My Love For O Necklace

I was recently gifted with the most beautiful bar necklace by O Necklace. I cant tell you how gorgeous this piece was when it arrived. They had my children’s names engraved on them with a gorgeous 24k gold plated chain. They let me design it exactly the way I wanted. That is what I love about this company. Their jewelry is not only beautiful and delicate, but their customer service is so satisfactory.

The Double Bar O Necklace

ONecklace is a personalized jewelry company that has been around since 2012. Their beautiful pieces has been seen in British Vogue, Pretty Little Liars ( that amazing show that the teens love these days), and The Talk.

They have many styles ranging from jewelry for your mothers, bracelets, and personalized rings to name a few. I loved the Bar Necklaces so much . I had to have one with my kids names personalized on it. I cant tell you how many compliments I’ve had on it. You can have any chain design that you prefer and any name customized on any piece of jewelry.

They have free shipping on all orders and the BEST price guaranteed. They also allow 90 days for any returns your not happy with. Their Best Sellers include the Classic Name Necklace, the Carrie Name Necklace, Small initial Necklace, Personalized Name bracelet, Engraved Mother Necklace to name a few.

If you are looking for the perfect Gift for any occasion, ONecklace is the place to look.


Fall Fashion With Tory

Happy Monday!

It’s the festive time of the year, and I feel I’m in full swing of getting everything ready. I’ve been in a shopping mode lately, just to get some things knocked out for the holidays. Yes I’m a planner. It’s better that way. I spent the day yesterday with my family after a hectic few weeks, and it was so needed. Shopping and a casual lunch was the perfect Sunday. I posted some pics yesterday, and I received at least five messages about my Tory Burch Gold Necklace. I’ve actually had this necklace for quite some time, but its such a great piece that you can still purchase them at Tory Burch . It’s actually one of my favorite necklaces and I wear it quite frequently. I love delicate gold jewelry and this is the perfect fit for any outfit. I wore my shag cardigan by Anthropologie, but it’s been a while since I purchased it. The cardigan itself is so comfy that I could seriously sleep in it. It’s one of my favorites for the Fall, and it was great yesterday because the weather was so nice. My booties were by Rebecca Minkoff, which I purchased at Nordstrom’s. My sunglasses are a casual pair that I wear every now and then by diffey eye wear. They have some great sunglasses that aren’t too pricey and perfect for every day wear. I know sometimes wearing sunglasses that are pricey can be crazy because you can always lose them easily. The necklace is perfect as a gift also for that special someone. Hope you all have a great Monday!


Uncommon James Jewelry

Jewelry is the best thing since sliced bread! Do you agree? I mean who doesn’t love the look of gorgeous jewelry. It makes you feel amazing, and adds so much to your style. It’s crazy how Jewelry has changed over the years. It seems in many ways, history repeats itself. The days of the charm bracelets have made their way back , as well as the chunky old time necklaces. Either way, it’s all Beautiful. The best jewelry I’m loving these days is Uncommon James jewelry by one of my favorite fashion icons… Kristen Cavallari. She has some of the best fashion in today’s world and adds so much to it with her amazing jewelry line. I can’t get enough of it , and I’ve bought so much for gifts as well as myself. The look is delicate and classy and can add shimmer to any outfit. Thecearrings are one of my favorites as they come in so many different selections. The post earrings are perfect for day and night. The necklaces are the perfect accessory to an edgy outfit as well as a conservative outfit. The rings are a beauty in itself. They are feminine and classy. Uncommon James is a great line if you are looking for delicate, beautiful jewelry . I’m so glad she came out with this line. If you love her style , you will defintely love her jewelry. It’s the perfect line to give advice a gift for any occasion.


Chokers are back and Bauble Bar has the best! 

I still remember being a tween watching Beverly Hills 90210, and loving the black chokers that they were wearing. I remember back when ot was such a trend, and when they say History repeats itself, they are right!

Chokers are back , and I am loving the new designs. They use to be simple with your favorite pendant hanging from them. Now they are suede, leather, corduroy , and lace. They look so amazing worn casual or elegant, your pick! I just ordered four amazing ones from The Bauble Bar. It is a great online boutique that has some of the cutest trends in jewelry. I’m loving the chokers that have an extra necklace hanging from it. It’s super edgy and stylish. You can wear them up or down. Who loves the 90’s trend coming back? I sure do! These are two that I recently ordered. 


Need Some Momentum? You can find it here.

Hi Ladies!BEAST MODE_Momentum coord. pr foot notes

Happy Hump Day!

We all need some momentum now and then, because that is what keeps us going right? I found the cutest, most amazing athletic- inspired jewelry line, that keeps us moving, and to inspire us not to give up, and go that extra mile. This gorgeous line motivates you throughout your day, no matter what you are doing, or trying to accomplish. This jewelry line is comfortable, washable, and light weight. Each separate piece of Momentum blends fashion with a purpose or motivational saying that you love of your choice to keep you moving, physically and mentally.

What makes this line so amazing, is that it is YOU ,creating it. You can personalize it for your individual encouragement. If  you have some great motivational words that you live by, and would like to see it on that great piece of jewelry , Momentum is for you. The great part about Momentum, is that 5% of its profits are donated to the National non-profit Action for Healthy Kids. This particular organization works with schools to fight the national epidemic of childhood obesity by teaching kids to live healthy, active lives. Isn’t that wonderful?

Momentum’s line includes everything from wrap bracelets, food notes, suede cuffs, necklaces, headbands, earrings ect. These are all intended for active use. These pieces are all non-tarnishing as well. Each piece is at an amazing price at $10-$28 a piece. Grab some Momentum today and order that gorgeous piece. You can check Momentum out at Check some of these gorgeous pieces out.