see why. They come in a multitude of colors, and they are great for those chilly nights. I absolutely love the way they look with jeans and booties. It really creates a great Fall Look. Puffer vests are great too. They both are very versatile pieces that can be really sporty looking in a fall like way. Burberry makes some great jackets , as well as Zara.

Brown Staple Belt

A good brown belt is a must have in my book when it comes to the Fall weather. A good belt looks great with some booties, jeans and a nice , white crisp shirt with a jacket, or cardigan. If you are looking for a good staple belt, Gucci makes some great belts. If you are looking for a cheaper version, I love Zara belts. A belt is a great statement piece that can really top off a Fall outfit.

There are my Top 7 Fashion must haves to have in your closet for the Fall Season. These pieces can be dressed up with just about any type of article of clothing. IT’s all about the way you feel when you walk out the door.


I’ve Got White Fashion On My Mind

Happy Friday!
I feel like Spring is finally here , and I’m so excited when the great Spring arrivals hit my inbox. I have to share with you some of my favorite fashion loves for this Spring.

White is one of my all time favorite Spring colors. Why? It goes with anything and everything. I particularly like pairing a white pair of jeans with a cute halter or ruffle top. Wedges with a pop of color would instantly add to the look.

I’m always loving a good white handbag. This particular looks is great for a night out and goes with any type of outfit. I particularly love the Gucci white Marmont bag. It’s one of my favorites for upcoming Spring. This bag is great over the shoulder or used as a messenger bag,

Gucci Marmont Bag

A good pair of strappy white sandels are great with some shorts and even a nice dress. Walmart has some cute white sandels this season . These shoes look great with dresses and skirts. I love the look of strappy Sandels with some great Capri jeans.

A good pair of strappy white sandles.

White dresses are a favorite this year for Easter season. They look great with a pop of color of wedges and a great jacket or blazer to add to the look. They can really make a statement. White can be worn dressy and last or laid back and casual. It’s such a great statement color. I know some people don’t think white is a color, but I sure do.

A pretty white dress always works.

White linen pants are another favorite. These are your beachy type of pants. The pants that look great with a tank top and a good pair of flip flops or Sandels. I love wearing them on cool nights in the summer for a great dinner look or to lounge around in.

White pants are one of my favorites.

You can just say that white will always be in for Spring and you can color white up as much as your heart desires!


My Favorite Designer Bags For 2020

February is here, and that means Spring arrivals are on their way in. A great reason also is that most Winter items are getting marked down. You can find some amazing designer pieces for a lot less than usual. I have a few great Designer Bags for this year that I absolutely love. I truly feel these will be favorites for years to come.

Dior Saddle Bag

This is a huge favorite already with lots of influencers and bloggers. I think this will be a Dior favorite for many years to come. This particular bag comes in many colors, and you can also purchase a strap if you are wanting to carry it as a messenger bag. I absolutely love the details on this particular Dior Bag. The way the flap looks as well as the name on the front. I feel this bag would go great with many different types of outfits. To me, this will be a classic.

Louis Vuitton Locky BB bag

I have always been and always will be a Louis Vuitton fan. I feel their bags are always a hit and will forever be in style. The vintage bags are gorgeous , and this Locky BB bag is so adorable. Louis Vuitton sets the record for classy and sheek. This particular bag has such a cute look to it. The long strap makes it the perfect messenger bag.

Gucci Ophidia Mini Round Shoulder Bag

I’m a Gucci lover, and it seems their bags never get boring. They seem to have such a creative side to their looks and design. I feel each and every bag they make has a story behind it. This particular shoulder bag is the perfect black round bag for a night out. It can be casual or dressed up in many ways. I absolutely think this is a great bag for 2020.


The Best Swimsuits For Every Budget

Hey all!

Spring Break will be here before we know it, and that means swim suit season. I don’t think it’s ever too late to start looking for the perfect suit.

Everyone has different tastes, as well as body types. Everyone also has different budgets . Swim suits seem to be the one fashion item everyone hates to shop for. As intimidating as it can be, there is a perfect suit for everyone. It may take some time to find the perfect one, but you will find it.

I feel H&M always has different styles to fit every body type. I also feel their price point is great. It’s not too expensive, yet not too cheap. Many women may feel they need to spend a fortune to get a great fitting suit. I don’t always believe that’s the case.

There are many different styles to fit every budget and body type. If it’s a one piece your looking for, Nordstrom always has so many gorgeous styles. They also carry upper end bikini sets if your budget allows.

Shein always has so many amazing suits that won’t break the bank. They are a great go to place for all styles. Beach Bunny Swim Wear has gorgeous suits for all body types .

The best bet of finding the perfect suit is setting a budget for yourself, and not purchasing online or from a catalog if you need it quickly. Take the time to go in , have some try-ons, and go from there.

One pieces are great not only from a fashion stand point, but for anyone that wants a more covered look, or wants a more flattering look in certain areas.

Bikini sets are good for anyone that doesn’t mind a bit more skin showing or prefers a more cheeky look. They also sell some amazing sporty suits that have a more sporty look .

It’s never too late to start looking and taking your time on that perfect suit. It may take you a bit, but I promise you will find it.


The Great Love of Animal Prints

Hello All !

I just wanted to share with you a great outfit for a recent luncheon. Animal Prints are so popular these days and I paired this great sweater from Marshalls with my Joe Jeans cut offs. I added some great booties to the mix by Sam Edelman. This whole outfit was comfy but chic. The gorgeous necklace sent to me courtesy of Aurate New York was the icing on the cake. If you are looking to put together a good animal print top with cut off shorts to end the summer, adding a great pair of booties to it will be more fashionable than you can imagine.

This Great Animal print Top with a great Gucci bag.
The Great Sam Edelman Booties
Joes Jeans are the Best In Shorts