Fred Segal.. The Blend review for Beauty

Hi ladies!

Do you ever find yourself over whelmed every time you go shop for perfume? To me , it has always been on the difficult side, or it seems very stressful at times. You spend so much time using your wrist as a tester, that you end up walking out of the store smelling a little bit crazy. Whether you are buying a perfume for a gift, or for yourself, it always seems over whelming. There are perfumes that are too harsh, or just too much on the citrus side. It seems it takes a good hour just to find that perfect aroma. I recently stumbled into Sephora, as usual, and found the Fred Segal The Blend Kit, and honestly fell in love. The amazing component about this kit, is that all the fragrances are oils ,and I absolutely love how they absorb into the skin. They provide you with all these amazing recipes, so that you can mix and match the oils you want, to come up with that perfect scent. The Blend

The oils are to die for. They all have their unique aroma, and whether you are looking for a scent that is more musky, or more on the sweeter side, you will find it. It is on the more pricier side. One vial prices for 25.00, but the whole kit can be bought for 150.00. This kit will last you a long time, because it doesn’t take much of these oils to give you that scent that will last for hours. This kit would make the perfect gift for any woman who loves a good oil perfume. I feel oil absorbs fairly quickly, and last a lot longer than the traditional spray -on perfume. I feel the spray perfumes can be a bit too much. I have walked by plenty of women that smell as if they just got done emptying the whole bottle of perfume on themselves. Today would be a great day to pick this amazing blend kit up. Enjoy! img_1351


I Love Caviar… Laura Mercier kind

Hi beauties!

The best product ever has come out, and I am absolutely loving it. I love the easy application, and of course , best of all , the gorgeous colors. Laura Mercier, as wonderful as her products are, came out with the eye color caviar sticks. it gives you an amazing way to achieve that smoky eye. This stick is perfect for travel, and it has such a creamy finish, that it lasts a long while, and glides right onto your eyes. One thing that I found with the product, it doesn’t crease like other shadows do, after long periods of wear. Of course, I always use an eye primer before putting any eye makeup on, because it gives your eyes a moisturizing base before hand. It is so great, that it was the winner of Allure Magazine’s “Best of Beauty ” award for 2013. I cant believe it has taken me two years to try this amazing eye product. You can find them in about every shade, and since I have hazel eyes, I thought I’d try all of them. I cant really pick which one is my favorite, because all of them are gorgeous. This has such an easy application, with such high definition color. You use this just like an eyeliner, and then blend well with a blending brush , or your fingers. If any of you are looking for a no-fuss type of application when it comes to doing up your eyes, this is the one to get. To buy this product, shop online at, or to name a few. Check out below some of the amazing colors. eye


Make Good Eating Decisions

For so long, people have turned to food as a filler for so many voids in life. Whether it’s stress, happiness, addiction, or whatever… It’s always been food for a lot of people. I’m not saying you can’t have your favorites. But if you do use food as a filler, indulge sparingly and work for it.

If you are going to eat those sugar-filled foods or non-nutritious meals, make up for it in some way, and only allow yourself one cheat meal a week. Maybe even keep a food journal; and at the end of the week or even day, look back at how you ate, what you ate, and what differences you want to make in the future.  


This quote makes me smile

I love this quote because I feel in today’s society its a rush fest.. Everyone is trying to get a hundred things done in a day and not taking the time to do some things they want to do.. That’s living right? Doing the things you’ve always wanted to do? Take some time each day to spend some time doing the things that make you happy!! You won’t get those moments back!   


Summer is slowly ending

Well dolls & guys .. I hate to say it but summer is slowly progressing to an ending. It makes me sad for so many reasons . One being that it’s another summer that we have made great memories .. But one more year my kids are older.. And moving to another grade.. I miss the wine nights with my girlfriends, the lightening bug catching nights between my daughter and her friends.. The late nights of shooting hoops with my kids .. It all goes so fast. But it’s one more summer we can look back and reflect on .. How great it was and the amazing memories & trips that happened! The back to school schedules are now setting in .. But I wouldn’t wish it away as it will be gone all too soon!