Hey sun goddesses.. Be safe in the sun

Hi ladies!

I can’t tell you how much I absolutely love the sun. I could seriously sit out in it all day, and not complain once, but as a child  and teenager , I really did run around , being care free, not even thinking about putting sunscreen on, and therefore, now that I am in my 40’s, I am really starting to understand the importance of sunscreen and being safe. The statistics of melanoma are so high, and it’s your responsibility to protect that gorgeous skin you have.

The sun is so powerful, and honestly if you are driving in your car , on a hot summer day, you can feel the heat scorch through windows. I see young girls going to the tanning bed still, and think in my head, what are you doing? Be safe , and protective at all times. Some great ways to protect yourself :

 always wear a sunscreen 30 or higher. I wear 50 and honestly, I get a great tan. My kids also wear high SPF. You have to keep those UV rays off of your skin. 

-wear a hat and sunglasses. If you don’t wear sunglasses, you will squint, in return will give you wrinkles around your eyes. Hats are helpful to your scalp as well as your face. 

Take breaks out of the heat. Go for a walk, or put a sand umbrella over you for an hour. If your on a beach , you can always walk to one of those beach restaurants and give your skin a break. 


 -drink loads of water. The sun will dehydrate you, so it’s always important to keep hydrated all day long, especially if you are moving on the beach. 

We all can love good color, but we can also achieve it by being smart and protective. Please wear the sunscreen and protect your skin!! 


Hot App Alert: sunZapp!

Hey, beauties!

It’s getting to be that time of year when sunscreen needs to be your best friend. It’s great when the sun is shining, but you need to protect your skin. Protection is a must! Even if it’s a bit cloudy, it’s important to still lather on the SPF.

A really cool app I just downloaded is called sunZapp. This free app tracks the UV forecast wherever you are and let’s you know when you need to reapply sunscreen. As you all probably know, UV rays are the worst. When they’re out, reach for a high SPF to keep your skin beautified! Download that app today – your skin will thank you! XOXO, Melissa

Click image to go to sunZapp's website!

Click image to go to sunZapp’s website!