Going to the gym? Some of my great gym Bag essentials.

Hi Ladies!  Going to the gym daily gives all of us the motivation and determination to hit all of our fitness goals and help us strive to be healthier in our everyday lives. I always… View Post

Dance to the Beat Lululemon Bag

Hi beauties! One thing I love about Lululemon is they’re always coming out with amazing new products! If you’re anything like me, you want EVERYTHING! Well, in the 2015 line, they have come out with the… View Post

Lululemon: Bhakti Yoga Jacket

To all my Lulu Lovers, this is the jacket for you! It fits so well, and it’s great for running errands and heading out to your favorite fitness class. Also, it pairs with your favorite… View Post

Lululemon Vinyasa Infiniti Scarf! 

Had to share my new Lulu scarf with all you Lululemon lovers out there! Super comfy, and super cute! It adds a little fun to your everyday workout clothes!  

Comfort is Key to Feeling Your Best!

I have a confession: I am a Lululemon junkie. I like the feel, texture, and how well-made the items are; but, it doesn’t mean you have to dress expensively to get in a good workout.… View Post