My favorite concealers

Hi ladies!

I love makeup and one item that I can’t live without is my concealer. As we age, we tend to have dark circles under our eyes, or just areas where we need a little bit more coverage than normal. I have a few favorite concealers, and there are different things I like about each of them.

* Kat Von D concealer- she literally has such amazing makeup. The power it has is amazing, and this concealer has a great coverage without being so thick. One thing I can’t stand about certain concealers is some can look cakey and too thick in the areas your trying to camouflage. Kat Von D concealer comes in many shades , and has such a basic consistency. You don’t need to use a whole lot to get the coverage you need. This is by far one of my favorites.

*Makeup forever – have you ever tried their makeup? It’s amaxing. The coverage with their concealer is just as good as the coverage with their foundations. You don’t need a whole lot. The concealer is a bit more thick than the Kat Von D, but it still doesn’t take a lot. Makeup forever consistency can be thinned out of you mix with a bit of moisturizer. It comes in many shades, and the best part is that it looks amazing in lighting.

*Mac concealer- this is probably my least favorite out of the three, but I still like it. It’s just a bit more thicker for people that need more coverage. The shades can be tricky , but once you find the right one, you may never turn back. Mac has amazing products, and their concealers are great for people who need just a bit more consistency in their coverage. It’s best to hit a Mac store and try out different concealers before buying them. It can save you a lot of money.

Remember the key to a good concealer is getting just enough coverage without looking like a raccoon. That is not a pretty look.


My Favorite Four Beauty Products of 2017

Hi Ladies!
Now that 2017 is out of the way, I want to share with you my Top Five Beauty Products that I loved in 2017. I am a product junkie, but I absolutely love doing reviews on my favorites, and these are it. I did try LOTS of beauty products, but these five were at the top.

1. Best Lipstick – I absolutely love lipstick and glosses, but I wanted to try some new colors and I absolutely fell in love with Lippie Lingerie Matte lip Tint. They are amazing, and they stay on for hours. There is nothing like applying lipstick and not have to worry about reapplication for a long while. I highly recommend this.

2. Best Bronzer- Bronzer is the perfect product to use during these cold months and give yourself some color. It is one of my favorites, and this was the perfect product.. This has a great consistency to it, and doesn’t make you look orange or fake in any way. it has a very natural, neutral tone to it. They come in a wide variety of colors.

3. Best Mascara- If you are anything like me, you LOVE mascara. It is by far one of my favorite products and there is nothing like having full, beautiful lashes to set your face . Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara. You will thank me after trying it. It provides your lashes with gorgeous color.

4. Best Makeup Brush Cleaner- We all know that keeping our makeup brushes clean and free of debris is vital to our skin care and keeping our skin clean. Cinema Secret Makeup Brush Cleaner Well there you have my Top Four products. You will absolutely love all of them, and you will probably end up adding them to your top four too! Happy Tuesday!pexels


Five minute makeup

We all have those days when we get up and have multiple things to accomplish. My mondays are presumably workout class, grocery and errand running , and loads of laundry. I really don’t feel like moving around in a face full of makeup, so I have a quick five minute makeup application that will leave you feeling put together. 

First find a great tinted moisturizer or foundation primer. My favorite is Laura Mercier foundation primer. It’s the best. It gives your skin clarity and gives it great coverage. If you are using this , in no way do you need heavy foundation. Apply this evenly with a small sponge applicator. 

Next find a great illuminator. These are great with giving your skin a bit of radiance. Apply this to the tip of your nose, and on the inner corners of your eyes. Make sure you don’t apply too much to the tip of your nose. You will glow too much. 

Lastly, find your favorite mascara. Mine is the Benefit super curling lash mascara. It instantly gives your lashes fullness and thickness. Make sure you use your lash roller before applying your mascara. 

This 5 minute routine is all you need to get your days moving and feel and look great while doing it! 


Becca poreless perfecting primer review

Happy Sunday! 

Poreless primers are making their debut this season, giving you the illusion that your skin is poreless and perfect. I have been using them since they first came out, and I’m completely hooked. 

The latest and greatest is the Becca Poreless Perfecting primer. The primer is one of the best primers out there. It can be used under or over foundation. It’s whichever you prefer. Once it’s applied, it really gives your skin a flawless look. 

It targets the T zone area, and all the oil prone areas that can be shown on your face. It keeps your skin looking matte and fabulous all day. This is a perfect substitution for the blotting papers that you use. It is sweat- and -humidity resistant, so it can be worn even to the gym. It’s free of any fragrance , or alcohol. I’ve truly tried many primers, and this is one of my favorites. It blurs the pores away, and makes your skin look radiant. You want to make sure before using, that your skin is clean and fresh. It’s best to use a great cleanser that has a bit of granules to get the pores completely clean. Go Poreless, and try Becca. 


Beauty favorites for August

I want to share with you some of my favorite beauty products. I’ve decided it’s best to share with you a month by month favorite list , so that you can try some things for yourself. It’s amazing how many new apps you find, or books to read, among other things, just by word of mouth. 

I traveled to NYC last month, and I literally didn’t know where to start in their gorgeous Sephora store. The details of this amazing architecture was through the roof. I think I went a little too crazy in there, but who doesn’t. I felt I picked up enough beauty products to last me the next two years. It’s always fun trying new products, but I had to share with you some of my best beauty products. I’ve used these products for a while now, and they are among my favorites. 

The amazing NYC Sephora! I instantly fell in love! 

This Nars Contour duo is the bomb. If you have never used Nars products, you really should try to. Their products are amazing, and literally deliver results. They make their products with the best in mind. The duo comes with a concealer , as well as a contour color. It will really uplift your features. I live with this daily. 

The Anastacia Beverly Hills palette is the BEST! I’ve tried multiple palettes and this is superb. It comes with the most amazing colors, and fits everyone’s skin tone . You can highlight and conceal as much as you want with this this palette. One of my ultimate favorites. 

I love Benefits high beam. This product is one of the best hands down. It gives your skin the dewy look it needs for great photos. It is applied to the cheeck bones, and will give you a bit of a dewy look. The light hits it perfect. It comes in a few different colors . 

Well here are some of my favorite products that I picked up at the gorgeous Sephora store. If you ever have a chance to visit , it’s absolutely stunning! You will have so much fun in there, I promise!