The ultimate Health Tea in Yerba Mate

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Tea has long been around for centuries. There are a million types of teas out there that have been known to help with certain ailments, and long ago, they were used to fight illness, and still are to this day.  Yerba Mate is one tea that has raised in popularity in recent years. This tea is grown and processed in South America, and contains many polyphenols such as flavonoids, rutin, quercetin, and many more. That is one of the reasons it has became so popular, due to the fact that it has many antioxidants that has been known to help with illness.


Yerba Mate tea contains three xanthines which are caffeine, theoblomine, and theophylline. The caffeine content in Yerba Mate is 0.7-1.7 in the dry weight herb. It contains a big amount of potassium, magnesium, and manganese. The polyphenols, as well as the antioxidants are the main componets in warding off disease, and helping our bodies stay in a more alkalizing state of health. Yerba Mate can be found in a variety of green drinks due to the antioxidant levels that the tea has.


Yerba Mate tea has been known to have various effects on our health. It has been known to help improve with any allergy symptoms one might have, including sneezing, runny nose, ect. Yerbe Mate has also been known to help reduce the risks of diabetes, along with a healthy diet. It has been known to work as a appetite suppressant, and help keep extra weight off, and help with initial weight loss. We all have been known to have a cloudy head at times, and Yerba Mate can help with our mental energy, and mental focus. It can help alleviate dark moods, and help with getting a good amount of adequate sleep at night. These all play a huge role in our health. If you are one that isn’t a tea drinker, then Yerba Mate can also be found in various health foods. You can add this to many recipes such as casseroles, salads, and many more.

Yerba Mate is a great morning starter. It can be an easy replacement for coffee. It not only has the caffeine, but you are adding a lot more antioxidants to your morning. It can be a great starter for any workout too. Who says you cant have a cold energy cup-hot-hands before a workout?


Exclusive Green Tea Benefits!

Green tea has been around for centuries, and the health benefits seem like they never end. This amazing tea contains so many powerful antioxidants, that it can do nothing but make you healthier. These antioxidants help fend off free radicals that could damage our body in so many ways, at the cellular level, which in turn pushes more diseases and ailments our way as we get older. 

Green Tea contains a powerful compound called L-theanine, which produces great relaxation. That’s why you see people drinking tea when they have been stressed out, or dealing with things that can add stress. This is a non addictive component, and could really benefit your health through out the day. This has also been known to reduce anxiety in some people, because of the relaxation effect it has. 

Green tea is so good to the heart. It can reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke by simply just drinking a few cups a day. It can reduce cholesterol, and blood pressure. It sometimes Is wise to replace the coffee in the mornings, with green tea. 

Another great benefit of green tea is that it has been known to help curb appetite, and trim your waist line. It helps the body’s rate of burning calories, and the EGCG in green tea helps with hunger panes. It is known to target belly fat.  

 The antioxidants go on and on including – detoxification, fights cavities, helps the immune system , keeps skin looking youthful. This is just naming a few. Try to slowly switch your coffee over to green tea. The health benefits of tea outweigh the taste of that Starbucks! 


Tea Drinkers! Are you Drinking the Right Kind?

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Something I never run out of at my home is tea! I have a whole drawer full of teas that I love. I have been drinking tea for a long time, and it’s simply something that I cannot live without. If you are a tea drinker like me, my only hope is you are drinking an organic and non-GMO tea.


There are many tea makers out there claiming that their brand is healthy, but really they are filled with pesticides, toxins, artificial flavors and GMOs! They are claiming to be all natural, good for the environment, and promoting clean living, but they are not.

Click to learn about Numi Tea!

Click to learn about Numi Tea!

Yogi Tea, Tazo, and Numi are really the only brands I carry at my home. They are all natural, healthy, and promote clean living all around. Tazo also makes the most amazing unsweetened teas that you can either order, or pick up at your local health food store.

There are so many products out today that claim to be healthy, but really aren’t. Please do your research before spending money on those teas. Any tea that is sweetened is sure to have artificial flavoring in them. I’d advise to buy unsweet tea, and add lemon or honey to it.

Happy tea time!


It's tea season!!!

Do yourself a favor : Drink the right tea in the fall and you’ll warm up your body and soul and get your prana ( vital energy ) flowing!



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So today I started my detox tea and love it.. It has great taste and I’d refer it to anyone!