Going out? Get prepared.

Hey Ladies!

Going out tonight? I have the perfect preparation to get you ready, so your not spending so much time the day of, or an hour before you leave to figure out what makeup you are going to need. If there is a something that I know that I will be going to, I know about 5 days before exactly what I’m wearing.  Have you ever had those times, or maybe you still do where you know you are heading somewhere , a function or a party, and you are still changing your clothes thirty minutes before you leave , because you cant seem to find that perfect outfit, or dress. I’ve had so many of those in the past, so now I prepare myself before hand of finding the right ensemble to wear. Do you know how much time that saves you? Once you get the right dress, or outfit, go ahead and figure the shoes out. I have asked my kids or husband more times than once which shoes look better. I always want another persons point of view. We can always look in a full body mirror, but I always like an opinion. I always have the same makeup preparation like I do any other time. I do take it easy when I’m home,  or just going to the store which is a tinted moisturizer, mascara, and lip gloss. If I want to play up my look a little more, especially with a smoky eye, I always add in a great shadow, liner ( sometimes), and always have that out the night before. It always helps to have everything out, so your not scrambling around for the perfect shadow, or the array of lip colors you are uncertain you want to use. Try them out first, so you know which ones you like best. I usually hold out about 3 or 4 colors, and then pick the one I like once I have my outfit on. it often depends what kind of mood I am in. I’m sure there are some of you that have your favorite products that are a must on nights out. With all the amazing products out there, it is hard to choose some days. Preparation is the key to reduce time consumption and stress when it comes to getting ready. You always have to go out with a happy face right? makeup


Cooling down after your workout

Hi Beauties! 

I hope everyone’s morning is off to a fantastic start. We all know how important it is to get your workout in, and get your heart pumping. Well I feel people really doesn’t know the importance of cooling down after their workout. I’ve been at the gym multiple times to see a woman get off an elliptical , and then stopping and jumping off and heading home. It’s great she got her workout in, but cooling down is just as important to stay healthy. One of the most important aspects of a proper cool down is to prevent yourself from getting dizzy. Strenuous exercise causes your blood vessels to expand, which in turn causes blood to go to the lower legs and feet. When you stop exercising , that blood can sit in the legs causing your heart rate to drop and cause dizziness. If you are on a machine such as the treadmill, or the elliptical, and you get your heart rate up to a certain level, once you are done, slow the speed up and walk for five to ten minutes. If you are at a class, try cooling down with some light stretching. Light yoga is great. Make sure to hydrate well during your exercises too. Cooling down is just as important as the workout itself.  



Transformation Guest? 

Hi beauties!

I have been working on a post about workouts and motivation. If any of you would love to send your photos in and talk about what motivates you with your picture, private message me. We would love to feature you!



A Lasting Pedicure

Hi ladies!

With summer here, we all want gorgeous toes, right? Pedicures are so important for the health of our nails and skin, and just like anything else, they can get sun damaged, so that’s why getting a pedicure once a week or every other week is important.

Making your pedicure last can be difficult if you didn’t use a good quality polish or didn’t use a top coat to prevent chipping. Everytime I get a pedicure, I take my own polish with me for them to use. It makes all the difference in the world. If you are doing an at-home pedicure, here are some tips to get your pedicure to last.

1. Always try to use a good quality polish. You will see the difference if you are using a 99 cent polish versus an $8.00 polish. The gel polishes are great for long wear.

2. You don’t have to soak your feet. Did you know that soaking your feet in a tub of warm water will make your polish chip within a few days? When the polish goes on, the nail contracts from the warmth of the water. Try using a brush instead to clean the surfaces.

3. Always use a base coat. Believe me: Skipping the base coat is not a good idea. A base coat holds on to the polish for a longer time.

4. Always respect drying time. Wear open toed shoes until the polish dries. Always give it atleast 20 minutes for drying time.

Keep those feet beautiful!


Some of My Favorite Things! 

Hi beauties!

You know how much I love beauty products. I seriously think I’m addicted to them! I’ve seen some great bloggers post about the beauty products they love, and I love reading them.

We all love certain things, and mine happens to be beauty products. I think I have tested about every single product in Sephora. It’s a Disneyland for makeup junkies like me. I have to admit, once I get attached to a product, I will rave about it to anyone and everyone. I can’t tell you how many people now wear Buxom mascara since I have talked it up.

I believe in good products. You deliver a good product that delivers the results, you better believe the sales of that product will soar. Well, I want to share some of my favorite things with you:

I cannot live without my Tory Burch Makeup bag, my Nars bronzer, the beautiful turquoise lined Tiffany & Co. sunglasses, and my Sonia Kashuk makeup brushes. They are such great items that I absolutely love. I honestly couldn’t imagine life without them! What are your favorite items? Email me at Mdroulos@aol.com, and I’ll share them with my followers!

XOXOX, -Melissa