It’s a wavy kind of summer

Waves are in this summer, and they aren’t just the waves at the beach! They are in the hair. You don’t have to live in Sunny Cal to get the waves you want.

Women all over are putting waves in their hair, even though they weren’t born with it. It’s totally in this summer, and all it takes is some great products , and of course the perfect tool. The curling iron that I am loving right now is the Harry Josh 2-in-1 ceramic Marcel iron. The rod doesn’t look like most curling irons. It is definitely longer , which means you can put more hair in it at one time, which overall saves more time in the long run. You can take sections and start wrapping them up, giving you the perfect waves.

Are you craving that wavy hair, but you don’t think that your hair has enough texture? You can start off by applying a bit of mousse, applied at the roots. You want to work the mousse all the way through the ends of the hair. Grab your blow dryer, and dry your roots for about 3-5 min. Cup your hair to get some gentle waves at the end . Section your hair off, and one by one, take your curling iron and wrap it around the barrel, applying a bit of spray to it. Once each section is done, run your fingers through it, and spot a bit of shine spray . The shine spray should be the last step to getting those long lasting waves. It’s very important to have the correct tools to get the wavy look in your hair. Everyone has a different hair texture, and some do better than others. Try buying a great curling iron that is going to last , and give you the waves you have always wanted.


OUAI hair masks.. The Best mask for those dry strands

The summer can leave hair limpless and dried out. The sun is not only harsh on our skin, but can wreak havoc on our strands as well. Hanging by the pool everyday doesn’t help out our hair either. It’s always the best thing to use a good hair mask .

I’ve been a fan of OUAI haircare since it came out , and not only are the oils and sprays great, but the hair masks are amazing. It is made of artichoke leaf extract, and will leave your strands feeling soft and supple. I love putting it in my hair and leaving it in a buns when I’m  working out. This will stay in the hair cuticle for a long amount of time and once it’s rinsed out, your hair will feel like brand new.

It is free of parabens and animal testing. The smell is fresh and delightful. I’ve tried multiple hair masks over the years, and this one is by far the BEST. You can go into a Walgreens or CVS and spend careless money on the hair masks that will not do anything but leave your hair heavy and sticky. I’m not saying that some of those aren’t good, but OUAI is wonderful for the money. These masks will deliver results and give your hair life again. Isn’t that what we all want? Keeping hair healthy in the sun can be hard thing to do if we don’t take precautions to keep our strands healthy. I’d advise to use a mask once every two weeks or once a month. This will keep your hair in tip top condition, and when your in the sun , use a leave in hair SPF conditioner.



Hi Beauties!


Best in hair care

With the summer here, and heading to the beach or the pool, Ive written past posts on the damaging effects of the sun on the skin, and how important it is to wear a high SPF sunscreen to protect your skin from the harmful UV rays. It does so much damage to our skin, including wrinkling, giving us that creppy look , way before our time. Every article I see about sun care, it relies soley on the skin, but what about the hair? Hair has to stay beautiful and manageable without the dryness, and the sun doing damage to those who color their hair. Sunscreen isn’t just for the skin. Aveda has come out with a great sunscreen for the hair that I use on myself as well as my daughter. It prevents the sun from drying out the hair shaft. Once we get everything protected , doesn’t everyone want those beachy wave looks that look so amazing, and makes your hair smell like the carribbean? I know I love it, and it makes your hair so beautiful, yet natural without all the hairspray, and product build up. sun bum makes an amazing product that gives your hair those beachy waves. Once my hair is wet, I usually spritz some of this in my hair, and it dries as waves. Everyone’s hair is different. These are the products that I would add to my beach bag , along with my sunhat and a high SPF. Beachy hair is the best. Right? sunscreen