Immune Boosting Green Smoothie

Hello ladies!

It is that time of the year when sickness is going around, and keeping out immune systems in tip top shape is so important when we are around different people and on the go non stop. Immune Boosting is Key. I find that taking time each day to take the required supplements and getting in enough exercise can truly help you reduce your chances of catching those pesky viruses. I truly believe in ingesting plenty of healthy fruits and vegetables daily to keep your immunity up. One reason we catch crazy sicknesses is our immune system needs built up. Immunity plays such a huge role in fighting off nasty sicknesses. Boosting our immunity is key. This Green Smoothie recipe is one that I make almost every day. It’s not only delicious, but it is filled with so many immune boosters that it is perfect for keeping yourself healthy and thriving. You can also add in some extras like Acai powder or Maca for a little more protection.

-1.5 cups organic almond milk

-1/2 apple

-1 bunch of kale (small )

-1 bunch of spinach

-3 celery stalks

-5 slices of cucumber

-pinch of lemon juice

-pinch of ginger

Throw all of this in your juicer or blender and make the most delicious green drink of your life. Its very important to mix it up really good to avoid any chunks in your smoothie. Enjoy!


The Best Green Chlorophyll shot on the planet

Energy is what makes the world go round right? Who doesn’t love loads of energy to get you through your day. These days our energy can be brought down by the craziness that surrounds our lives. I love grabbing me an energy shot a few times through the day. They really give my energy a boost, and overall they are amazingly healthy. Energy +health = good day! Wheatgrass ┬áis the key component and it’s a blood purifier and is made up of the amazing chlorophyll which is so beneficial to our health. You can find wheatgrass at your local store or wheatgrass powder. This recipe makes approximately 2 shots , so that’s perfect for a days worth.

Chlorophyll energy shot

-1 lemon , peeled and chopped

-1 lime, peeled and chopped

-1 green apple , chopped

-1/4 inch fresh ginger , peeled

-2 tbsp wheatgrass powder

-1/4 cup water

You want to process all of this in a juicer. It really prevents bulks of ingredients sitting in your glass. Serve these in shot glasses