My Weekly Fitness Routine

Hey Ladies!

I wanted to share with you something that everyone ask me about.. my Fitness routine. I can’t tell you how many people ask me what I do to stay in shape, what classes I take, what I eat, and so forth. I’m here to share that with you. First off, I don’t feel 100 percent unless I move on a daily basis. It gets my heart going, me energy levels up, and I feel so much better all around. Now I do have days where I don’t feel like doing anything because my plate is full for the day. I just tell myself that I have to devote at least an hour to me everyday. I feel like once you find that balance, everything else falls into place. fitness routine

I do love changing my Fitness routine up every now and then. I don’t know about you, but I get bored very easily with the same workout. I think I have done everything under the sun, and YES I do have my favorites. First thing in the morning, I always start my morning with a warm glass of lemon water. I feel this just gets everything going, especially my metabolism. It’s also great for de-toxing the liver. I will then make me something light. This usually involves a piece of avocado toast with a bit of crushed red pepper. YES! it’s delicious. I try to break up what I want to do every Sunday. I figure out what workouts I want to do ,and what areas I want to work. A typical week looks something like this:

Monday– I usually go to a HIIT class, or head straight to the gym for 30 min of cardio, and work my arms.( machine work)

Tuesday- This day usually involves a hot yoga class. Once I hit that class, I’m pretty beat. It is the BEST workout in the world.

Wednesday- I usually go to a Pilates class or head to the gym for cardio and work my legs( Machine work)

Thursday– This day again involves a hot yoga class.

Friday– I love heading to a spin class or kickboxing class. I then try to do a power walk ( if weather permits)

Saturday– I usually head to the gym early for cardio, or I do a Swork -IT workout at home. The best app for at home fitness.

Sunday– I never workout on Sundays.  This is my day with the family and my day to pretty much eat and drink what I want. This is my no limits day. It usually involves some amazing dinner, or a great meal out.

If I’m on vacation, I always find the gym, or a yoga class that is close, or go for a run. I always try to find at least 1 hour to move.

No matter where you are or what you are doing, Fitness should always be fun. Find what you like and stick with it, or be like me and move around a bit. Either way, your health depends on it.



3 great vitamin rich foods for mental fatigue

We all have been in situations where we have struggled with mental fatigue. Life these days are fast, and chaotic . At the end of the day, it’s not surprising that many people struggle with cloudiness in their thinking, and lack of nourishment in their bodies. Many people become so overwhelmed with day to day tasks, that it’s easy to forget to eat healthy. Here are some vitamin rich brain foods that will help with mental fatigue. 

Potassium rich foods

Potassium is known to aid in our systems as an electrolyte. It gives fluid balance to our brains, and helps with clear thinking in our heads. Grabbing a banana each morning is a great way to add in some potassium, and help with keeping our minds strong. 

Complex carbohydrates

Complex carbs are a great way to keep our body and minds nourished through out the day. Unlike simple carbs, complex carbs do not give our bodies sugar rushes, and make us crash at the end of the day. Complex carbs is great fuel for our bodies . If it’s a good bowl of steel cut oats, or vegetable pasta, or quinoa, it is full of fiber, and does not make our bodies crave sugar foods. It’s amazing how you will feel once you take out any bad carbohydrates. The simple carbs are unneeded. They will not benefit your body in any way. Iron rich foods 

It is not a good idea to gravitate towards red meat every day , but giving your body a good source of iron helps with energy levels , and helps stave off fatigue in the brain. Raw foods such as good healthy greens , such as spinach or Aragula is a great source of iron. Preparing a good healthy salad with rich vegetables is a great way to get your iron levels up. 

Proper daily functioning is imperative to get through our days with good mental clarity . We lack ourselves in our health when we have poor thinking , making poor decisions, and creating a fatigue that can start in our brains, and affect every aspect of our days , including our happiness. It’s vital we eat healthy to maintain good mental health. 


Don’t Stress.. Treat your Skin Nice!

Happy Monday!

We all want gorgeous skin.. Right? We buy things, mix things, use things to get it where we want it. Do you know the worst thing for our skin is Stress? Yes stress. Stress is the culprit to many of things that go wrong with our body, but our skin is a huge one. I’ve done past posts on dealing with stress, making me time, relaxation techniques, and so forth. If you are dealing with stress in any way,, do some things to salvage it , because in the long run, stress is your enemy. Skin and stress do not go hand in hand. If you are use to having a great complexion, and all of a sudden you realize that you are experiencing breakouts, look at your stress levels. Stress can cause a inflammatory hormone, cortisol, which causes horrible vessel constriction. When this happens, less blood flow gets to the skin. Some things that you can do , is keeping the pores super clean, with using a mask ( check for allergies). This  keeps oil at bay. If you need to treat a spot , or an area of the skin, a good acne spot treatment is advisable. If you feel that you have tried some strategies for less stress, and you still feel as if your breakouts aren’t getting any better, that’s when I would look into seeing a dermatologist. The last thing you want to do, is get to the point where you have damaged your skin. A gentle cleanser is always helpful. A lot of cleansers out there are harsh, and can do more damage than good. Try to stick to a well -balanced diet with lots of fruits and veggies, and look for any underlying allergies that you may have. Sometimes we may not know , but we could be eating things with an allergen in it, and it could cause breakouts. A great product that is out now, is the Quasar MD blue. This is a wonderful product, and is a very safe and gentle home device that relies on LED light to tackle skin problems. Its great how many awesome things are coming out now , so that you can use in the comfort of your own home. The last thing you want to do is dry your skin out with drying, harsh products. Instead of benzoyl peroxide products, and salicylic acid, use natural products such as tea tree oil, or basil leaf. You will see such a difference. Good skin and a good diet go so well together. We all want gorgeous skin right? We can have it!IMG_3123


Why I Love Transcendental Meditation

Hi beauties!

I’m sure you know that living in today’s world is so chaotic and full of craziness. It seems like everyone is flying from one place to another, getting their kids to their events and obligations, and not to mention the craziness of just keeping your family together and getting dinners made. The people that work full time jobs, then come home to do their second jobs, you all are so admirable.

I stumbled across Transcendental Meditation about six months ago when a friend told me that she uses it for relaxation techniques. Wow. Am I glad that I had this talk with her. I am a huge yoga advocate and it’s amazing for what it does for your body. I love the feeling of going to a hot yoga class, and the effects it has on your body and mind are tremendous. Transcendental Meditation has given my mind a peaceful and calm awareness, and I rarely think of anything other than the moment I’m in, and that’s very rare for me, as I’m a planner. It’s okay to plan things, but thinking about the future or worrying about things in the future does nothing for your mind and spirit, and can bring so much anxiety and worry for what? Nothing!

Meditation can make your life so much more enjoyable and less stressed; more balanced. Even if it’s just for ten minutes a day. Ten minutes can do wonders. When you are driving in your car, painting, writing, taking a relaxing bath, is when transcendental meditation apps come in handy. I love them, and I listen to at least one a day. I can’t tell you how amazing they are, and what calm it brings into your space. Transcendental Meditation is known also to relieve stress, anxiety, mood disorders, and any of you who have trouble sleeping, it’s great for insomnia.

I wanted to share with you my five favorite transcendental apps, and I hope you download at least one, and let me know how they have helped you. I just feel so relaxed after listening to them, and I’m sure you will too!

1. Insight Timer. This app is completely free, and wonderful.

2. Transcendental Timer. With this app, you can create your own meditation.

3. White Noise Pro. Do you have problems sleeping? I think this app is great for that.

4. Meditate and Visualize.

5. Guided Meditation Techniques

I hope you all try some of these! They will add so much relaxation and positive energy to your life! 💕


Traveling?? Find that Gym

Hi ladies!

There’s no other way to wake up then to sunshine in Chicago! Do you ever feel stressed when you leave town and feel like you’re going to miss out on your workout, or get behind on the fitness routine you just started? No matter where you are, or what city your in, there will be gyms or studios that you can grab a class at. If you are an avid runner, you can grab your shoes and go hit the streets for a good run. Take advantage of the hotel your at. Many times they offer morning yoga classes. There is no reason you cannot get that exercise in and start feeling rejuvenated on vacation. I hear people say, “Well, I’m on vacation, and it wouldn’t be a vacation if I was working out.” I do not believe that. If exercise is part of your lifestyle and living, then yes you need to work out. The last thing you want to do is get home and feel terrible or put on a few pounds simply because you didn’t workout. The smallest amounts of exercise helps. Walking everywhere instead of taking a cab, or getting up first thing and running, or even hitting the pool if you are a swimmer. We need to be moving our bodies  and getting our heart rates up. Vacations are just a plus. Live it up, and get in the best shape of your life!