The AMAZING benefits of Red Wine

Red Wine is one of my favorite loves. I’ve been drinking it for years now, and I have to say I’m a bit infatuated with the taste. It doesn’t stop there. I love wine tastings, pairing my wines with the best of foods, the beauty of wine bottles, and always interested to know about wineries. I’m so excited to be visiting the beautiful Sonoma in the fall.

I also love the fact that of the health benefits that it offers you . Red wine has lots of antioxidants in it known as Reservatol. It is a great antioxidant known to reduce oxidative damage to the body. It has known to prevent heart disease and help with staving off cancer cells. For all of you non-wine drinkers, you can find amazing reservatol supplements to gain the benefits from it. 

The benefits of drinking red wine has turned wine drinking into one big delightful hobby. Of course it’s the taste, but it’s great knowing that you are putting something more beneficial in your body. It’s not to say drink a bottle a night, but studies have shown that drinking 3-4 glasses a week have helped with lowering sex hormones levels to protect against breast cancer. It has also shown that drinking wine weekly ( atleast 2 glasses) have shown to help stave off the common cold. It helps lower your cholesterol and keeps the blood vessels flexible and helps to control blood sugar. A recent study just came out that shown Reservatol helps boost the brain. These are amazing health benefits and I say I’ll be drinking Red Wine for a very long time.


Want a healthy heart? Get Good Sleep

The correlation between good heart health and good sleep goes back a long way. Research shows that people who suffer from sleep apnea, or poor quality of sleep takes a toll on your heart. Research recently showed that people over age 45 who slept fewer than 6 hours a night had a higher rate of stroke and heart attacks. Lack of sleep affects your blood pressure, heart rate, and muscle contraction in the heart. Get good sleep

Sleep is so important, and lack of it also affects glucose-metabolism, and risk for diabetes. People often ask, ” what is a good nights sleep? Studies show that the majority of us need at least 7-9 hours a night. This re focuses our brains, and helps with the release of stress. Without long periods of sleep, this increases our risk for high blood pressure which leads to multiple health problems. Lack of sleep increases our irritability to day to day tasks, increases anxiety levels, restricts the blood vessels. A multitude of heart problems are directed straight to a lack of sleep.

The key to good heart health is finding a balance of what sleep is required of you. Getting to bed at a decent hour, early to bed, early to rise, is a good key. You should wake up feeling refreshed and have more energy than normal.

Great ways to get better sleep are :

-keep your regular bedtime routine. Don’t change it.

-try to avoid drinking alcohol before bed. This totally disrupts sleep and can keep you tossing and turning all night.

-avoid drinking water an hour or two before bed. You will be taking bathroom visits all too much.

-avoid exercising right before bed. This keeps you up due to the energy you just created.

-drink some soothing tea before bed such as lavender or chamomile. This has a relaxing effect on the body.


Make GOOD sleep a priority to reduce heart problems and improve your health overall.


Dirty Lemon Detox ..The Best in Detoxes

Dirty Lemon detox is the best. I have tried multiple detoxes over the years, and I have found this one to be the most efficient, and healthiest. Many detoxes can be exhausting, robbing you of your daily energy. Many of them require you to limit your daily caloric intake, and in the end, makes you feel more tired than before. Dirty Lemon Detox is great because it’s a daily detox that gives you the ultimate cleanse while you sleep.

It consists of filtered water, cold pressed lemon juice, Dandelion root, Ginger root, and Activated Charcoal from Coconut Shells. It contains 10 calories per bottle. It is best to take on a full stomach at night before bed because it works more efficiently. It helps to calm the stomach, supports your kidney and liver function , and traps impurities before the body can absorb them.  Dirty Lemon uses the highest quality of charcoal. This detox isn’t made with any laxatives , and it can be taken according to your lifestyle. Dirty Lemon Detox

I have to tell you that I have been taking this detox formula for over a week, and I can’t believe how I feel. The whites of my eyes are whiter, my skin hasn’t looked better, I sleep more soundly, and feel so rested in the morning. I have so much more energy in the days. This detox drink is just purely amazing. Dirty Lemon also sells other drinks to help with your lifestyle. I can’t rave about this product enough. It’s very important to understand all detoxes before trying them out. Many of them are very dangerous, and unhealthy. They do not do much but make you lose weight for a short time, only to gain it back later. This is a full function detox that doesn’t leave you tired or lethargic. It is worth a try. Don’t you think? FullSizeRender (155)


Olive Oil vs. Coconut oil.. Which is healthier for you?

Olive oil has been around for centuries. It is known to reduce the risk of heart related ailments, as well as keep your cholesterol In check.  In the health news it seems, coconut oil is getting raved left and right for it’s health benefits also. Coconut oil is also in the beauty news as one of the best oils to use for makeup remover, shaving balm, and so much more. I recently found a great article by the Cleveland clinics in Health researching the differences in the oils, and what oil is actually BEST for your heart health.

Mono fat and polyunsaturated fat

These oils both have mono fats and poly fats in them . The olive oil has an estimated 78 % mono fat, where the coconut oil has 6%. Monounsaturated fats are best described as being liquid at room temperature, but turning solid when its chilled or cold. They are the fat that may help lower your blood pressure, and raise the HDL (good) cholesterol and lower the LDL ( bad) cholesterol. When it comes to oils and their polyunsaturated fats, olive oil has 8%, where coconut oil has 2%. Polyunsaturated is best described as an oil that is thought to lower the LDL bad cholesterol. When you look at the numbers and percentages, the olive oil comes out as the winner.

Saturated Fats

Saturated fats are the fats that you truly want to stay away from. I call this fat the “heart attack” fat! It simply is the worst fat that your body can take it. It is known to raise your risk of diabetes, and raise the risk of heart related ailments such as a stroke or heart disease. These fats have hydrogenation , and are found in many of the animal products in the stores. They are solid at room temperature. The saturated fats can cause the total blood pressure to rise, and elevate your cholesterol levels.

Olive oil wins in this case due to the high percentages in monounsaturated fats, and polyunsaturated fats which our heart needs. The coconut oil is high in saturated fat, but its not yet determined whether the saturated fat is less harmful than the ones found in vegetable and corn oils. Olive oil is used in the Mediterranean diet, which is known to reduce overall heart problems,  as well as reduce diabetes.  It is used in salad dressings, stir frys, baking, and oven cooking. Coconut oil is used a lot in sautéing foods, and used when making sauces. In this case, I would stick to the heart healthy olive oil when cooking, and leave the coconut oil for use in the bathroom. food-vinegar-eat-fruit-52999


Grab that cup of Joe… Benefits of coffee

Hi ladies!

If you are anything like me, the first thing I make in the morning is my cup of coffee. di you know that coffee has many health benefits? I know there are many skeptics out there when it comes to coffee, due to the caffeine content, but actually making yourself a glass a day has some proven health benefits.

I know that caffeine to many is highly addictive, but I believe its because its being abused by taking horrible supplements that claim will make you lose weight, or taking caffeine in large doses. I’m NOT talking about that, because those supplements should be off the shelves. I’m talking about making a cup a morning, before your workout. I know that when I drink my cup before my workout, I seem to have a better workout , because I work out harder.

pexels-photo-54283Coffee is known to improve physical performance, because it can empower your energy levels . You feel less tired , and you have more energy. I’m not saying to go and drink 5 cups a day ( which I know some people that live on it), which I feel is a horrible habit. This in all elevates your mood, and energy.

Coffee also has many health benefits that doesn’t seem to be talked about a whole lot, and as I’m not a doctor, I have been trained in many health classes, that I have realized the benefits. Caffeine helps in the fat burning process. I’m sure you knew that due to all the crazy “fat burning” supplements that you see . It can boosts your metabolism by 3-11%.It can lower your risk of diabetes, by as much as 50%.


Coffee also has many vitamins in it that is required by your body. It is packed with Riboflavin, Pantothenic acid, and niacin among a few. Don’t pass your coffee maker thinking that coffee is terrible, because it is NOT! You can also get caffeine from great teas also, which are very healthy. Try to alternate if possible. You will be doing your body good.