Healthy Hair With Silk 18

Happy Friday!

Silk 18 For Healthy Strands

I recently received the Silk 18Shampoo for my hair. I have used this amazing conditioner for about two weeks now, and I am in Love. My hair is on the thinner side, and this instantly made it feel thicker. I couldn’t believe how it made my hair feel in such a short time.

Silk 18 Shampoo is perfect for anyone wanting a more healthy shine and more added volume. It is hydrating and is infused with a keratin complex protein strengthener. I couldn’t believe how my strands looked. I have highlighted hair also, and it made the caramel highlights more brighter. It almost seemed as if I went and got more highlights.

Silk 18 Shampoo is:



-keratin infused

-adds volume

-adds shine


I used this weekly , and sometimes I would actually sleep in it for the night. I would then rinse the next morning with a continued style. I have referred this shampoo and conditioner out to many people . They have had the same response. It literally changes your hair. I felt that my hair strands felt stronger also. It is amazing how your hair starts to feel as you age. Your hair can get thinner and feel more limp. The Silk 18 shampoo improved many aspects about my hair.

It is really hard for people to find products that work well with their hair. Everyone’s hair is different and they need to use certain products to achieve the look they want. For instance, I have thinner hair so I always try to find products that add thickness and volume. It has taken me years and hundreds of dollars to find them. Silk 18 Shampoo is the bomb. The best part is that if you feel it is not working, you can send back for a risk free -money back guarantee. They want you to like the product, and if it works well for you , you hit the jackpot. If you are looking for a good conditioner that hits all the points on hair care, Silk 18 is it. You will never go back to your old shampoos.


The Best in Dry Shampoo:Elizabeth and James

We have all had days where it’s a messy hair kind of day. It gets chaotic with schedules, practices and homework, and we end up realizing that a bun for the day will do. 
Dry Shampoo is one of the most popular hair products today . Due to its popular remedy for lazy hair days, I’d have to say I can’t live without it. I throw it in my travel bag, my gym bag, and you can always find it in my purse. It works on the dot, and it’s the best product ever. 

Elizabeth and James dry shampoo is the best . I have tried multiple brands, and they either make your hair feel gummy, or it doesn’t have a great scent. This product is like perfume for hair , with amazing benefits. It leaves your hair looking vibrant and shiny. It helps hair hold curls, and gives your hair a fine texture. One component of this product that I love is that it doesn’t make your hair oily. Some dry shampoos can make your hair look limpless and oily. 

This product works amazing for up do’s too. You want to make sure to spray your Bobby pins with dry shampoo, and spray the product on the roots and through the ends of your hair. This is honestly my favorite hair product. If you are looking for that one hair product that is too good to be true, this is it.