A Few of My Favorite Travel Essentials

Traveling is so fun , and when doing it , it’s important to make a list of all the essentials that you need so that you are fully prepared for your flight, and it’s more comfortable for you.  The most annoying thing about a flight is when you are tired and forgot your head rest or super cold and are short a blanket. Who likes that ? I have many items that I pack with me for my flights and I feel some of these things could come in handy for  you also.

Evian Facial Mist – This is perfect for long flights and literally gives your skin some freshness. This is the perfect mist to throw in your bag and use through out your flight. Long flights can make your skin so dry, and in return can make your skin itch and flare up. Keep the skin moisturized and fresh through out your flight.

Hydrating Crème- I like to keep hydrating crème on hand for applying to my skin through out the flight. It keeps your facial skin in tact and will feel so much better once you land. A great Hydrating crème that I love is Ole Hendrickson Nurture Me crème. This is the bomb. It has such a great consistency to it and makes your skin feel like a million dollars.

Travel Pillow – This is a MUST! Traveling without a pillow is a pain. You will get tired or want to be relaxed, and not having a headrest is so uncomfortable. This also reduces strain on your neck. Great travel pillows can be found at Amazon Prime . They have many different ones to pick from. travel must haves by pexel


Traveling is so fun, but if you are flying for a long period of time, it’s best to feel as comfortable as possible. This means making a list of some things that will make your flight most comfortable.



Great tips for Summer Traveling

Hi ladies! 

Summer is a time when it’s the best way to get the whole family out of the house at the same time. Atleast that’s the way mine is. As my kids get older, time is scarce. We have camps, sports, practices, ect. Summer travel can be hectic if not organized and planned in advanced. I’m not saying that the spontaneous trips aren’t fun, but if you are planning on traveling by plane, leaving the country, ect., it’s best to be very organized. 

  • Check your passports 4 months ahead of time. 

Have you ever had plans to leave the country, and you go to get your passports ready and realize that they are expired? You find yourself paying triple amounts to get them expedited. I’m not going to lie, it’s happened to me. Make sure to check them in case they need updated. 

  • Always have your confirmation numbers with you . 

This is always easier and will keep you more prepared when checking in, especially out of the country. It will give you peace of mind. 

  • Pack light only with necessities 

When you travel, it’s easy to want to take everything in sight. That only makes for more chaos. Pack only the necessities. There is no need to pack unwanted items that will probably never get touched. You can get on Pinterest, and find a great travel list. 

  • Take the essential items to make your plane ride comfortable. 

When traveling in a plane, I despise being cold. They always keep planes so cold, and your miserable the whole way if your uncomfortable. Take a pillow and a extra blanket for those chilly plane rides.

  • Packing a lot ? Check your bag weight

I can’t tell you how many times I pack for a trip , and we get up to check our bags, and they weigh too much. Make sure you haven’t packed the non essentials. If you are going on a two week trip, remember to always pack just what you need.