Morning makeup routine.. Keep it simple

Hi ladies! 

Everyone loves putting make up on for huge events, or parties, but who really needs all that on regular days , when heading to work , or working out. I have been to multiple gyms where I see women in full makeup, and think to myself, ” what are you doing”? If they only knew what that makeup was doing to their pores as they are drenching themselves in sweat. Our skin needs to breathe, and you do not need a ton of makeup to feel done up. Here are some great tips on keeping your skin breathing, but yet looking refreshed. 

Ditch the foundation

Foundation is great when you are heading out to an event, and want a long lasting look, but a tinted moisturizer is wonderful. It gives your skin a glow, gives clarity to the skin, takes out redness, and helps cover up those pores. When I see some women wearing foundation, they have no right wearing it with the way it’s applied. Tinted moisturizer is perfect for those work days. It keeps your skin looking light and bright. 

Pick a good moisturizer

When using a tinted moisturizer, make sure you are using a good one. I love  moisturizers by Laura Mercier, who has amazing products. Some moisturizers can make your skin look worse, because some of them have a greasy feel. Check one out and try before using it on a daily basis.  

 Pick a good mascara 

For regular days, try to go a little heavier on the mascara , and lighter on the lipstick or gloss. I usually do it one way or the other. If I’m using more mascara, I’ll go lighter on the lip. If I go with a pop of color on the lip, I’ll go lighter on the mascara. I do not want to leave my house looking like Tammy baker, which I’ve seen on many women. Less is more . Remember that. 

Groomed eyebrows

Make sure your eyebrows are always polished. One thing that is annoying is seeing people with outgrown eyebrows. Make sure you use a good pencil to fill in, and a great eyebrow gel to hold them in place.  

 A nude lip always works

Nude gloss or lipstick is one of my favorites. It looks amazing. This always gives a more natural look to your makeup, without looking overdone. 

This is the simple look to everyday living. Remember the less you apply, the more natural you look.