The amazing benefits of Oolong Tea

I am a huge tea drinker, and always have been. I’m not talking sweetened tea drinks with a bunch of crazy additives. I’m talking pure, and delicious teas that bring health benefits to you. Oolong tea, known as one of the most potent¬† rings good health. The tea which comes from the cameilla sinesis¬†plant taste a bit between a green and black tea but with a high content of caffeine. It is recommended that only two cups be drank a day. A little more than that will have you flying from the ceiling. It is huge in China as well as Taiwan, and is big on fighting free radicals. The health benefits are priceless. It can help in the reduction of chronic health conditions such as Heart disease, and inflammatory disease. Those would include high cholesterol, high blood sugar. Oolong tea strengthens immunity like no other. It delivers amazing vital antioxidants and can help ward off those colds and flus. It helps to promote good bone structure and helps with good gum and dental health. The antioxidants ward off germs that come in contact with your gums and teeth. Drinking this daily has shown to ward off inflammation in the body. I know many of you frown at the fact of drinking hot tea, but honestly its one of the BEST drinks you can achieve for optimal health. Try replacing just one drink you have daily with a glass of oolong. It is easy to become drawn to something you do daily. If you are a drinker, I mean TEA, add some oolong. Drink your oolong


Exclusive Green Tea Benefits!

Green tea has been around for centuries, and the health benefits seem like they never end. This amazing tea contains so many powerful antioxidants, that it can do nothing but make you healthier. These antioxidants help fend off free radicals that could damage our body in so many ways, at the cellular level, which in turn pushes more diseases and ailments our way as we get older. 

Green Tea contains a powerful compound called L-theanine, which produces great relaxation. That’s why you see people drinking tea when they have been stressed out, or dealing with things that can add stress. This is a non addictive component, and could really benefit your health through out the day. This has also been known to reduce anxiety in some people, because of the relaxation effect it has. 

Green tea is so good to the heart. It can reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke by simply just drinking a few cups a day. It can reduce cholesterol, and blood pressure. It sometimes Is wise to replace the coffee in the mornings, with green tea. 

Another great benefit of green tea is that it has been known to help curb appetite, and trim your waist line. It helps the body’s rate of burning calories, and the EGCG in green tea helps with hunger panes. It is known to target belly fat.  

 The antioxidants go on and on including – detoxification, fights cavities, helps the immune system , keeps skin looking youthful. This is just naming a few. Try to slowly switch your coffee over to green tea. The health benefits of tea outweigh the taste of that Starbucks!