The Best In Anti-Skin Pollution

We live in a world today where skin pollution is everywhere. It can be the sun, products that we use, the food we eat, and in the air generally. As you know , aging is happening to us everyday. A great deal of the signs we see from aging is from skin pollution itself. It gets in our pores, over all it can cause the skin to rebel in ways we do not like. I started recently using the BEST anti -pollution product after relentlessly trying everything under the sun. I finally found a product that I absolutely love, and I think you would too. The Elizabeth Arden PREVAGE City smart SPF 50 is amazing. I love it because it is lightweight, and full of antioxidants. I have very sensitive skin, so I really have to watch what I put on it. It not only protects your skin from those pesky rays, and pollution, but also helps strengthen your skin too. We all need that as we age. This item is full of many antioxidants that helps fight aging. One of the first things you need to be doing every day is applying a good sun screen that helps fight against pollution. If you are a person with sensitive skin also, you may like this. If you have tried this and it isn’t your cup of tea, well then find something that is full of pollution fighters, and has a high SPF rating. It doesn’t matter if it seems cloudy out, sunscreen is just as important as what you put in your mouth . Melanoma is on the rise, and a good product with good protection sustainability is vital. Anti-skin pollution products and sunscreen go hand in hand for beautiful skin.  There are many ways you can age in number , but still have flawless, gorgeous , healthy skin as the years go by. 


Don’t Forget your Décolleté!

One of the great things about my job is the amazing partnerships I’ve made as well as the friendships I’ve made. I always love when I hear from a brand and they want to send me amazing products. I had the amazing experience recently of teaming up with I have to say I was blown away at the products and the results. One thing with aging, and being in the sun , is that our chests can take a hit on the aging and wrinkles. NO one likes it, and now there is something that helps it. Siobeauty has chest patches that you stick on your décolleté, and through the night works on minimizing those wrinkles and creping , leaving you waking up to an amazing new chest. I have to say I was thrilled with the results. The set comes with two patches ( which can be worn up to 15 times each). Then the cleansing pads and rejuvenation serum. I know some of you may have seen these on HSN. I will continue to use these patches forever. Many women worry so much about the aging face, but I have seen so many women in their 40s that may have these young looking faces due to fillers and such , but it doesn’t look good when you see their chests or even hands for that matter. The skin is one, so taking care of every part is essential. One important task of using the patches is to make sure the chest area is super clean before applying. A nice decollete is always sexy! Agree? 


Becca poreless perfecting primer review

Happy Sunday! 

Poreless primers are making their debut this season, giving you the illusion that your skin is poreless and perfect. I have been using them since they first came out, and I’m completely hooked. 

The latest and greatest is the Becca Poreless Perfecting primer. The primer is one of the best primers out there. It can be used under or over foundation. It’s whichever you prefer. Once it’s applied, it really gives your skin a flawless look. 

It targets the T zone area, and all the oil prone areas that can be shown on your face. It keeps your skin looking matte and fabulous all day. This is a perfect substitution for the blotting papers that you use. It is sweat- and -humidity resistant, so it can be worn even to the gym. It’s free of any fragrance , or alcohol. I’ve truly tried many primers, and this is one of my favorites. It blurs the pores away, and makes your skin look radiant. You want to make sure before using, that your skin is clean and fresh. It’s best to use a great cleanser that has a bit of granules to get the pores completely clean. Go Poreless, and try Becca. 


Best Face Forward..The best Non Prescription Anti Agers!

These days its really important to know that free radicals can deteriorate the skin cells  and your face like no other. Free radicals can come from the sun, diet, carcinogens from bad products, and of course alcohol. Its very important from a young age to start using the best face products for skincare. The earlier that you take charge, the better your skin and face will be in the long run. Its the time in your 20’2 or 30’s to find a good skin care line that works best with your skin. You can go to a dermatologist to find out what kind of skin you actually have. You may be surprised.

It’s never too late to get a good eye cream, or weekly routine to set you skin up on. Crows feet can start as early as your late twenties. Crows feet can be due from too much squinting, and lack of care. The more collagen that we lose, the more we will see the small wrinkles set in. I’m not telling you that you have to spend a fortune for good skin. I know many people that have gorgeous skin just by making healthy choices through out their life. They have a healthy diet full of fresh veggies and fruit, and they casually have a glass of alcohol . They don’t spend every night adding bad habits to their life.

I have some great products that I absolutely love for the people who are looking for something that really works, and works well. These re my three favorite non prescription anti aging products. I love these dearly because they work and give you actual results. You can order them online, or you can find them in upscale department stores. Are you seeing the crows feet? Are you feeling like lately your skin is dehydrated, and more lines are more noticeable? Check these out. They will not disappoint.

FullSizeRender (156)


                                                                                                                Triple Lipid Restore by Skin Ceuticals

Triple Lipid Restore by SkinCeuticals is the bomb. It moisturizer is honestly one of the best I’ve ever used. It contains all the lipids essential for skin repairing, and gives your skin clarity and restores the moisture. If you have dull looking skin, this is the product to try.


FullSizeRender (158)                                                                                                                              SKIN MEDICA TNS ESSENTIAL SERUM


I can’t say enough about this product or the company. The TNS essential serum is probably the BEST I’ve ever used. It does come with a hefty pricetag, but it is unbelievable. Your skin is basically getting a facelift with this. It contains seven antioxidants and the skin plumper hyularonic acid. It has brightening supplements in it, and has collagen stimulating ingredients as well. Your skin will look dynamite .

FullSizeRender (159)                                                                                                                                                  SK-II FACIAL TREATMENT MASK

This product is wonderful. If you want a product that will feel like you just spent an hour getting a facial, then this is something that you need. You simply can use this two ways. You can run it under hot water before use to give that full relaxing effect, or keep it in a fridge and use it when you feel like you have some puffiness under the eyes.


Well here they are, and I cant rave enough about these amazing products. These three products have made such a difference in my skin. One last note: Always use a sunscreen that is high. Sun will ruin your skin. It’s so important for you to know the strong value of skincare as you age. It will make a difference .


The importance of oils in skincare

Hi ladies! 

Now days, amazing oils are being used in every aspect of skincare. It seems anything you find in your kitchen, you can find as an ingredient on your skincare box. 

There are many misconceptions about facial oils. People believe that they are only to be used if you have increasingly dry skin. Every single skin type can have huge benefits from oils. The biggest component of using oils is making sure you know the kind of skin type you have. If you know your skin type, then the right oils will not cause breakouts or clogged pores. The benefits that you will see from using facial oils are a balance in the skins clarity, the skins natural oil production, less clogged pores, and a better glow. 

If you know your skin type , the right oils can actually help oily prone skin. The dewy , natural glow is in today, and the right oils can actually help you achieve that. The best way to find out which skin type you have is to visit a dermatologist. Once you know the skin type you have, figure out what oils would be right for your skin. The great ways of finding that out is to figure out what reason you want to use an oil. Do you want it as a cleanser, moisturizer, or as a treatment oil? There are many oils that are used for multiple purposes. There are also many oils used for one purpose. Finding the reason for the oil is important. 

Cleansing oils 

Most cleansing oils are made to be very gentle and non harsh. These oils are used to remove dirt and unclog pores. They keep your skins PH balance good, so it’s not thrown off. This type of oil is used for every skin type. They are made to control oil production in skin and balance the skin out. 

Moisturizing oils

These oils contain a lot of what you find in your kitchen. Avocado oil, fatty oils that help with keeping your skin hydrated. Hydration is great for your skin. It helps with plumping and adding moisture. It has added vitamins. 

Problem solving oil 

Many people have problem skin. It can be caused by hormones, stress, age, dehydration, poor diet, and much more. These oils will help mend all these problems , but it’s very important you improve other areas of your life such as adding more fresh fruit and veggies to your diet. Drinking lots of fresh water daily also is important. These oils are anti bacterial , and have tons of antioxidants. 

It’s very important to find out your exact skin type before buying any type of facial oils so you know exactly what they are used for. Discuss these with your dermatologists, or get an expert opinion. It’s very important to know that buying pure facial oils is very important. There are many drug store oil facial cleansers that are not pure, and in return can wreak havoc on your skin. Olive and M Sells amazing oils for all skin types. I highly recommend them.