Top Ways To Stay Motivated In The New Year!

Hey Babes!

Its a new Year and that means new goals and resolutions! It doesn’t particularly mean that you have to make them,. but just making this the BEST year ever is one thing everyone wants.

It can be hard to stay on top of them as life gets so crazy. I have a few tips that can help you stay motivated and determined to reach all of the goals you have made for yourself this year and to live your ultimate BEST life.

Carving YOU time out is a great way to stay on top of your goals!

One thing that I have made for myself is staying away from social media,(except for work purposes). I feel social media is draining and exhausting. I feel that energy can go to so many other amazing things and accomplishments. You can spend that time trying another hobby, learning another language or simply putting more time into yourself. If you want to spend more time at the gym, head there. Try to steer away from social media. It is an ENERGY DRAINER! Plain and simple.

Try to journal more often. One thing I do every New Year is buy me a new journal and planner. I am a visual person ,so I like to see things written out. It helps to write your goals out or journal about your goals. It truly helps you stay determined. I feel it keeps you accountable for your actions.

Surround yourself with motivating people. I always say their are two sets of people. There are sinkers and swimmers. There are people that will NEVER want to see you succeed and do everything in their power to put down what your doing or try to find reasons for you of why your goals wont work. The swimmers will be with you every step of the way. I’ve had to get rid of many sinkers in my life and it feels amazing. Remember this tip: Jealous people are always sinkers. Trust me.

Have Much Faith in your goals and resolutions. Make it a point to tell yourself daily, positive affirmations . This truly helps. Going to church , reading my affirmation book every day, and just having so much faith is key in your achievements. You have to realize that the sky is the limit in anything you can do.

Plan your schedule accordingly. It is best to just carve out time for yourself so you CAN reach your goals. If you don’t pre-plan your schedule, you will lose sight to staying on track. There is always something that throws you a curve ball. If something does get in the way, jump right back into what you were doing.

You can achieve anything you set your mind to. It’s all mindset. Getting your head in the right place will keep you on track to achieve your goals. Always remember that no matter what… YOU DO YOU!!!


New Year ! New You!

Always Be Bright Everyday and Don’t let anyone Dull your Sparkle

Hey Ladies!

Its a New Year and a New You! I hope you all had an amazing New Years! One thing that I love about starting the New Year is looking back and seeing how much fun I had that year and all the amazing memories I created. It makes me realize just how much I grew as a person, and all the goals and things I want to do for the new year. I actually start each year off with a beautiful journal and I set all my goals. Whether they are big or small, I set monthly goals and weekly goals and even daily goals. I feel when you set daily goals you can look back on the day and see if you achieved them. I think its easier to set daily goals. I reminded myself this year that I am starting each day off with “Priming” myself every morning. I think this is the perfect word. ( thank you Tony Robbins). I start my morning rituals by taking time every morning and doing my meditation, prayer and my daily affirmations. I get ready to start my day with my daily prayer and honestly it makes your day so much brighter. I feel I get so much more done. I wrote down all the things that I wanted to do, vacations I wanted to take, and a jumpstart kick on my health. I mean that is the most important right? Taking just 15 minutes every morning of “me time” is amazing. Starting the New year is also a great way to write down ways you want to get to know yourself better. it can be spending more time in nature, getting to more yoga classes, making new friends. It is up to us to know what we will allow and what we won’t allow. It can be no more cake or no more energy drainers as friends( yes I’ve been there). We are in charge of change. We are in charge of growth. Without change, there is NO growth. One thing I have learned along the way of the aging process is how much more wiser you become. You realize the importance of family, spending time with your loved ones more, eating healthier food, getting more exercise. No matter what your goals are, It’s a New Year, and It’s a fresh start to a New You! Every day should be peaceful and you should go out doing what you love and not letting anyone or anything dull your sparkle. Shine Bright Loves!




Clean diet & exercise fight inflammation

Did you know that chronic inflammation in the body damages tissues, which can cause an array of ailments including, cancer, diabetes, ect. When inflammation is low, that’s when our bodies thrive, and function adequately keeping us at optimal health. In order for us to avoid inflammation and keep our bodies at optimum health, it’s essential that we feed our bodies properly, and move our bodies every single day.  

 – consume ONLY whole , organically grown foods that are not processed. There is plenty of pesticides on those foods, that aren’t organic, and when we digest, it’s going straight to tissues in our bodies. 

– it’s a proven statistic that exercising every single day prolongs our bodies natural immune system, and keeps our bones strong and determined. You need to find time everyday to move that body! 

Some wonderful products that are great for the body include: omega 3 oils- these oils can be found in cold water fish , and can also be taken as a supplement. 

– eat those greens- spinach, kale , Swiss chard are excellent products for antioxidants . These are added protection. 

Berries of any kind , are high in antioxidants, and help with free radical damage. They help with keeping the heart healthy, and decreased chances of heart problems. 

These are so important for optimal health. Exercising for just 30 minutes a day has been shown to ultimately decrease health issues . Remember this: exercise does not make up for a bad diet. You need to sync the two together to keep you at your healthiest. 


Great ways to start your 2016

Hi ladies! 

I hope you all had an amazing holiday ! Its amazing how fast it comes & goes, but it’s great to get the new year started, and that means new beginnings for you and your health & happiness. I’m always one that makes lists of things I want to accomplish in the new year, and new ways of making more “me” time . I always love being with my friends and family, but your always the best mom when you make time for yourself. 

Some great ways to starting off your 2016, needs to incorporate more things for yourself. 

  1. – reorganize & redecorate your spaces. Organization is great for many reasons. It makes your work more organized, and clears your mind , so that you can think more clearly, and in return you get so much more done with a clearer head. Redecorating doesn’t hurt either. I love home design. It makes everything fun. 
  2. Pamper yourself. If you are a mom with kids, or one that works non stop, who ever told you that you didn’t deserve a pampering session? It’s so important to make time for yourself with a nail appointment, or getting a massage. Go for a day and get it all done. It rejuvenates your body, mind , and spirit. Your well worth it.   
  3. Do something that’s creative & inspiring to yourself. You will truly surprise yourself on what you learn, and creative new projects that you can accomplish. Want to learn a language? What’s stopping you? Do you want to learn how to draw? Take a drawing class. Time keeps going. Do the things you want to do. 
  4. Schedule more time with your family . I don’t know about you , but that’s one thing that I love more than anything, is spending time with my family. As busy as our schedules are, it’s so important to sit down and have dinners together, or even grab a movie together. Schedule more dinners with your extended family. It’s the most important thing. 
  5. Unsure about the things you want to accomplish? Make a vision board of all the experiences you want to try, or all the things you want to do. 
  6. Make less time for your phone. Taking yourself away from your phone will allow more ” me” time. I understand, as myself, a lot of the work I do is from my laptop or phone, but try to set goals of staying away from social media, ( unless of course you are working).. It’s such a waste of energy & time , and that time can be spent on more productive things you want to achieve. 

Start off 2016 the right way , for yourself. You are worth making this year an unforgettable one. 


One of my favorite quotes!

Here is a favorite quote of mine!! Believe in yourself! Anything you want to do … Know that YOU CAN!!