About Me : Love Hate Tag! 

Hi ladies!

I wasn’t going to do an original post on this, but I was nominated by Amanda B to participate!

My loves! 💕

1. My kids. They are amazing and inspiring. Great work ethics and so much confidence! They melt my heart! Can’t ever spend enough time with them. This is their time right now.

2. White roses. I’ve loved these flowers forever, and when I had my daughter, my husband surprised me by returning to my hospital room filled with 20 dozen roses! He’s amazing!

3. Genuine , true people. I love people who are genuine and true to themselves. It’s a waste to know that some people waste their lives trying to be something they are not or never will be. Saddens me! 🙁

4. Shoes. can’t get enough or never will I have enough… Always room for more!

5. Chocolate. I seriously think I could bathe in chocolate. Everything is better with chocolate!

6. Wine. I’m so in love with wine… Origins, types, smells, what food goes good with it. I’d love to own a winery. Love it so much. My husband built me a cellar in our home and I LOVE it!

7. My family’s sense of humor. We laugh so much, joke, and do not take life too serious! We are always having fun!

8. Juicing/fitness. Love it and cannot get enough of whisking up healthy recipes! They go hand in hand!! I love being fit!

9. Travel. Have always loved it and always will! My husband and I both live to travel. So many amazing places to experience!

10. Entertaining. My husband and I both love to entertain and be with friends and family! Nothing is better than good food and cocktails!

My hates! I’m not one to hate, but some things are not worth my time…

1. Peas. I have hated peas since childhood. I mean really? They taste terrible!

2. Attention seeking celebrities. I want to say to some people: Do you have a real life at all??

3. Spiders. Yuck! They still creep me out…

4. Messy cars. Just can’t have a messy car. It would ruin my day!

5. Soft drinks. I can’t stand the taste or how someone drinks those all day long… It’s miserably unhealthy!

6. Phony people. I want to say to these people: Get with it! Life is too short… You’re not that special. Live your true life.

7. Meat. I have never been a meat eater… Every time I have tried to eat it, I feel nauseous.

8. Rolling into bed super late. I despise getting to bed late even though it happens. I just can’t function the same the next day.

9. Rude people. They just need to find happiness is all I can say.

10. Dirty nails. It just lets you know how someone really takes care of themselves! It’s just gross!

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Thank you to everyone has followed my facebook & fit and bliss.com& bloglovin! My blog has flourished and has hit an all time high!! I couldn’t have done it with all my followings!!! 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

SO many great things coming!!!  



This quote makes me smile

I love this quote because I feel in today’s society its a rush fest.. Everyone is trying to get a hundred things done in a day and not taking the time to do some things they want to do.. That’s living right? Doing the things you’ve always wanted to do? Take some time each day to spend some time doing the things that make you happy!! You won’t get those moments back!   


A wholesome you

What makes you feel wholesome? Happy? Fulfilled ? Research shows that taking time each day to reflect on your thoughts , feelings, your blessings show that you remain at a better state of balance & health! I’ve always been a health nut in a lot of ways, but I’ve been really reflecting lately on what I put in my body. I have really increased my cold press juice intake. I really do get a lot if fruit & vegetables in each day in the purest way. It’s amazing how you feel when you put such great things in your body , and take the bad out. Each day I try to reflect on my blessings, and how lucky I am to have what I have in my life.. My family, my health, my happiness.. Just remember .. Our body is our temple , and our mind is a reflection of who we are and how we are! 💜💜



10 things I learned this year! 💜❤️💜❤️

It’s amazing to me how quickly this year is winding down. It’s been an amazing year for my family and I , and can’t wait to see what’s in store for 2015. It’s amazing as you grow .. What you realize in life! Here are 20 things that I have truly realized this year.. And I apply them to my life everyday!

1. Thank you notes go such a long way!
Sending a thank you note to someone is such a nice gesture. It makes both people ( sending & receiving so amazing) !

2. You must be a good friend to have a good friend! .. You need to be that amazing friend through hard times and everyday to recieve that same great friendship!

3. Texting and driving is very selfish and sickening. .. Words to live by… It can wait!!!!!.. Your kids see your actions!!!

4. A smile is sooooo contagious!!! Everyone no matter what kind of day they are having enjoys a smile ! 😊

5. Kisses make everything so much better! Even if your having a bum day.. A kiss from your family or husband is seriously the best feeling ever!!! 💜

6. Gossip is toxic! .. This is so true. Don’t get yourself caught up in that trash! Stay out.. Live your life , and don’t worry about everyone else’s drama!

7.praying is a must! Faith is so important and knowing god is there through everything is so calming!

8.family is everything.. Through hard times & good times.. Your family will always have your back!

9. A RSVP is not an optional thing!!! When you get invited somewhere .. Have the courtesy to let the host know if you will be there or not! It’s only right !!!

10. Hostess gifts are a must! They invited you to a party or gathering! Have the class to give them a thank you in return. 🎉