Great Ways To Keep Your Mind Healthy Through The Corona Virus

We have all been there. It has happened at one time or another when we feel in such a rut. The news, the media, and the negative impact of this virus is out of control. It can easily deter you mind from a positive place to a negative and sad place real quick.

I have talked with multiple people about their feelings, and it comes down to one thing: Let this Virus be over. We have had to really adjust our living and social capabilities. I have many ways to keep your mind healthy and help you keep living that joyful life through the midst of this pandemic.


I know it seems really hard not to jump on Twitter or Facebook to see what is going on , but believe me… STAY OFF! It does nothing positive for your mind. If anything, it gets you rattled, and sad and makes you think about the negative impact of this virus. Take your time and do something positive. Read a book, Go for a run, or even meditate. These are amazing things that really help put your mind in a great place. I stay off all that stuff and It has really helped.


I cant tell you how much meditation has helped through this pandemic. I take 30 minutes every morning and do my meditations. I love my mornings. It is ME time. I read , meditate, and have my morning tea or coffee. Its a great way to start your day and being present in that very moment.


One thing that is Very easy for me is getting rid of toxic people. I have cut myself off of people that are jealous, envious, or really isn’t there to support other women. I have taken a break from people who surround themselves around the negativity of this virus, politics, or anything like wise. I have no time to sit and listen to people’s views and their negative energy. It’s people who have nothing going on that seem to do that. Start your mornings off with good, positive energy. Light a candle, say a prayer, and pray for all those people that NEED to get a life.


I cant tell you what exercise does for my mind. I love yoga and do it almost every day or every morning. It is such a great place to get your mind on your mat, and thinking positive vibes always. If you don’t like to do yoga, go for a run or a long walk. It is so meditative. You think about the good things going on in your life, or what you want to plan next. It is really a powerful thing.


This is a savior. I love spending time with my friends , enjoying a good glass of pinot. We don’t talk about the negative stuff, but rather enjoy laughs and good talks. I absolutely love summer nights like that , and we have plenty of them. There is nothing like Great Friends who support everything you do, and you have fun with.


Journaling is key to getting all your thoughts and feelings on paper. It really does make you feel a whole lot better about this crisis going on. It really opens your mind up in a positive way.

Always keep your head up and find the joy in the little things. It is NOW when you need to feel blessed for everything you have and the people in your life. It really is a blessing .


The Importance Of Taking Me Time During This Chaotic Madness

Happy Wednesday!

It has been a bit chaotic in the past few months. We have all went through major changes with the craziness in the world, and all the negative energy that most of us have noticed. It is really hard for some to really enjoy their days with joy. I can tell you that this is why it is truly important to take time each day for ourselves and our mental health. Everyone Needs ME Time.

Healthy mental health is so important. It’s trying times like these that really test our ability to get through it. We are so use to being a part of something. It can be hanging with our families each day or having a true connection with other humans on a daily basis. When that is taken away for whatever reason, it can wreak so much havoc on our mental state of mind. Taking time each day to really sit in silence, or read a book, or light a candle and meditate can do so many wonders for your mental state.

I feel taking time for yourself each day is vital to us and the people we love. It makes us better people, and puts our minds at a state of ease. I want to say that I know there are people out there that truly are suffering from all sorts of mental illness, and I am in no way a doctor telling you how to control it. I am simply inviting you to take time for yourself and your mind each day to really observe your feelings. It can really help to write your emotions and feelings on paper. It can help to journal your days and write down how you are feeling from day to day. Reading a good book on self empowerment or reading meditations can really help your mind at ease.

These are very unsettling times for sure. We never could’ve imagined that so many chaotic things would turn our world upside down , one after another. We could never have imagined that we would be told when we could leave our homes, or when we could be around the people we love. These are all new , unexpected events that have truly changed all of our lives. These ideas that I am giving you are to help your mind settle more easily. Meditation and listening to relaxing music has been proven to help the mind relax and rejuvenate.

If you just take 15 minutes each day to really take time for yourself, you will see that you will feel more relaxed through out your day and maybe not worry so much. Taking a hot bath at night and lighting a candle can really work wonders for the mind. We all deserve a little peace in our daily lives. The little things can really work wonders for you.

I hope you all find peace within you .




The Best Vegetables To Have Stocked In Your Kitchen For Optimal Health

Fruits and Vegetables have been long known to be such an investment in your health. They are loaded with minerals and antioxidants. We all know that antioxidants fight free radicals that cause inflammation. Inflammation, in return causes many diseases and sicknesses. It is best to keep your kitchen loaded up with these vegetables that are known to keep your health afloat. These are ones I keep stocked on the daily.


Avocados are a super healthy fat that our body needs. It is also known as butter fruit because it provides a substantial amount of healthy monounsaturated fatty acids. They contain nearly 20 vitamins and minerals. It has been known that eating avocados can help reduce obesity, diabetes, and heart disease. It helps with keeping a beautiful complexion and increased energy. They are best mixed in a morning smoothie or even topped on a rice cake for a quick, and healthy breakfast.


Kale is an ultimate superfood in my opinion. Kale is high in fiber and water. It helps to prevent indigestion and helps to prevent constipation. It contains many B vitamins, and C vitamins which helps with iron absorption. It is very nutrient dense, and has a low calorie content. Kale is very heart protective and very anti-inflammatory. It helps to prevent inflammation in the body. I love using Kale in smoothies mixed with avocados and a banana. It’s a daily staple in my diet.


Bell Peppers and Jalapeno Peppers are the bomb. Who doesnt love eating them on a nice summer night? Peppers are low in calories and very high in Vitamin C. They come in various colors, and each one has a significant taste. They are loaded up with many vitamins and minerals and are amazing added to salads and also great for eating on their own. I love cutting them up and eating with a good hummus. They are good for eye health and help with anemia prevention.

These are just a few of the array of vegetables that should be added to your daily diet. Vegetables are so important in keeping your body healthy and your mind happy. The importance of vegetables should be in every persons diet on a daily basis. There is many ways to incorporate them into your diet.


The Best Avocado Toast Ever

I am a huge avocado lover. Matter of fact, my family jokes with me on how many avocados I eat in a day. One of my favorite breakfast choices is my avocado toast. It is healthy and it is great fuel for any morning workout. It provides you with great , healthy fats and avocados are loaded with amazing monounsaturated fatty acids. This amazing fruit provides us with 20 vitamins and minerals. Yes! We are getting our vitamin intake. Here is my take on amazing avocado toast.pexels for avocado toast

I use Ezekiel bread which is made of sprouted whole grains, and seeds. It’s not one of those breads you find in the stores that is loaded with fillers, and flour. It provides you with more protein, fiber, and vitamins and minerals. It contains no phytic acid, and is not concentrated with large amount of gluten. I go ahead and put that in the toaster. While my bread is toasting, I take a small avocado ( organic preferable) and slice and cut. I then mash the avocado and mix a bit of pepper, and onion powder to it. Make sure you take it easy on the onion powder. I don’t use much at all. Once that is mixed up and mashed really well, I spread on my toast. I then add a great mixed red pepper flake spice to the top of it, and add a bit more black pepper. I do add some great herbs to it once in a while, and then I eat with either a boiled egg, or a fried egg made only with coconut oil. It is so yummy. If you are looking for a great, quick breakfast option, this avocado toast is not only delicious, but so super healthy for your body. It is imperative you eat healthy breakfasts to give you the proper fuel to get your morning going . Happy Thursday!


My Weekly Fitness Routine

Hey Ladies!

I wanted to share with you something that everyone ask me about.. my Fitness routine. I can’t tell you how many people ask me what I do to stay in shape, what classes I take, what I eat, and so forth. I’m here to share that with you. First off, I don’t feel 100 percent unless I move on a daily basis. It gets my heart going, me energy levels up, and I feel so much better all around. Now I do have days where I don’t feel like doing anything because my plate is full for the day. I just tell myself that I have to devote at least an hour to me everyday. I feel like once you find that balance, everything else falls into place. fitness routine

I do love changing my Fitness routine up every now and then. I don’t know about you, but I get bored very easily with the same workout. I think I have done everything under the sun, and YES I do have my favorites. First thing in the morning, I always start my morning with a warm glass of lemon water. I feel this just gets everything going, especially my metabolism. It’s also great for de-toxing the liver. I will then make me something light. This usually involves a piece of avocado toast with a bit of crushed red pepper. YES! it’s delicious. I try to break up what I want to do every Sunday. I figure out what workouts I want to do ,and what areas I want to work. A typical week looks something like this:

Monday– I usually go to a HIIT class, or head straight to the gym for 30 min of cardio, and work my arms.( machine work)

Tuesday- This day usually involves a hot yoga class. Once I hit that class, I’m pretty beat. It is the BEST workout in the world.

Wednesday- I usually go to a Pilates class or head to the gym for cardio and work my legs( Machine work)

Thursday– This day again involves a hot yoga class.

Friday– I love heading to a spin class or kickboxing class. I then try to do a power walk ( if weather permits)

Saturday– I usually head to the gym early for cardio, or I do a Swork -IT workout at home. The best app for at home fitness.

Sunday– I never workout on Sundays.  This is my day with the family and my day to pretty much eat and drink what I want. This is my no limits day. It usually involves some amazing dinner, or a great meal out.

If I’m on vacation, I always find the gym, or a yoga class that is close, or go for a run. I always try to find at least 1 hour to move.

No matter where you are or what you are doing, Fitness should always be fun. Find what you like and stick with it, or be like me and move around a bit. Either way, your health depends on it.