Have imperfections? Try Mac

Hi ladies! 

I’ve done many posts on great foundations , which I’ve tried many , and I do have my favorites. I’ve had a few emails asking me about dry skin & big pore size, and I want to say that as I am a Makeup forever fan, with many of you asking about the best foundation for hiding those imperfections, I truly advise Mac studio fix fluid foundation. The reason for this is because I’ve been to many Mac makeup instructional classes, and this foundation is huge for imperfections such as enlarged pores, and dryness. It’s more of a thicker foundation which hides imperfections better, especially primed before with prep & prime.  

 You can walk into any Mac cosmetic store, and they will simply match your skin tone & type to the foundation that is best for you. It does dry to a matte- finish , which gives the illusion of flawless skin. It truly is a remarkable foundation, and comes in approximately 38 different shades. If your skin is on the oily side, you may experience some shininess through out the day. The silicone formula offers great imperfection coverage and also has the blur effect built in.( I’ve done another post recently on blurring). Make sure when using it, you get it blended well with a beauty blender, and add a bit of water to your beauty blender to get that dewy effect. It can do wonders for your skin.  



Rhianna Red… Viva Glam

Hi! Ladies!

Who doesn’t love that perfect shade of deep red? The one that looks timeless with that little black dress, or those amazing black earrings? Are you ever on the look for that perfect red, only to find that you have spent multiple amounts of money on about ten tubes of lipstick, and it still isn’t the right shade of red? Well Rhianna had come out with her line of Viva Glam lipstick, and this is really that perfect scarlet color that looks amazing on a night out. I was very reluctant to buy the lipstick, because I’m one that doesn’t wear red a lot, only on occasion, and it seems everytime I buy those reds, I only come out disappointed because its either too light , too pink, or too purple. Well I bought the viva glam rhianna lipstick, and it is the perfect red. I cant say enough about it. It goes particularly good on brunettes, but if you are a blond, you will have to try and tell. Everyone has a different skin tone, and most of the time , Red can be very hard to pull off. I advise going into a Mac store, and trying it out before you buy. You may surprise yourself once you try it on..  You can try at any Mac store, or go to www.maccosmetics.com, and order online. Have you tried the Viva Glam before, and love it? Share it with us. rhianna)


MAC Flamingo

Hey, dolls!

I picked up some MAC makeup today, and one of the best lipsticks out right now is the MAC Flamingo lipstick. It is a mixture of pink and coral, and it is the ideal summer shade. I don’t know if you have any trips planned this year, but this is definitely a shade to pick up for vacation. I think it would look amazing with any skin tone. I’m sure you all know this , but MAC has some gorgeous shades, and this is one of my favorites! ❤️ What do you think?

Click image to shop MAC on Amazon.com!

Click image to shop MAC on Amazon.com!


MAC Gadabout Girl!

Hey, ladies!

I’m sure you all want to know when I find an amazing nail color, and I found one! MAC Cosmetics has the most gorgeous ruby color in Gadabout Girl. This color reminds me of a nice bottle of Merlot. Check out some of the other amazing nail colors on MAC’s website.

Do you have a nail color that you want to share? Comment below and we will feature you wearing your favorite color on Fit and Bliss!

If you can't find Gadabout Girl on MAC's website, click this image. It's also on Amazon.com!

If you can’t find Gadabout Girl on MAC’s website, click this image. It’s also on Amazon.com!