Hi ladies! 

I recently picked up the Too faced mascara melt off, because one thing that I despise doing is taking off mascara with oil, and it ending up on your face. When I heard of this product, I was out the door to get it. 

The Product

This product claims to take off mascara with this wand , where it doesn’t do any harm to the lashes. This wand, filled with cleansing oil, dissolves mascara instantly. This product contains green tea extract , which conditions the lashes also. How does it work? 

When I first seen this ,  I thought, honestly what a great, quick way to get that mascara off at night before bed. This wand is swept over the lashes , letting it sit on there for a minute , before taking the mascara off. You take the mascara off with a clean cloth. What do I think? 

This is brilliant. It was honestly very clean , and very precise, not allowing any old mascara running down my eyes. The removal process was priceless. This is honestly an item that needed to be invented long ago. I felt my lashes felt more softer, and more conditioned after taking the mascara off. It was a little crazy at first to get used to, but after doing it a few times, I realized this is a product I’ll be using all the time. It really does beat any wipe, or oil applied with a cloth. This is a home run! 


Hi ladies! 

It seems these days , everyone and their sister are wearing fake eyelashes, and as glamorous as that sounds at times, who has the time , or better yet, who wants to make the time to apply those every day? Not me. There are so many amazing products out there to give yourself full , beautiful lashes that you love. 

Mascara is one item I just can’t live without. It would be the one item I would hope to have with me on a stranded island, among any other makeup item. One reason.. It adds so much to your eyes. Here are some great ways to achieve those to die for lashes! 

– always take mascara off every night before bed. I can’t tell you how bad it is for the growth of your eyelashes to keep that on. Take off with a good makeup remover. Even coconut oil is great. 

always use a good eye lash conditioner before applying your mascara. It helps with keeping the mascara on , and not coming off through the day. I love the dior conditioner. It’s the ultimate best. 

– curl your eyelashes twice before applying mascara. This will give your eyelashes a great shape . 

– always apply a good mascara. Try to stay away from the cheap ones, as they aren’t going to stay on as well, and they do smear off. Try to invest in even a loreal mascara , as they have some of the best. 

– do not use your mascara more than 2-3 months. It’s time to switch . The mascara dries out, leaving you with clumpy eyelashes. 

– for thicker lashes, always apply two coats of mascara. Once you have applied the first, wait a few minutes for it to dry, then apply the second coat. Applying to much , to quick will result in clumpiness. 

Watch your eyelashes turn into gorgeous full lashes after applying these steps! You will never use fake lashes again.  



Hey, dolls!

Are you a product junkie like me? I use to be much worse than I am now… But I’ve finally found my favorites, my not-so-favorites, and what I will never spend another dime on. It’s sad when you think about how much money you’ve wasted on beauty, just to see if something works.

Well, one thing that I seriously think I have tried more than anything else is mascara. To me, mascara is a necessity. I take my lashes very seriously. I have tried about every single mascara known to mankind. I’ve found my favorites, as I’ve done past posts on them. If I was on a deserted island, that’s the one beauty item I would have to have.

I have so many amazing ways to get your lashes gorgeous, and I will be posting them next week. As much time as I’ve taken to find that one item, mascara is it. I’ve loved mascara even as a young girl when I would play in my mother’s makeup.

What is your beauty item you cannot live without? What’s your favorite brand? My favorite all time mascaras are Buxom and Dior. Comment below and let Fit and Bliss know!

What's your favorite beauty product?

What’s your favorite beauty product?


Hey, ladies!

buxom mascaraCheck out my lashes in Buxom mascara! I LOVE this mascara for a number of reasons:
1) It gives your lashes the full effect by lengthening them and making them fuller, and 2) the mascara brush has so many bristles so it separates your lashes and prevents clumping. Buxom cosmetics makes so many amazing products. They can also be bought at Sephora stores or online.