Fall Fashion With Tory

Happy Monday!

It’s the festive time of the year, and I feel I’m in full swing of getting everything ready. I’ve been in a shopping mode lately, just to get some things knocked out for the holidays. Yes I’m a planner. It’s better that way. I spent the day yesterday with my family after a hectic few weeks, and it was so needed. Shopping and a casual lunch was the perfect Sunday. I posted some pics yesterday, and I received at least five messages about my Tory Burch Gold Necklace. I’ve actually had this necklace for quite some time, but its such a great piece that you can still purchase them at Tory Burch . It’s actually one of my favorite necklaces and I wear it quite frequently. I love delicate gold jewelry and this is the perfect fit for any outfit. I wore my shag cardigan by Anthropologie, but it’s been a while since I purchased it. The cardigan itself is so comfy that I could seriously sleep in it. It’s one of my favorites for the Fall, and it was great yesterday because the weather was so nice. My booties were by Rebecca Minkoff, which I purchased at Nordstrom’s. My sunglasses are a casual pair that I wear every now and then by diffey eye wear. They have some great sunglasses that aren’t too pricey and perfect for every day wear. I know sometimes wearing sunglasses that are pricey can be crazy because you can always lose them easily. The necklace is perfect as a gift also for that special someone. Hope you all have a great Monday!


Some of My Favorite Things! 

Hi beauties!

You know how much I love beauty products. I seriously think I’m addicted to them! I’ve seen some great bloggers post about the beauty products they love, and I love reading them.

We all love certain things, and mine happens to be beauty products. I think I have tested about every single product in Sephora. It’s a Disneyland for makeup junkies like me. I have to admit, once I get attached to a product, I will rave about it to anyone and everyone. I can’t tell you how many people now wear Buxom mascara since I have talked it up.

I believe in good products. You deliver a good product that delivers the results, you better believe the sales of that product will soar. Well, I want to share some of my favorite things with you:

I cannot live without my Tory Burch Makeup bag, my Nars bronzer, the beautiful turquoise lined Tiffany & Co. sunglasses, and my Sonia Kashuk makeup brushes. They are such great items that I absolutely love. I honestly couldn’t imagine life without them! What are your favorite items? Email me at Mdroulos@aol.com, and I’ll share them with my followers!

XOXOX, -Melissa


I luv my tory! 💜

Well everyone that knows me well or should I say my husband knows how much I love Tory Burch! I just received the bangle stack today and they are gorgeous! This would be a great gift for Christmas or even a stocking! Comes in silver & gold! 💜❤️💜