Olive Oil vs. Coconut oil.. Which is healthier for you?

Olive oil has been around for centuries. It is known to reduce the risk of heart related ailments, as well as keep your cholesterol In check.  In the health news it seems, coconut oil is getting raved left and right for it’s health benefits also. Coconut oil is also in the beauty news as one of the best oils to use for makeup remover, shaving balm, and so much more. I recently found a great article by the Cleveland clinics in Health researching the differences in the oils, and what oil is actually BEST for your heart health.

Mono fat and polyunsaturated fat

These oils both have mono fats and poly fats in them . The olive oil has an estimated 78 % mono fat, where the coconut oil has 6%. Monounsaturated fats are best described as being liquid at room temperature, but turning solid when its chilled or cold. They are the fat that may help lower your blood pressure, and raise the HDL (good) cholesterol and lower the LDL ( bad) cholesterol. When it comes to oils and their polyunsaturated fats, olive oil has 8%, where coconut oil has 2%. Polyunsaturated is best described as an oil that is thought to lower the LDL bad cholesterol. When you look at the numbers and percentages, the olive oil comes out as the winner.

Saturated Fats

Saturated fats are the fats that you truly want to stay away from. I call this fat the “heart attack” fat! It simply is the worst fat that your body can take it. It is known to raise your risk of diabetes, and raise the risk of heart related ailments such as a stroke or heart disease. These fats have hydrogenation , and are found in many of the animal products in the stores. They are solid at room temperature. The saturated fats can cause the total blood pressure to rise, and elevate your cholesterol levels.

Olive oil wins in this case due to the high percentages in monounsaturated fats, and polyunsaturated fats which our heart needs. The coconut oil is high in saturated fat, but its not yet determined whether the saturated fat is less harmful than the ones found in vegetable and corn oils. Olive oil is used in the Mediterranean diet, which is known to reduce overall heart problems,  as well as reduce diabetes.  It is used in salad dressings, stir frys, baking, and oven cooking. Coconut oil is used a lot in sautéing foods, and used when making sauces. In this case, I would stick to the heart healthy olive oil when cooking, and leave the coconut oil for use in the bathroom. food-vinegar-eat-fruit-52999


Fred Segal.. The Blend review for Beauty

Hi ladies!

Do you ever find yourself over whelmed every time you go shop for perfume? To me , it has always been on the difficult side, or it seems very stressful at times. You spend so much time using your wrist as a tester, that you end up walking out of the store smelling a little bit crazy. Whether you are buying a perfume for a gift, or for yourself, it always seems over whelming. There are perfumes that are too harsh, or just too much on the citrus side. It seems it takes a good hour just to find that perfect aroma. I recently stumbled into Sephora, as usual, and found the Fred Segal The Blend Kit, and honestly fell in love. The amazing component about this kit, is that all the fragrances are oils ,and I absolutely love how they absorb into the skin. They provide you with all these amazing recipes, so that you can mix and match the oils you want, to come up with that perfect scent. The Blend

The oils are to die for. They all have their unique aroma, and whether you are looking for a scent that is more musky, or more on the sweeter side, you will find it. It is on the more pricier side. One vial prices for 25.00, but the whole kit can be bought for 150.00. This kit will last you a long time, because it doesn’t take much of these oils to give you that scent that will last for hours. This kit would make the perfect gift for any woman who loves a good oil perfume. I feel oil absorbs fairly quickly, and last a lot longer than the traditional spray -on perfume. I feel the spray perfumes can be a bit too much. I have walked by plenty of women that smell as if they just got done emptying the whole bottle of perfume on themselves. Today would be a great day to pick this amazing blend kit up. Enjoy! img_1351


Looking for a good oil? Try Naturopathica. The best in Aromatherapy

Hi Beauties!

I have been a huge advocate of aromatherapy for a long time, in fact I have studied Aromatherapy for the past two years, and use oils quite frequently for a number of things. I have to tell you I have used them mainly for the purpose of spa use. I will use them after a bath, because I absolutely love the smell, and I use for natural scent in my home, as I’m not a huge advocate of artificial room fresheners or anything of that sort. Naturopathica, a great oil company is a fantastic company that really puts emphasis on wellness, and inspires individuals to their path of well being. I have used this line, and the youngliving line. Naturopathica is based on the holistic approach to health and healing, and the scents are wonderful. The youngliving line, has many mixed oils that help certain ailments, or reduce stress. Their scents are phenomenol as well. Naturopathica supports local farmers and agriculture, and their bottles are recyclable, and their tubes are made from 70% post- consumer plastic.

Did you know that using aromatherapy can help reduce anxiety, ease depression, help the healing process if you have had a cut, or sore of some sort, helps strengthens the immune system, increases circulation, and so much more? Aromatherapy is thought to work by stimulation, which sends messages to the nervous system. Its very important when using aromatherapy that you consult with your doctor first, because when using oils, its very important to use them correctly, and some oils can interfere or counteract with any medications or treatments that you may be receiving. naturopathica has a skincare line, as well as a wise concoction line which includes body products, and products that support natural immunity. We all should strivefor a natural approach to living. Its all in our best interests and great for our health. If you are new to aromatherapy, try checking some great books out, and reading on the study, or even taking a small class, on aromatherapy. You can even contact a representative for youngliving, and they will meet with you , and help you learn all about these fine oils. naturopathica offers three free samples with any order over $75. This will give you a few more products to try out to see if there are any others that you like.FullSizeRender (27)