Whats On My April Beauty Shopping List

April has rolled around again, and I have a few April beauty items on my list for this month. I love the BEST, and I find them by trial and error. I have my list of favorites, and these items I have heard so much about. I can’t wait to get to the store to get them.Beauty Shopping


Anastasia Beverly Hills Highlighter- ($28.00)

I’ve read so much about this amazing highlighter, and how it stays on for hours. I do know by now that anything that Anastasia makes is the ultimate best. Highlighters can be tricky. I have used many that really do not give your face a natural look. It can seems like you have put too much on, or the ingredients aren’t that good. I’m really excited to try this one.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Eyeshadow Palette.  ($42.00)

This eyeshadow palette is suppose to give your eyes such a shimmer, but with quality ingredients. I’ve read that you do not even need a eyeshadow primer before using it. The colors look gorgeous, and the perfect palette for Spring. It has a variety of golds and champagne colors that would fit all eye colors perfectly.


Sephora Collection Refresh and Prep Lip Scrubber ($8.00)

The price point on this is definitely on the more affordable side. The Lip scrubber is suppose to rid away all the dead skin cells on your lips, and give your pout a more vibrant feel and look. Applying lipstick on lips that have dead skin on them is a huge pas faux. It can make your lipstick look dry and chapped. We want our lipstick to go on nicely . It makes our lips look that much better. Cold weather can wreak havoc on our skin and most definitely on our lips. Hopefully It works well.



MY Four Top Beauty Trends On the Rise for 2018

Hey Ladies!

It’s a new year and a New You, and I have to share with you what I think will be the Popular Beauty Trends of 2018. Every time I turn around, it seems that some new company is coming out with new lashes or a great new lash boosting mascara . It is a sure sign that everyone is wanting gorgeous, full lashes. I think we will see more and more companies coming out with these products and longer eye lash accessories.

One craze that is going nuts right now is Fenty Beauty by Rhianna .We know just how gorgeous she is and the many fans she has will soon be in stores swooping up her amazing collection, if they aren’t already. She has some gorgeous colors out that will fit every skin tone, and her foundation is a must too. I look to see more amazing products coming out by Fenty Beauty.

I felt in 2017, we seen many extensions, longer hair styles. Even though that is still big, I think we will see the shorter styles coming back. I am loving the bob look and you can see that many celebrities are cutting their locks for a shorter do. Bobs have always been a popular cut, and I see many more people going for that look in 2018.

We all know that Kylie Jenner made her debut with her awesome makeup line, and the palettes are so popular these days, that almost every single beauty brand has come out with their own. Palettes are going to be the biggest beauty trend ever in 2018 . I see brands making them even more manageable, adding maybe a few lipstick tints to some, and we can’t disagree that they are more manageable to travel with?
Well those are my Four Beauty Trends that I think will make 2018 even better for us Beauty Lovers!