What I Eat In a Day!

Happy Monday everyone! Its been a fantastic day so far and I am in the process of writing my Monday post as we speak. I get so many messages asking me what I eat in… View Post

The Best Way To Keep Energy Levels Up All Day

Summer is finally here and that means late summer nights and lots of fun. One thing that can really make you crave your bed earlier is tiring out early. Energy Levels can fluctuate up and… View Post

Summer is almost here.. It’s time to set goals and get healthy! 

Hi ladies!  It’s amazing to know that summer is right around the corner, and it seems like Christmas just got over. Now is the time more than ever, to set those goals and get healthy… View Post

Drink Up: C2O Coconut Water

Happy Thursday! Everyone knows how important it is to drink the daily recommended amounts of water. It flushes toxins and helps you stay hydrated. Well, plain water is boring. So, I drink C20 Coconut Water every… View Post

Strawberry & mint infused water

This is a wonderful way to get hydrated. Put mint & strawberries in your water.Tastes refreshing!