Get the smokey look with urban decay

Hi ladies! 

In some of my recent posts, I have talked about how much I love Urban Decay palettes. The smokey version palette is the bomb. Anyone with any eyecolor can pull a great smokey eye look off with this particular palette. It consists of a darker lid color, with a highlighter, then a light color for the corners, and a taupe for the outer lid. The basics of this palette is basically simple as it gives you directions on how to achieve the smokey look, and where to apply each color. The best way to achieve a look that you love is to mess around with the palette a few times with different colors to achieve your desired look. You can also walk in to any Sephora store, and one of their assistants will help with your desired makeover. The great component about these Urban Decay palettes, is there are multiple colors to try . If you think one lid color looks too dark, you can try another lighter color. These palettes are at the top of the most bought palettes for a reason. You can always check out great you tube channels on the urban decay palette. Everyone needs to go with a smokin hot look every once in a while. 


Urban Decay & Gwen Stefani collaboration

Hi ladies! 

I recently picked up the gorgeous Urban Decay pallet, made by the gorgeous Gwen Stefani. I’m loving this palette because it has all different colors , different from the other palettes you see everywhere. It has 15 gorgeous shades , with the super chic case. Gwen Stefani herself designed these shades. 

These are the shades that Gwen always wished she had in her own palette, so that’s exactly how she designed it. It is filled with gorgeous neutrals as well as a few jewel toned shades for those special nights out. We all want to spice up our look once in a while right? The great component about this palette, is the palette colors feature the pigment infusion system, which gives each color it’s velvety texture, and looks very sleek on the eyes, with less creasing. This is the ultimate gift for this holiday season for any of your friends or family who are makeup mavens. You can pick this great item up for $58, at any Sephora store.  



New Urban Decay Vault.. Hmmm yes! 

Hi Ladies!  

 You have seen how much the urban decay palettes have really been in the beauty news, and not only that, but their products are amazing. They , in my opinion, have the best eye primers, and lipsticks. Above all, they have some of the best eye pallets, and I have to say , the new Urban decay vault is out of this world.

The limited edition vault was launched yesterday on urban decays website, and will most likely not last long with the holidays around the corner. This is a gorgeous gift to anyone for the holidays, and includes just about every urban decay pallet you can think of. 

It includes the naked smokey, naked 2, naked 3, mini pallets, and the naked basic. These palettes will give your eyes any look you want to try, and is perfect for any eye color. The vault does cost around $165, but if you break down what each palette cost individually, you are saving yourself big. If this is something you love and want, you may want to stock up now, or find yourself overpaying down the road on other websites. This is the ultimate beauty luxury by urban decay. All the prized possessions in one . Grab it today! 



Urban Decay Naked palette Love

Hi Beauties!

Urban decay Naked Palette is the bomb. its very hard to find a palette that you can travel with, and has all the luscious colors intact to make your eyes pop, but I cant get enough of this amazing product. I’ve used this palette for a few years, and have been a huge urban decay lover since I can remember. Urban Decay is always coming out with great products every year. You can shop for this palette at, or at I want to thank for showing a great application to this palette. Isn’t just gorgeous? This palette will work on about every single eye color. FullSizeRender (3)


Urban Decay Naked Vault

Hi, ladies!

I bet some of you love the Urban Decay products as much as I do, and my most amazing product is the naked pallets. Well, Urban Decay now has out the Urban Decay Vault. This is something so amazing, that once you have it, you don’t really need much of anything else. This vault comes with three lipglosses and three naked palettes, and a few other goodies. The retail price is a bit high, but once you set your eyes on this, you won’t find anything else remotely close! Love love love!! Check it out!

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