Rejuvenation salad

H ladies!  It’s so easy to get off of the track during the holidays with cocktails, cookies, and all the Christmas baking being passed around, and the sugar flowing. It’s also so easy to think… View Post

Mandarin & red onion salad

Hi Ladies! I wanted to share with you this amazing summer salad that is quite delicious, and super uber healthy. Some people cringe at the thought of putting a vegetable on a salad with fruit,… View Post

Red Ruffage Salad

Hi Beauties!  I wanted to share with you one of my latest salads that I absolutely love. I call it the Ruffage salad because it’s full of good fiber and lots of antioxidants! You all… View Post

Spinach & pineapple salad

Hi ladies!  I have to share all the great recipes that I find , or products that I throw together to get a great product. I have to share this fabulous salad, that is full… View Post

Caprese Summer Salad

Hi ladies! I wanted to touch base with you to ask: What’s your favorite easy-to-make summer salad? My favorite quick summer salad is the Caprese salad. There is nothing like a salad that consist of… View Post