Summer accessory  must -haves 2016 

Summer is here , and that means bright color accessories are a mainstay this season. We are seeing everything from pastels to denim and beyond. 

Accessories go with every single outfit that is fancy to the eyes. They can add just the perfect color , or they can add a pop of color, whichever you prefer. Summer accessories can include a great pair of earrings or a chunky necklace. I feel you can go overboard on the jewelry, but the right combo can be a perfect accessory. 

Yellow and cream bags

These two colors are hot this year. The yellow bag can be a great accessory to any neutral color outfit , such as a LBD ( little black dress), or the perfect accessory to add to Any wedding outfit. Summer weddings are very popular, and adding a cream or bright yellow bag is the perfect pairing for that summer dress. The hobo bags are a great look for everyday, as well as a bright yellow clutch for that summer evening. 


I remember wearing these cute little necklaces back in the 8th grade. How history repeats itself. These have made a huge comeback this summer. These cute necklaces look wonderful with the summer romper that you see in every store, and any edgy outfit , such as ripped jeans shorts with your favorite over sized tee. They can also look adorable with any neutral color sundress. 

Delicate gold chains

I’m loving the delicate gold chains. They are a gorgeous accessory to any outfit you wear. These can be found at about any store you step into, and are absolutely gorgeous on. The way you find them in stores usually come in threes, or pairings, but if you have some favorites, it’s a great way to throw them all together for that perfect look. 


Great tips for Summer Traveling

Hi ladies! 

Summer is a time when it’s the best way to get the whole family out of the house at the same time. Atleast that’s the way mine is. As my kids get older, time is scarce. We have camps, sports, practices, ect. Summer travel can be hectic if not organized and planned in advanced. I’m not saying that the spontaneous trips aren’t fun, but if you are planning on traveling by plane, leaving the country, ect., it’s best to be very organized. 

  • Check your passports 4 months ahead of time. 

Have you ever had plans to leave the country, and you go to get your passports ready and realize that they are expired? You find yourself paying triple amounts to get them expedited. I’m not going to lie, it’s happened to me. Make sure to check them in case they need updated. 

  • Always have your confirmation numbers with you . 

This is always easier and will keep you more prepared when checking in, especially out of the country. It will give you peace of mind. 

  • Pack light only with necessities 

When you travel, it’s easy to want to take everything in sight. That only makes for more chaos. Pack only the necessities. There is no need to pack unwanted items that will probably never get touched. You can get on Pinterest, and find a great travel list. 

  • Take the essential items to make your plane ride comfortable. 

When traveling in a plane, I despise being cold. They always keep planes so cold, and your miserable the whole way if your uncomfortable. Take a pillow and a extra blanket for those chilly plane rides.

  • Packing a lot ? Check your bag weight

I can’t tell you how many times I pack for a trip , and we get up to check our bags, and they weigh too much. Make sure you haven’t packed the non essentials. If you are going on a two week trip, remember to always pack just what you need. 


Summer color.. OPI red lights ahead

Hi ladies! 

I very rarely do color on my nails unless I’m feeling a little on the ” I need a change ” side. I love my nails natural or dark. I’ve been like that forever. Actually I’ve had people ask me, “why don’t you ever wear bright nail colors? I just don’t. The times I’ve had them on, I get sick of it really quick. I always figured a French manicure is always the way to go, until roaming the amazing Pinterest app. I seen the color OPI red lights ahead on a certain actress, and it looked amazing. I figured right then I was going to try something different. Well I did, and I have to say I love it. 

OPI nail color has long been around , with a great reputation for long lasting wear, and gorgeous color. I went today to get it, and actually used it at my manicure appointment. It simply has gorgeous color, and is in between a red and coral , which is perfect for summer. If any of you are looking for a gorgeous summer color, this is really pretty on. Check the color out on Pinterest, to get some great ideas. 


Caftans in resort wear. The new summer look

There is nothing I love more than to go on vacation and feel and look comfortable, but looking out together. The days of wearing tanks and shorts over your bathing suit are long gone. These days Caftans are the mainstay in beach and resort wear. You can even wear them over a pair of great shirts or a skirt for a night time look. 

There are so many great ways to wear caftans even if your not headed on a vacation , or even to the pool. The multitude of designs in the stores are amazing. If you are going after a more conservative look, the caftans with darker colors would be the key. They have ones that tie in the front, or even ones that can be worn as a cardigan. The caftan material is usually made with a light breezy feel, or even some are in linen material to keep it light and airy in the summer.

I have filled my summer wardrobe up with a few great ones that I wear during the day, or even to the pool. They have great ones out at stores likeH & M, or J Crew. They have gorgeous written all over them! 


My summer Must Have essentials

Hi ladies! 

Summer is a time when we spend our days poolside, traveling, cooking out, hosting , and so much more! It’s not only a time for fun, but it’s a time that we usually have some favorites in our beauty and fashion regimen to keep our skin and hair healthy in the heat.

In the Midwest, it gets very hot, and I have my favorite MVP essentials that I keep close and handy at all times. These are by far some of my favorite items that I travel with, and use on a daily basis. 

sacha juan

This is an amazing hair mist that smells amazing. Sacha Juan Ocean Mist


A fedora keeps your scalp healthy and is super cute in the summer. 


chanel LeVernis in Organdi

My all time favorite color in the Summer! Organdi Chanel nail color

Revive Broad spectrum SPF

My all time favorite SPF and smells amazing! We all need to be protecting our skin

Revive Soleil Broad Spectrum SPF

Check all of my favorites out online!