Ways To Be A Boss Babe Any Day Of The Week

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Boss Babe status doesn’t come easy. I mean we work hard to build our passions and sometimes find ourselves a bit overwhelmed or tired for that matter. I’m telling you that I have some GREAT motivation tips to keep that status going, and to build your passion with fire any day of the week. It’s all about balance and with these tips, you can conquer anything you set your mind to.

Doing What I love


Coffee is a lifesaver, especially on a Monday Morning. I know that through the weekends I like to hang with my family and friends. I try not to check my emails and DM’s through the weekends. I know when Monday rolls around, that is my most hectic morning of the week. Coffee gets me through it. Who doesn’t love a good cup of coffee with warm almond milk? It gets the blood pumping and starts the days off right. (IF your a tea drinker, that’s perfect too)


We all need it. Honestly its my savior. I don’t know what I would do without Exercise. I try to incorporate it every morning after checking my emails and DM’s and preparing my posts for the week. It starts my days off just right and helps me focus on the rest of the tasks that I have for the day. Once I have my Fitness in for the Day, I feel I work Ten Times harder and actually get a lot more done. If you are a Yoga Lover, hit your favorite Yoga class. Fitness of any kind is Key.


I’ll admit, I’m a little OCD. I have many organization books for different tasks with my blogs and campaigns. I keep everything in their place. I know where everything is located and it makes it so much easier when I have to look something up or find something. I feel organization is key when running any type of business. It’s what gets things accomplished. You can find some great organization tablets from Target and Michaels. They are two of my favorites. Did I mention how cute they are?


Positivity gets you through anything. I’m a sole believer that positive energy is addictive. Keeping a positive attitude through out your days is key to also being happy. I find that keeping a positive attitude helps you get through anything. I use my mantras everyday and affirmations when I wake up. I use meditation also everyday, and I love it. Positivity is everything.

Being a Boss Babe can be easy if you let it. Is it Hard work? Yes! IS it fun? Of Course. You have to set goals, and intentions for the day to get them met. Always focus on those and follow these Tips. I promise you will Conquer Everything You Set your Mind to.


My Best Fitness Tips to Keep you Motivated

Happy Monday!
Motivation when it comes to fitness can be hard at times. We can lose track when we get busy, when we juggle many things, like family and a career. Fitness needs to be important in your life because how good are we when we really aren’t taking care of ourselves. We are better mothers, friends, our moods are better, and we feel better overall. I have some amazing motivational tips that will keep you wanting to move everyday.
– If you fall off the bandwagon, get right back on. It doesn’t matter if you have to start over. Another day is a new start.
-Buy some amazing workout clothes that are comfortable.Nothing is worse than having a workout ruined because of a poor wardrobe choice,and and it starts with a base layer They are super comfortable and are made well. These clothes are like no other.
-Always keep clean ,healthy snacks on hand. We can often find ourselves driving through a fast food joint when we are in a hurry, and have the kids in the back. Keep some healthy snacks on hand like almonds, bananas, and good protein bars.
-keep a journal. I cant tell you how amazing it is to keep a journal of how you feel during and after your workouts. It keeps you motivated for more.
-Make you time for fitness. Cut out a small portion of your day to get to the gym or your favorite class. You are only keeping yourself healthy on the inside and outside. Do your body good!


Top ways to get the Abs you want

Hi ladies! 

We all have areas on our bodies that we want to improve from time to time, but one of the biggest feed backs I get from my followers is how to get more toned in the stomach. I have to say that abs are made in the kitchen!  I really mean that. What we eat on a daily basis is 75% of how we get the abs we want, and the other 25% is the workouts we do daily. The foods we choose to eat really makes the difference on how our bodies look . 

The abs are one of my favorite areas to work on. I love having a strong core, and I absolutely love working them in the gym, in my classes, or even doing my sit ups every night before bed. I will tell you that eating a diet high in fat, and drinking sugar drinks and too much alcohol will prevent those abs from forming. Here are some great ways to get the abs you want! 

  • Stay away from starchy carbs. These are NOT good for you. They do nothing but make you feel heavy, and do nothing for the abs you are trying to create. Keep your carb intake on the lower side. If you are doing heavy workouts, make sure you allow enough complex carbs in your diet, such as quinoa, brown rice, ect. 
  • Add plenty of protein into your diet. Protein is very important when creating abs. Add in plenty of fresh vegetables, greens, raw foods, organic eggs, protein powders when doing workouts. Protein is what helps our muscles grow, and helps with carving abs. Make sure you allow enough protein in every meal you make. 
  • Eat at home. Make your meals fresh, and stay away from the fat filled meals in restaurants. Making your own meals allows less fat in your meals, and you can keep track of the protein you are putting in your body. 
  • Make time to move everyday. Get your workout in everyday, and make sure you are burning fat, and calories. The more you move, the quicker the results. 

We all have abs. It’s whether we are working hard enough to get to see them! You can do it. It’s time, dedication, patience , and discipline! Start now! 


Current Mood💕💕

Be Happy And Thankful everyday for the life you have been given! 


The best place for Namaste in Chicago! 

Hi ladies! 

I love Chicago, and as much as I’m visiting, I have found my ultimate place for getting my inner Namaste in. Yoga loft Chicago Is my ultimate favorite yoga studio. The atmosphere is gorgeous, and the minute you leave, you feel  amazing. The instructors are absolutely phenomenal, and you will not receive a better cleansing than this place. Chicago is known for the high city life, and that’s one thing I love about it. The energy, the people, shopping, but yoga tops it. It can be overwhelming finding the perfect studio. I’m so glad I found Yoga loft Chicago. It’s located just a few blocks off of Michigan Ave. They offer many classes, but their Power Flow Vinyasa is my favorite. They have wellness workshops weekly if you are in the city visiting.