My Amazing Results With The FitRise Three Day Cleanse

Hey All !

I wanted to share with you my Amazing Results that had with The FitRise Three Day Cleanse By Danette May. I am very picky about the cleanses I do because I have never had any good results with any of them, except for The Sakara 10 Day Reset.I found this amazing 3 Day cleanse from Danette MAy online and decided to try it. I’m sure glad I did.

I was just coming off of a two week vacation and then a week long holiday. I was consuming some amazing wine along with some great Italian food. I knew I wanted to come home and reset my body. My thinking was foggy and I felt overexerted. I can’t tell you how happy I am that I tried this amazing cleanse.

Fit Rise Cleanse

I want to start off by saying that this is NOT a cleanse that starves you to death. This cleanse gives you vital nutrients and vitamins and nourishes your body. It doesn’t leave you feeling hungry or unsatisfied. It’s not hard to do and is not overwhelming. I feel every single smoothie is delicious. The cleanse gives you a whole shopping list for the three days .


When you wake, you drink a mixture of Lemon Water with Cayenne Pepper and Apple Cider Vinegar. This literally filled me up. It’s really got a good taste to it. An hour later you will then make you a Lemon Green Tea. The Lemon in the tea is really cleansing to your organs . The Breakfast smoothie comes after that. It really does taste like a Pina Colada without the alcohol in it. Once that is drank, an hour later you drink the cider vinegar elixir again. Your Dinner consist of the Fired Up Metabolism Drink which is so good. You then drink the apple cider elixir again before bed. The day of smoothies really does keep you feeling full.


The second day is all about bringing in anti -inflammatory foods. They are still cleansing to the body and gives the body the chance to digest fully. You start off with the cider vinegar elixir , and then the Lemon Green Tea. You will then add in a Mint Drink as your Lunch. The Mint Drink really helps the digestive tract. The Lunch will consist of The Love Smoothie. This adds in chia seeds, and lots of greens to your cleanse. For Dinner, you Will make you the Coconut Kale. This is so good, topped off with the Cider Vinegar Elixir Before Bed. At this Point, You are really starting to feel light.


This is the Final Phase. I’m not going to lie, you are craving some real food at this point, but you feel too good. The last day you start off with the Apple Cider elixir, then the Lemon Green Tea. Your breakfast consist of the Green Goddess Smoothie which I have to say is super good too. You then move toward the Belly Bliss Meal for Lunch. The dinner is the Sensual Warrior Drink which to me taste like a chocolate shake. Once again, before bed you drink the Apple Cider Elixir drink. You then sleep really great. I think its all the detoxing.

Once I was done with the cleanse, my clarity and focus was better. I dropped 4 lbs. It was probably that stubborn water weight. I felt amazing. I then started to eat light and focus on whole foods again. I made light salads primarily of greens, and olive oil and vegetables. My workouts were back on track . I felt like a million dollars. I can’t stress to you enough how amazing this cleanse is. Try it for yourself and see how great you will feel.


The Best Green Chlorophyll shot on the planet

Energy is what makes the world go round right? Who doesn’t love loads of energy to get you through your day. These days our energy can be brought down by the craziness that surrounds our lives. I love grabbing me an energy shot a few times through the day. They really give my energy a boost, and overall they are amazingly healthy. Energy +health = good day! Wheatgrass  is the key component and it’s a blood purifier and is made up of the amazing chlorophyll which is so beneficial to our health. You can find wheatgrass at your local store or wheatgrass powder. This recipe makes approximately 2 shots , so that’s perfect for a days worth.

Chlorophyll energy shot

-1 lemon , peeled and chopped

-1 lime, peeled and chopped

-1 green apple , chopped

-1/4 inch fresh ginger , peeled

-2 tbsp wheatgrass powder

-1/4 cup water

You want to process all of this in a juicer. It really prevents bulks of ingredients sitting in your glass. Serve these in shot glasses


The Best Slimming Energy Juice ever

Energy juices give me more energy than I can imagine. I feel if it wasn’t for me drinking so many, I’d probably want to fall over mid day. One thing I love is going to the store, buying fresh produce , and throwing ingredients together to form tasty juices. I have the BEST drink that is tasty , as well as energy thriving. I’m not one that likes sour things a whole lot, and I’ve never been one to like lemonade, until I made this one. I wouldn’t exactly call it the traditional lemonade. It does however, help with your metabolism, energy , and electrolytes. I drink this after every workout I do. I instantly feel refreshed.

  • 8 ounces coconut water
  • 1/2 cup chopped mango ( organic)
  • juice of one lemon (organic)
  • 1/8 tsp. cayenne pepper
  • 1/3 cup papaya

Throw all of these into your blender, and you will fall in love. The cayenne pepper helps to boost the metabolism. We all love that right? The coconut water helps to replace any electrolytes lost through sweat and your workout. The mango and Papaya have the taste and the vitamin supply to give us our energy back. The lemon is very cleansing to our systems. This is 113 calories. I love it because it instantly revives your sweet tooth, but in a great way . Enjoy! energy slimming juice


Watermelon and Mint Smoothie for your health

Watermelon is a wonderful fruit, that is becoming more widely known as a “super fruit”. The benefits of this amazing fruit are phenomenal, and their is no other great way of getting the benefits than to make an amazing smoothie. This fruit is perfectly amazing in the hot summers. Its a water condensed fruit, and can be quite tasty. It is even better when mixed with a bit of mint.

Watermelon is an excellent source of Vitamin C. Vitamin C is a very important vitamin that we all need to be getting enough of. It helps to combat free radicals, and keep it contains lycopene. Lycopene is known to help decrease the chances of prostate cancer. Consuming large amounts of watermelon has been linked to improvement of the heart and your heart health. It helps to relax the nervous system, and helps to achieve stronger bones. It keeps the calcium elevated in your body, which improves the bones.

Watermelon has also been correlated with decreased inflammation in the body. You don’t hear about to much, but watermelon is loaded with antioxidants and vitamins. It truly is a super fruit, even though it doesn’t get raved as often. It helps with a multitude of health ailments, and helps with optimal health. We all need optimal health. This is an amazing morning smoothie recipe that will make your mouth water.

-1/2 cup watermelon chopped

-1/2 cup almond milk

-1 mint leaf

-ice (optional)


Blend all of this together. Make sure that you have the ice blended as well too. I will add in my mint, but add another mint leaf to the glass. ( that’s optional as well). The component that makes this smoothie so tasty is the fact that watermelon is so condensed with water, so you definitely will taste the juiciness of this smoothie. watermelon smoothie



Turmeric Delight

Turmeric has always been known as a ” miracle spice” due to its amazing Health benefits. It has been around for centuries , and has long been used as an ingredient in many different recipes including soups, teas, ect. 

Turmeric is very detoxifying in many ways. It’s loaded with vitamin C, and keeps the immune system at the top of its game. It’s very anti – inflammatory, and keeps infections at bay. This is a great healthy smoothie that I drink all winter long, and a bit in the summer if I’m feeling worn down. It does wonders. Adding a bit of cinnamon on top makes it delicious. 

1 grapefruit ( juiced)

2 carrots ( peeled & chopped)

1 inch ginger 

1 inch piece of turmeric. 

Blend every ingredient well, and add a bit of cinnamon on top.