The Reasons I Love Ayurvedic Medicine

Ayurvedic Medicine has been around for years and we are seeing more and more practices that incorporate the science around it. I have been studying Ayurvedic Medicine for close to five years. I do it simply because I love incorporating it into my own life. The practices are fulfilling , and I feel it has made me a more healthier person over all.

Ayurvedic Medicine uses plants, herbs and spices as herbal remedies. I think my medicine cabinet has about every spice and herb known to man. I use lots of spices and herbs also in my cooking. Herbal remedies also can be taken in many forms. You can use them in teas, soups, and in decoction. I have incorporated many of them in my everyday living.

I feel for years Herbs and Human Health go hand in hand. We know fruits and vegetables are essential for good health, but herbs have many medicinal values on the human body. They are loaded with enzymes, amino acids, and vitamins. We know all of these componets are essential for optimal health. I have always been one that looks into alternative routes before heading to the local doctor. There is many things naturally that have helped me overcome health issues. Spices are also herbs with many medicinal values. We see many times how Turmeric has become a huge health spice. It is helping with many ailments. I have long been on Turmeric and I love what it has done for me.

Herbs are also being made every day in bath and body treatments. It’s because people are seeing real health results with these amazing herbs. Companies are wanting to get them in their products. If they are making people feel good on the inside, then you know they are going to help on the outside. Herbs and Spices have changed my life, and Im now incorporating more natural skincare into my daily routine. You start noticing when your using natural products, you experience no rashes, breakouts, or any type of skin disorders. That right there should tell you something.

I long have know the realization between natural and unnatural. Ayurvedic Medicine can be used in many aspects of your life . It is helpful in living a more natural, healthy lifestyle without the use of preservatives and fillers. I am still practicing new and upcoming ayurvedic practices to incorporate into my life. I will always live by the Ayurvedic Way. It just works best for my lifestyle.


Spice up your health

Staying healthy today is so crucial to a long and healthy life, and there are always new and exciting health products coming out everyday to keep us in top optimal health. Well some of the most amazing health products can be found right in your kitchen. Spices are doing wonders for the health, from throwing them in green juices to even seeing some in bath and body products. Why? There are so many health benefits to them. 

 Turmeric- we all have read about the amazing properties of this spice. This antioxidant is a great anti – inflammatory agent, and has helped with helping lower blood pressure to helping with the winter blues. You can add this easy to any healthy dinner dish, to reap the benefits. 

cinnamon– this great spice helps to regulate your blood sugar, and helps with bone density. This helps regulate metabolism and is wonderful spread on oatmeal, or even sprinkled in coffee.  

 –ginger-this is amazing for your post workout , and is a great anti- inflammatory. This is known to help with menstrual cramps, so warm ginger tea is always good to sip that time of the month. You can also add this to your morning shake. 

– cloves-cloves is wonderful for stomach issues. Clove tea is good to sip if you are having stomach upset of any sort. 

These are some great all natural ways to help your health daily. Adding these in a bit everyday, helps with optimal health.