The Importance Of Taking Me Time During This Chaotic Madness

Happy Wednesday!

It has been a bit chaotic in the past few months. We have all went through major changes with the craziness in the world, and all the negative energy that most of us have noticed. It is really hard for some to really enjoy their days with joy. I can tell you that this is why it is truly important to take time each day for ourselves and our mental health. Everyone Needs ME Time.

Healthy mental health is so important. It’s trying times like these that really test our ability to get through it. We are so use to being a part of something. It can be hanging with our families each day or having a true connection with other humans on a daily basis. When that is taken away for whatever reason, it can wreak so much havoc on our mental state of mind. Taking time each day to really sit in silence, or read a book, or light a candle and meditate can do so many wonders for your mental state.

I feel taking time for yourself each day is vital to us and the people we love. It makes us better people, and puts our minds at a state of ease. I want to say that I know there are people out there that truly are suffering from all sorts of mental illness, and I am in no way a doctor telling you how to control it. I am simply inviting you to take time for yourself and your mind each day to really observe your feelings. It can really help to write your emotions and feelings on paper. It can help to journal your days and write down how you are feeling from day to day. Reading a good book on self empowerment or reading meditations can really help your mind at ease.

These are very unsettling times for sure. We never could’ve imagined that so many chaotic things would turn our world upside down , one after another. We could never have imagined that we would be told when we could leave our homes, or when we could be around the people we love. These are all new , unexpected events that have truly changed all of our lives. These ideas that I am giving you are to help your mind settle more easily. Meditation and listening to relaxing music has been proven to help the mind relax and rejuvenate.

If you just take 15 minutes each day to really take time for yourself, you will see that you will feel more relaxed through out your day and maybe not worry so much. Taking a hot bath at night and lighting a candle can really work wonders for the mind. We all deserve a little peace in our daily lives. The little things can really work wonders for you.

I hope you all find peace within you .




Zen Like Ways To Bring More Calm In Your Home

These Days It seems like their is Chaos Everywhere.We are running around non stop trying to get from place to place. We have so many jobs these days. We are Mothers, Sisters, Wives and some of us have Full Time Jobs. It really does surprise me how many labels can be put on one person. It also seems that more and more people are taking care of the people around them and putting themselves on the backburner. I sometimes feel that maybe people “make” themselves so busy. They add more to their schedules, they say Yes way too often. That can really make for more chaos and busy in your life. It seems that getting home, making dinner, and getting all of our work done makes us want to hit the sack more early than ever. Am I Right? I have some great ways to bring more Calm in to your Home.

Eucalyptus is Great For Bringing Calm in to your Home


Eucalyptus is the bomb when it comes to calm. I love how it makes you feel and the scent is amazing. I place Eucalyptus in my shower to relax you while your in there. It helps so much. Eucalyptus oil is great too. I place that in the diffuser and it really makes everything calm. I absolutely love it.


I have so many candles around my house that I have lost count. I love lighting one each night while I read or watch a movie . It just sets the tone. Lavender has a real calming effect. Lavender spray is also great to use on your pillows at night or use to spray on your sheets. I use it every night on my pillows. It is amazing.


This is a life saver in the evenings. The minute I drink it, I need my bed. It gives you such a great relaxing feeling. It is great brewed and adding a bit of lemon is always a great addition. Chamomile has such a calming effect on the body and brain. It pretty much puts you in shut down mode. I have a glass every night before bed. It makes you sleep so soundly.


The music part is hard for me to decide on. Why? I absolutely love them both. Classical Music is so relaxing when I’m cooking. I listen to it all the time. Yoga Music is the music that I listen to right before bed and meditation. I can’t get enough of either one. They both calm the mind and bring you to a more relaxed state.

These are some great Zen Ways of bringing more Calm into your Daily Life in your Home. These have always worked well for me and I have instilled these things in to my Daily Life for Quite Some Time Now.


How to throw a stress free dinner party!

We have all been there. We have decided to throw a dinner party at the last minute , only to be stressed out , feeling as if nothing is going to go right. Well I’m here to give you the tips to make sure that you never feel that way again.

The biggest solution to not feeling stressed during a dinner party is preparation and planning. Procrastination is what brings on the stress. image.jpeg

Best tips for throwing a stress free dinner party

  • Always cook with the freshest ingredients possible. This will make everything taste better and is the more healthier option overall. 
  • Always prepare your meal plan ahead of time or your menu. This takes time away from the planning process. It will be so much less stressful when heading to the store. The last thing you want to do is sit in the store wondering what to make. I would make the menu out from everything from appetizers to dessert. If you know you are having guest that prefer gluten free or vegetarian dishes, try to opt for one or two to accommodate them. There are amazing dishes on Pinterest
  • Don’t stress about having everything perfect. Being stress free will give you time to entertain your guests and have fun. 
  • Play some background music when entertaining. This will break the stiffness up and makes everything flow so much more better. A great Pandora station is sister Nancy. It’s an ecclectic reggae. 
  • Make sure you have plenty of drinks and wine flowing at all times. I know all of my girlfriends favorite wines, so I make sure to have plenty of it on hand. I would advise to add in some cute little wine tags for all the glasses. The last thing you want is someone looking around for their wine glass. 
  • Dont skimp on the appetizers. Have plenty to choose from for when guests arrive. A great baguette with truffle oil and a variety of cheeses never hurt anyone. 
  • Have some great ambiance around the house. I have all my lights on dimmers and it helps to drop the lighting or raise the lighting when needed. image.jpeg

These tips are perfect for throwing that amazing party. You will go on being stress free about the little things going forward. Enjoy


Strawberry and blueberry pie

Hi ladies! 

I have the perfect dessert for this fall season. I love a mixture of fruit in pie. It’s so delicious and is a hit with my family. I had to share it with you so that you can see what you’ve been missing. 

-2 cups organic blueberries

-2 cups fresh organic strawberries cut

-3/4 cup sugar 

-1/4 cup cornstarch

The zest of an orange

-2tbsp butter

-1 organic free range egg 

-1 tablespoon water

-1 unbaked organic pie crust. 

Preheat the oven to 400 degrees. Stir together your blueberries, strawberries, sugar, cornstarch and zest . Pour in unbaked 9 inch pie crust . Beat together your egg and water. Lightly brush mixture into top of pie crust. Bake 50-55 min. You will love it! 


Watermelon on the rocks? The best drink on the planet

Hi ladies! 

I have to share with you one of my all time favorite drinks. I’m a huge wine drinker, but I absolutely love watermelon. If I can have a delicious cocktail with watermelon, I’m definitely going to. 

Watermelon has a huge water content , which makes this drink so delicious. If you are one that is getting bored with a certain cocktail, you may want to try this. This is refreshing as well as delicious. 

This is making 1 drink.

-1/2 cup chopped seedless watermelon

-1/4 cup club soda

-1 shot of vodka 

-ice to blend

Place the watermelon and club soda and ice in your blender. Blend it well and then once it’s blended, add your vodka. Yummy! Add a garnishment such as mint or a cucumber.