Healthy Hair With Silk 18

Happy Friday!

Silk 18 For Healthy Strands

I recently received the Silk 18Shampoo for my hair. I have used this amazing conditioner for about two weeks now, and I am in Love. My hair is on the thinner side, and this instantly made it feel thicker. I couldn’t believe how it made my hair feel in such a short time.

Silk 18 Shampoo is perfect for anyone wanting a more healthy shine and more added volume. It is hydrating and is infused with a keratin complex protein strengthener. I couldn’t believe how my strands looked. I have highlighted hair also, and it made the caramel highlights more brighter. It almost seemed as if I went and got more highlights.

Silk 18 Shampoo is:



-keratin infused

-adds volume

-adds shine


I used this weekly , and sometimes I would actually sleep in it for the night. I would then rinse the next morning with a continued style. I have referred this shampoo and conditioner out to many people . They have had the same response. It literally changes your hair. I felt that my hair strands felt stronger also. It is amazing how your hair starts to feel as you age. Your hair can get thinner and feel more limp. The Silk 18 shampoo improved many aspects about my hair.

It is really hard for people to find products that work well with their hair. Everyone’s hair is different and they need to use certain products to achieve the look they want. For instance, I have thinner hair so I always try to find products that add thickness and volume. It has taken me years and hundreds of dollars to find them. Silk 18 Shampoo is the bomb. The best part is that if you feel it is not working, you can send back for a risk free -money back guarantee. They want you to like the product, and if it works well for you , you hit the jackpot. If you are looking for a good conditioner that hits all the points on hair care, Silk 18 is it. You will never go back to your old shampoos.


Sugar Bear your hair

Hi ladies! 

We all know how important it is to keep your hair healthy as you age. We see our hair getting drab , and losing elasticity as well as shine, and this can happen with age as well as being in the sun too much, or using hair products that are full of chemicals that wreak havoc on your hair. 

Of course eating a healthy diet helps with keeping our hair healthy, and taking a good multi vitamin helps with it also.  A great vitamin that I love is the multi vitamin by Sugar bear hair. These chewy vitamins are filled with all the great vitamins that are essential for hair health such as biotin, folic acid, and vitamin D. They have a great fruit taste, and they are vegetarian, and cruelty free. 

Just popping two of these vitamins daily will make such a difference in your locks. It’s amazing the taste of these also, and the price point is wonderful at 29.99 for a 30 day supply , compared to others . The difference in your hairs elasticity is the first thing that I noticed, and also the growth. Adding a multi vitamin daily along with eating healthy food will really help keep your locks luster. Shampooing less is also essential. Shampooing everyday is not good for your hair as the chemicals strip the moisture, so shampoo with a good one, and in between use a dry shampoo to add volume. You will see a big difference. Happy locks !  



A messy bun can be beautiful.. Ways to achieve it

Hi Ladies!

We all have those days ( at least I do) where you are running short on time, and you really don’t feel like doing your hair at all, because you know you will be running errands all day, or you just are in one of those comfortable moods where putting your hair up is all you feel like doing. Personally , I get sick of the ponytail look, so putting your hair up in a messy bun is as easy as it looks, and can look good. I do this a lot, especially on those crammed mornings.

  • Make sure your hair is washed and clean, and dry. If you washed it the night before, that’s totally fine, as long as its dry. Your bun will not stay up when its wet, and will not have a full look to it.
  • Take a very good volume spray, and spray from the crown to the ends. Then take a flat comb and start combing back the hair at the root of the crown. This is basically called “ratting”. This will give your crown some volume. Comb towards the scalp.
  • Once this is done. brush all of your hair, and make sure that’s its brushed good, and once I brush mine, I always apply a glaze to it. This gives your hair a bit of shine once its up in the messy bun. Take all of your hair and sweep it up, and apply a rubber band to it , like you are putting it in a pony tail. Make sure you use good rubber bands that will not break your hair strands. Pull only half of your pony tail through then wrap the hair band around, then pull it half way through again, and apply the rubber band. Your bun will be a bit messy at this point, which is what we want right?
  • Once you have your messy bun done, you can add a few bobby pins to the sides to keep it up, or any strays that may let loose.
  • You can pull any hair out that you want left down by the ears. Once you have done that, you can spray the bun with some light hairspray, and you are good to go. Do not use Extra hold hairspray on your hair. This will give your hair a matted look, and that look is not a good look.

Some people actually curl the hair that is left out of the bun. That is also an option. This will give your bun a cleaner look. Everyday doesn’t have to be a perfect hair day, and in my opinion, you do this bun right, it does look perfect. FullSizeRender (30)


Keep that Straw Feel Out of Your Hair! 

Hi ladies!

It’s summer time, and that means pool time. My daughter has long hair, and we have to be careful to not get too much chlorine damage. It’s important to have to protect our strands.

When we use the pool, we make sure to wash our hair before we go, and apply a nourishing oil to protect from chlorine buildup and chemicals. Using a clarifying shampoo is also important because it protects by applying a moisturizing film. Try to coat your hair before swimming with a oil such as Nexxus Nourishing Oil, which can be bought at Target. It is great, and has such amazing smell. Shampoos with ingredients like peppermint can cut out all the bad chemicals that build up while in the pool.

Try to saturate your ends, and you will thank yourself in the long run. The straw feel that can develop in our hair doesn’t feel good, nor does it look good. With blonde hair, you can seriously develop the green look, so try to take care of your hair before diving in.

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Best Hair Care in Your Kitchen

Hi ladies!

I am loving all the hair care out today, and I feel that some brands have really added some great products to their lines. My all time favorite products for styling are SHOW BEAUTY. They seriously rock!

But I also like using natural products, too. I use so many oils right out of my kitchen on my hair. Olive oil is great for the driest hair, and helps revive elasticity. I heat that up and leave on my hair for about 20 minutes, once per week. It’s amazing how your hair feels once it’s rinsed.

Coconut oil penetrates the hair shaft and helps strengthen it. Try warming up 1/2 cup of coconut oil and wiping it through your hair. Keep it on for 20 minutes, then rinse. Voila! You will love! Avocado oil is also great; it’s one of my favorites because it’s so rich in amino acids, and helps make hair shiny and helps to prevent breakage.

I have to admit I can’t stand seeing those women who have put so many chemicals in their hair over time that it honestly doesn’t move. It’s like a board, and it’s not attractive. Hair is meant to move and be vibrant. Healthy hair moves, and when it’s flipped, it should move easy. You can tell when someone doesn’t have healthy hair.

The benefits of these oils you find in your kitchen are huge: They will calm your scalp and get rid of frizziness.

If you prefer buying hair products instead of opening up your cabinet, a great oil to try is MOROCCAN OIL brand — I love their Argan oil. I’ve tried most of their products, and they are great.