It’s a wavy kind of summer

Waves are in this summer, and they aren’t just the waves at the beach! They are in the hair. You don’t have to live in Sunny Cal to get the waves you want.

Women all over are putting waves in their hair, even though they weren’t born with it. It’s totally in this summer, and all it takes is some great products , and of course the perfect tool. The curling iron that I am loving right now is the Harry Josh 2-in-1 ceramic Marcel iron. The rod doesn’t look like most curling irons. It is definitely longer , which means you can put more hair in it at one time, which overall saves more time in the long run. You can take sections and start wrapping them up, giving you the perfect waves.

Are you craving that wavy hair, but you don’t think that your hair has enough texture? You can start off by applying a bit of mousse, applied at the roots. You want to work the mousse all the way through the ends of the hair. Grab your blow dryer, and dry your roots for about 3-5 min. Cup your hair to get some gentle waves at the end . Section your hair off, and one by one, take your curling iron and wrap it around the barrel, applying a bit of spray to it. Once each section is done, run your fingers through it, and spot a bit of shine spray . The shine spray should be the last step to getting those long lasting waves. It’s very important to have the correct tools to get the wavy look in your hair. Everyone has a different hair texture, and some do better than others. Try buying a great curling iron that is going to last , and give you the waves you have always wanted.


Great hairstyles for 2016

Hi ladies! 

What is your New Years change? A new diet? New workout? Or maybe a new hairstyle? We all set goals, and new challenges. Well I have the new hairstyles that are going to be popular come 2016. You may want to keep your length, and if so , there are great ways to keep your length, and maybe switch up the front. 2016 is bringing the bangs back. This is going to be a very popular look, and this hairstyle looks super cute, especially if you have a more oval shape face. The shape of the face has a great deal to do with how a hairstyle looks good on you, and how it shapes your face. I’m absolutely loving the bangs. It actually brings back a bit of the 70’s . Not sure if you want to make the cut? You can buy clip in bangs for a little experience without actually going under the scissors. It’s something that is not a permanent change, but yet can be experimented with for a night out. I actually have some friends who recently got bangs, and said its more easier upkeep. You never know how much you will love it.  

 Another great hairstyle that is super popular , and has a lot less work time on those busy mornings is the bob. I can’t tell you how cute this looks, and everytime I see it, it makes me want to go for it. It’s a cute length, and takes less time for styling and blow drying. You could actually go for both looks at the same time..bangs and the bob. You may actually wonder why you waited so long.