My Love For Prose Haircare

I have to tell you that when it comes to my hair, I can be a bit crazy with it. I am very picky about the products I use. I love using all natural hair care. I feel that with anything, putting bad chemicals into your body and your hair wreaks havoc on so much more.

Prose Haircare is one company that I have to rave about for a minute. You can log on to their website and take a personal quiz on your hair needs and the state your hair is in now. You then will be gifted a consultation. The consultation is given to assess how your hair is now and what type of condition it is in. It will then let you know how to proceed with haircare using their personal products. They even as you what smells you like and then they mix the oils into the shampoo and conditioner to give you the scent of a lifetime. I requested Perle and I can’t rave enough about how good these products smell.

I have been using these products for close to a week and I can’t tell you how hooked I am on them. It’s not only the way they make your hair smell, but how they make your hair feel. I have more shine, and less frizz and my shampoos last a lot longer. I feel I do not need to wash my hair every single day. my blow outs last longer too. The feel of my hair feels thicker. I can’t tell you how many compliments I’ve received on my hair. If you are looking for a more natural hair care, Prose haircare has some great products. They re cruelty free and all natural. They are made with all organic products. If you want to extend your healthy way of living, then adding Prose to your regimen is a game changer. You will see such a difference in the way your hair feels and looks.

My hair curls and straightens a lot easier too. The curls stay in longer and I feel I need to use less hairspray. Prose haircare is an amazing company and it has amazing products no less.


Show Beauty… The Best in Hair Care

SHOW BEAUTY HAIRCAREis amazing. I have been using their haircare for over three years now, and I’m addicted. I can’t get enough of the aroma that my hair gives off after using these products. I have had so many people ask me about what I use for my hair products, and SHOW Beauty is it.

This particular brand is special. Their products are made with the likes of argon oil, safflower seed oil, and jojoba oil to give your hair that beautiful shine. The way my hair feels after using it is amazing. It always gives it a smooth finish, and I never have fly aways. The fragrances they use are Patchouli, Rosewood, and almond butter. These three give your hair the best aroma all day long. I’ve yet to find anything that compares to SHOW Beauty Haircare.


Their Volume Lotion gives your hair the ultimate lifting. It is infused with Vitamin B to reduce split ends. We are always trying to reduce those. The Burdock Root that this lotion is made with provides your hair with the best shine and gives your hair plenty of volume without it flattening through out the day. That is one of the reasons I love it so much.


The Finishing spray that SHOW beauty has to offer is one of a kind. It leaves your hair very smooth, and sleek. You could be going out in the wind, and your hair would still look good. This finishing spray isn’t heavy or doesn’t weight your hair down. It isn’t sticky at all either. Many finishing sprays can leave your hair feeling like a piece of cardboard.

The Best Products For Hair .. SHOW BEAUTY HAIRCARE


The Thickening Mist is a whole new ballgame when it comes to giving your hair a thicker feel. I literally use this and my hair instantly feels thicker. I don’t have very thick hair either. My hair doesn’t feel weighed down after using this. I love it because the smell is amazing. This also protects your hair from free radicals.


The texture spray is infused with Vitamin B. This repairs the damage of any hair strands or chemical treatments. It is enriched with argon oil, which leaves your hair with plenty of moisture without drying it out. I love this because many Texture Sprays I’ve used in the past has left my hair feeling heavy. This doesn’t do any of that.


This Grooming Balm is great because it is hydrating and conditioning . It leaves your hair feeling clean and fresh. It doesn’t have an oily feel to it and doesn’t leave your hair looking greasy. It repairs dry ends, and delivers a smooth , soft finish .

The SHOW Beauty products are amazing. It has taken me a long time to find hair products that really make a difference. You spend hundreds of dollars trying to get your hair to the stage of healthy that you want it. The minute I tried these products, I was hooked. The bottles are glamorous and gorgeous, but what’s in them is like no other.


How to keep your tresses from winter damage

The time is here when the wind and cold can wreak havoc on your hair. The dryness is in the air and it can pull some serious moisture out of your hair. There are some great ways to keep your hair healthy and shiny even through the winter months. 

There are some great products from ouai. These products have done amazing things for my hair, and I’ve used many products. The Repair shampoo not only smells divine but it replenishes the moisture in your hair and fortifies the breakage , making it shinier and stronger. The best thing about these products is that they are all free of parabens and suites which can destroy your hair cuticle. 
The Repair conditioner is so hydrating that once it’s applied to your hair and rinse, your hair feels brand new. It’s infused with the best of smart technology. Using a good shampoo and conditioner on your hair is vital to the health of it. You want to stay away from the products that are loaded with parabens and sulfates. There is nothing good about them. It has taken me a while to find the right products that wth best for my hair. 

It’s best to apply a hair mask at least once a week to push the vitamins and minerals into your hair shaft. This will keep the hair cuticle healthy . If you are one that colors your hair or applies bleach, it’s adamant that you use a hair mask. 

The last product that is amazing is the OUAI hair oil. I apply a bit of this on my fingertips and run it through my hair after it’s been styled . This gives my hair a shiny look . It’s amazing. When using the shampoo and conditioner, apply it to the ends and comb through with your fingers. Let it sit for 3 minutes, and then rinse. You will notice a huge difference in your hair after a week. 

Say OUAI to your hair! 


Supplements for your hair? Do they work? 

Hi ladies! 

It use to be the only way to get long , healthy locks was to take your vitamin E, drink loads of water, and eat a healthy diet. Those are the components to healthy , gorgeous locks. Those are still the components to this day, but we are in a different era. The era where there is a supplement for everything. 

Over the past year, I’ve looked into the Hair supplements that are out on the market. I’ve tried both Hairfinity, and SugarBearHair. The Hairfinity supplements can come with the oil as well as the shampoo and conditioner. Sugar bear hair supplements come in a cute little bottle that look like little gummy bears, promising you long , shiny locks over a period of time. 

I’ve used both for a 6-month period of time for each. I have to say that both of these supplements were wonderful. Hairfinity Was a great supplement , along with their oil. I seen a difference in the texture of my hair, and it did seem more shiny. SugarBearHair, I have to say is not only great, but yummy. They have all the vitamins instilled to give your hair the health it deserves. I can’t quite distinguish them apart, as they both worked extremely well. I also seen a huge difference in my nails when taking these supplements. They were stronger. 

If you are looking for a great supplement for your hair, these are wonderful to get started on. Everyone has different opinions, and different experiences. Overall, they worked wonderful. 


The Best in Dry Shampoo:Elizabeth and James

We have all had days where it’s a messy hair kind of day. It gets chaotic with schedules, practices and homework, and we end up realizing that a bun for the day will do. 
Dry Shampoo is one of the most popular hair products today . Due to its popular remedy for lazy hair days, I’d have to say I can’t live without it. I throw it in my travel bag, my gym bag, and you can always find it in my purse. It works on the dot, and it’s the best product ever. 

Elizabeth and James dry shampoo is the best . I have tried multiple brands, and they either make your hair feel gummy, or it doesn’t have a great scent. This product is like perfume for hair , with amazing benefits. It leaves your hair looking vibrant and shiny. It helps hair hold curls, and gives your hair a fine texture. One component of this product that I love is that it doesn’t make your hair oily. Some dry shampoos can make your hair look limpless and oily. 

This product works amazing for up do’s too. You want to make sure to spray your Bobby pins with dry shampoo, and spray the product on the roots and through the ends of your hair. This is honestly my favorite hair product. If you are looking for that one hair product that is too good to be true, this is it.