The Best Avocado Appetizer I Can’t Stop Eating

Happy Monday!

I wanted to share with you one of my all time Favorite Appetizers. I have many that I can’t live without, but this one is AMAZING. It is loaded up with great antioxidants and I can’t tell you how amazing the taste is. If you are a huge avocado fan, then this is a perfect snack or even appetizer to share with family and friends.

I do add more seeds to this snack, as I love adding different seeds to my diet. They are rich in antioxidants and give just about everything a great taste. You can add chia or hemp seeds to them. It makes for a even more tasty snack.

The BEST appetizer out there !


-Whole grain or Ezekiel bread ( you can also use a loaf and just cut into slices.

-3 avocados ( organic preferably)

-2 cups organic Arugula

-2 tsp coconut oil

-chia seeds and hemp seeds

If you prefer to have your bread toasted, you can put the coconut oil on the slices and place in the over for about 15 min on 350. If you do not mind the toast being warm, then you can just put the oil on the sliced bread, and move to the side. In a bowl , place the arugula in it, and toss with a bit of coconut oil. Just enough , but not soggy. Sit aside. Take your avocados and slice them into 4 slices. Once you have the avocados sliced, place your arugula on each of your toasts. Top with your avocado, and place the seeds of your choice on top. I cant tell you how delicious this snack is. This would be good to add to any dinner appetizer. I have used this so much and people love it. Its your preference whether you want to add the coconut oil to the bread slices if you don’t want to toast them. I hope you enjoy this just as much as I do.

Happy Monday !


Healthy snacking for life

Happy Monday! 

Eating healthy is such an important task , especially as we get older, but more importantly , the way we snack throughout the day , Is just as important, and I want to throw some healthy snacks your way as your week progresses. 

Snacking can become either a routine of just snacking, or snacking because your actually hungry. The first one can get people in a lot of trouble, as they snack whenever , and not see the weight fall off, or see it pack on. If you are eating healthy everyday, congrats to you. That is hard for a lot of people, so if you are making healthy meals, or picking healthy alternatives when eating out, you deserve a pat on the back. 

It’s very important to eat every two to three hours to keep your blood sugar leveled, and to stave off crazy cravings later on. You will find that if you are not eating every two to three hours, you will end up starving by the end of the day, and starving means picking not so healthy alternatives. Here are some great healthy snacks to add to your daily healthy eating. These are some of my favorites, and are very tasty. 

– hummus & celery . You can even dip carrots in your hummus if your not a huge celery fan. 

– apples and peanut butter. Try to buy organic peanut butter because it’s not made of all the bad oils and hydrogenated fats. My all time favorite Brand is Justin’s almond butter , and I even buy it in the small packets . 

– tomato, basil and mozzarella. This is so delish , and is even great warmed in the oven for a few minutes. 

-fruit bowls. Add in all your favorite berries and melons. We live on fruit .  

 -organic chicken, avocado, and salsa. One word is yummy! 

-green juices- I can’t say enough about green juices. They offer you so many vitamins and minerals, and halts cravings, and tastes delish. 

These are some great starters for good , healthy snacks. Stay away from the processed , packaged ” protein bars”. They are loaded with sugar, carbs, and high in fat. 


Banana protein nibbles

These are so tasty and so quick! Make them up and pop in your fridge!

Peanut butter& bananas