My Three Best Tips for adding Years to your Life

We all know how important adding fitness in to our lives are. For me anyway, it helps me focus, makes my days better, and overall gives me more energy. If you are adding fitness into your daily schedules, kudos to you! As you know, getting some type of of physical fitness in every day will definitely help your body as it ages, but there are three tips that I live by, and I feel they are more important than exercise. These tips will add years to your life , and will definitely give you better quality.

Cook at home- cooking at home let’s you be in control of what goes in your mouth. Restaurants everywhere use so many types of fats and it really can add extra calories and wreak  havoc on your waistline and your health. They use so many preservatives to give their food taste. If you are dining out, request to know exactly how your food is cooked. I always ask about my orders. It’s your only right. If you aren’t a huge cook, play around a bit with new recipes and find what you love. There is nothing like a good bottle of wine and cooking in your kitchen with a little French music playing. 

Kill that stress away- who needs it right? We live once! Go out and do the things that kill that stress. Schedule a massage, go get your nails done, head out for a day of shopping with a friend. I think doesn’t necessarily have to be any of those. Simply grabbing a meditation or yoga class is divine. Stress management is important also as we age. Stress kills , and I’m talking long term. It puts stress on our minds , bodies, and spirits. Even turning the radio up full blast and dancing in your living room , being goofy is fun. My daughter and I do it all the time. 

Find joy in everyday. JOY is happiness , plain and simple. If you are talking a walk in the park, or buying the car in front Of you a Starbucks, brings joy.  Life is short, and joyous moments are what count. It’s the memories your making, and the times you will remember. 

These tips to me are what make your bodies, minds and spirits stay balanced, and if they are all in balance, then we reach the stage of optimal health. Take the time everyday to be thankful , and count the blessings in your life. Slow down a bit and enjoy the little things.


The Best Book Picks for the Summer

I have always loved reading. Matter of fact, back in school, I was literally called the Book Worm , because of my love for reading. This summer I have four great books that I have read, and I’m passing them on to you because who doesn’t Love a great summer read? It doesn’t matter if you are a lover of suspense and murder mysteries, or you love the dramas with high school, there are always great books out there for you. I have read four this summer, and I’m actually on my last. They have all been wonderful, and I have to share them with you. I love every single kind of book. I love suspense, drama, biography , fiction, and I love fascinating self motivating books. There is nothing more fascinating then to read a book about someone who built a legacy on their own, or built an empire from the ground up. I love stories where people built their OWN legacy, and it wasn’t handed to them. It is a dedication of hard work , discipline, and I LOVE that more than anything. Reading is a great way to unwind, relax, and detox the brain. Check out some of my favs.

My all time favorite read this summer has been Wellth by Jason Wachob. He is the amazing founder of one of my favorite websites , This is a man who had a vision, and ran with it. The all time great read bases everything on life balance. We CAN have it all. Its a reasoning on balancing the life craziness that can occur in our everyday lives. One of the BEST reads I’ve read yet. FullSizeRender (137)The Eleven Rings by Phil Jackson is another wonderful book. It is based on success, and the conditions of success. Of course he has had plenty in his lifetime, but it is an amazing read. FullSizeRender (138)The third book is for that pool side ,relaxation mode. It is a great summer read, and is based on the drama of youth and death at the same time. It is very cosmopolitan, It is perfect for that summer vacation. Amy Bloom is an amazing author with a vision for good reading. This is at the top for one of the BEST summer books this year. FullSizeRender (135)


Current Mood💕💕

Be Happy And Thankful everyday for the life you have been given! 


Spring clean your Life

There is no other time to start your spring cleaning than now, and I mean for the boy, mind , and spirit. Its getting to be that time of year when you can actually open your windows  and let in the fresh air. Keeping the house closed up all winter, makes dust and allergens settle in, even for those of you who are OCD in the cleaning department. This is the time when everything is yearning for some Vitamin D, including us. Here are some great ways to get started.

Get rid of the preservative filled foods: This is the time to really start looking at the foods you are eating, and how  they make you feel. Believe me when I say this.. If you are one that craves the sweets and sugar, there ARE alternatives that are much more healthy, and will not leave you feeling groggy and slow. Digestive health is essential, and eating foods daily that slow it , will only make you feel worse. This is the perfect time to clean out the fridge and pantry, make a healthy list of wholesome foods, and go on a shopping trip. You can all eat healthy as a family. Start a book of recipes that you want to  try and get started NOW.

Go on a cleanse- you do not have to dedicate your self to a week long cleanse. A simple two -three day cleanse will really detox your systems. If that is something that you feel you are unable to do, a simple day cleanse is great too. Fresh juicing with lemon water in the morning, and eliminating any type of dairy, gluten, caffeine, and alcohol will do your body good. The simple changes in your diet are a great start.

Clear your Home- Spring is the time to start going through closets, garage bins, droors, and everything else, and take the stuff that you no longer need, and drop off at shelters. No one needs anything in their home that they no longer use, or do not need. Give them to someone in need. Replace all your home cleaners , candles, and ect. with green products and soy. They are SO much healthier for you and your family. Add some fresh flowers to a favorite room that you love. It adds so much more beauty to your home. Household clutter can contribute to every day stress also. My motto is “Just get rid of it”.

Spring is a time for renewal, and starting fresh. Everything is coming back to life at this time. We see it happening everyday. Take the time to really cleanse every aspect of your life. Detox everything from your home to even your friend list. You do not need anything in your life that isn’t worth having, or isn’t contributing to your life in any way. If you are one that always says YES to things, start saying No more. Start doing more of the things that make your life fun. Stop doing the things for people that aren’t returned. This is your life. pexels-photo-85773 (1)



Birthday love💜💜💜

I just got done celebrating my 41st birthday, yes I did say 41. I have to say that as the years go by, the birthdays get sweeter. I’m so thankful for the life I have, as well as all my amazing friends and family. It’s so important to cherish these moments, and be thankful for your health and the health of your family . My birthdays always seem to last over a week, which I’m not complaining. It starts off with a trip, then dinners with friends and family, then cake and dinner with your kids, then top it off with another trip. It’s always fun that way right? Why not? Enjoy your birthdays in style, and always buy yourself a great gift to top it off! I got so many wonderful gifts , that I cannot name them all.. One of my favs was my Tom Ford Fashion Book. I have so many coffee table books, simply because I’m a book worm, and love to read, but this was the icing on the cake!  Cherish yourself and your birthdays always!!!