We all have those days when we get up and have multiple things to accomplish. My mondays are presumably workout class, grocery and errand running , and loads of laundry. I really don’t feel like moving around in a face full of makeup, so I have a quick five minute makeup application that will leave you feeling put together. 

First find a great tinted moisturizer or foundation primer. My favorite is Laura Mercier foundation primer. It’s the best. It gives your skin clarity and gives it great coverage. If you are using this , in no way do you need heavy foundation. Apply this evenly with a small sponge applicator. 

Next find a great illuminator. These are great with giving your skin a bit of radiance. Apply this to the tip of your nose, and on the inner corners of your eyes. Make sure you don’t apply too much to the tip of your nose. You will glow too much. 

Lastly, find your favorite mascara. Mine is the Benefit super curling lash mascara. It instantly gives your lashes fullness and thickness. Make sure you use your lash roller before applying your mascara. 

This 5 minute routine is all you need to get your days moving and feel and look great while doing it! 


Happy Sunday! 

Poreless primers are making their debut this season, giving you the illusion that your skin is poreless and perfect. I have been using them since they first came out, and I’m completely hooked. 

The latest and greatest is the Becca Poreless Perfecting primer. The primer is one of the best primers out there. It can be used under or over foundation. It’s whichever you prefer. Once it’s applied, it really gives your skin a flawless look. 

It targets the T zone area, and all the oil prone areas that can be shown on your face. It keeps your skin looking matte and fabulous all day. This is a perfect substitution for the blotting papers that you use. It is sweat- and -humidity resistant, so it can be worn even to the gym. It’s free of any fragrance , or alcohol. I’ve truly tried many primers, and this is one of my favorites. It blurs the pores away, and makes your skin look radiant. You want to make sure before using, that your skin is clean and fresh. It’s best to use a great cleanser that has a bit of granules to get the pores completely clean. Go Poreless, and try Becca. 


I want to share with you some of my favorite beauty products. I’ve decided it’s best to share with you a month by month favorite list , so that you can try some things for yourself. It’s amazing how many new apps you find, or books to read, among other things, just by word of mouth. 

I traveled to NYC last month, and I literally didn’t know where to start in their gorgeous Sephora store. The details of this amazing architecture was through the roof. I think I went a little too crazy in there, but who doesn’t. I felt I picked up enough beauty products to last me the next two years. It’s always fun trying new products, but I had to share with you some of my best beauty products. I’ve used these products for a while now, and they are among my favorites. 

The amazing NYC Sephora! I instantly fell in love! 

This Nars Contour duo is the bomb. If you have never used Nars products, you really should try to. Their products are amazing, and literally deliver results. They make their products with the best in mind. The duo comes with a concealer , as well as a contour color. It will really uplift your features. I live with this daily. 

The Anastacia Beverly Hills palette is the BEST! I’ve tried multiple palettes and this is superb. It comes with the most amazing colors, and fits everyone’s skin tone . You can highlight and conceal as much as you want with this this palette. One of my ultimate favorites. 

I love Benefits high beam. This product is one of the best hands down. It gives your skin the dewy look it needs for great photos. It is applied to the cheeck bones, and will give you a bit of a dewy look. The light hits it perfect. It comes in a few different colors . 

Well here are some of my favorite products that I picked up at the gorgeous Sephora store. If you ever have a chance to visit , it’s absolutely stunning! You will have so much fun in there, I promise! 


Red is the color this fall. I’m loving the amazing lip colors coming out for the fall season. I have to share with you some of my favorites. I have always been a huge red fan. It has always went well with my dark hair( now I’m a bit caramel) and I think there is really something beautiful about the color. 
Red lipstick can be a hard color to pull off for many people. It seems to be a harsh color to some, and an edgy color to others. It is one of those colors that can make you look washed out real fast, or can really make your features pop. I find that some blond women look better in a more pale mauve or pink, where brunettes look amazing in Crimson or deep reds. It has a lot to do with your skin undertones , as well as your hair color. 

I am a super picky person when it comes to lip color. I despise matte lipsticks, and hate lipsticks that you can taste. I like classy, natural colors that doesn’t make you look too over done. When it comes to Reds, that’s a different story. I love the color Red on a night out, and a good red lip can make a great outfit pop. You can buy some great colors at Sephora, and try them on before you purchase. Here are some of my favorites for this fall season. 

Nars lip pencil in Infactuated Red

Burberry lip color in Oxblood

Cover girl in Crimson Cat

It’s very important to try any red color on before you buy. They can be tricky and some that are lighter may look better with your skin tone. Bring the fire out in your lip color this fall. 


Are you looking for Fuller Lips?

Beauty is such a big part of living. It’s everywhere we turn. One area that seems to fluctuate as we age is our lips. It can be from sun damage, or just losing collagen over time.  One of the biggest areas that women claim to want to improve is their pout. According to a recent beauty study, it is known that women are dissatisfied with the way their lips look, and wish they had a fuller pout.

Many women are scared of the doctor visits that can give you a fuller pout, such as injections. It can be time consuming, and expensive if you want them on a regular basis for some. The Tom Ford Lip Contour Duo is perfect for thin lips.  The duo retails for $53. The experience that I have had using it has been amazing. One end of the tube is the shaper to enhance and define , and then it comes with the color of your choice.  The duo gives your lips a great hydration, and can actually re shape them. The results are amazing. Its hard to find a great product such as this. The duo comes in many great colors that will enhance any skin tone. It adds dimension, and gives them a high definition contrast. The shaping tool is great. One tip to remember is that dark colors make lips look smaller, and lighter colors are known to enhance thinner lips. The lip shaper can give your lips a more fuller look if you decide to wear a darker shade.

There are many lip enhancers out there. Many brands are selling them, and a few of them are quite good. This dynamic duo is one of a kind with both the shaping tool, and the lip color. If you are looking for a fuller pout, here is the product for you!Tom Ford Lip Contour                                                                                              TOM FORD LIP DUO