Vacation Soon? Enjoy the Atlantis

Hey Ladies!

I love to vacation. I’m sure you already know that and in fact I love to blog about it. I recently just got home from the beautiful atlantis Bahamas . I can’t tell you how much fun that place is and how beautiful it is. The food is amazing, and the service is impeccable. Let me start by saying that not all places in the Caribbean are the same. I’ve been pretty much everywhere, and I definitely have my favorites, and also places I’ll never go back to. I will always love going back to the beautiful Atlantis. I have to say taking my morning run every day was the tops. The beauty that you see, and of course you can’t forget the warmth. Oh how I’m ready for warm weather. The older I get, the more I despise the cold. ( I only love it at Christmas). The morning walks to The Marina Village was amazing, along with the cute boutique shops. The pool side massages are the bomb. My husband and I had to get those as well. I can’t say enough about the amazing restaurants, including the amazing Nobu. If you have ever ate there, the sushi is to die for. We don’t really gamble a whole lot, but we did stop at the Roulette table, and I had to get in some time at the Black jack table. The great thing about the Atlantis is there is something for everyone. We took our kids here when they were younger, and they absolutely loved it. The aquariums are something that I love about this place. You can take your kids to see the marine life right next to your hotel room. If you have kids, this is the place to go. The water parks are great for the kids as well as the lazy river. You will never get bored, I promise you that. They offer the best morning pilates classes as well as yoga on the beach which was amazing. The Marina Village offers the best for evening fun including Carmines, and the Seaside Grille. If you are looking for that next trip, you have to check out the fun this place has to offer.


The Best of New york

I’ve been wanting to do a post for a while now on my recent trip to New York, but wanted to make sure that I had everything in it that I wanted you to know. If you are planning a trip to NYC, then I am so glad you are reading this. This was probably one of the Best trips I’ve taken recently , just for the simple fact I was with my kids. We had an ultimate blast and can’t wait to get back. 

Even though I have been before, it seems each time you go back to the same destination , there is always something new to see , or just new things to do. We took in many sights, museums, ate amazing food, went to great Broadway shows , and I wish I could fit all my amazing photos in to this one post. I just wanted to give you some insight of some great things to do and see if you have a chance to visit. 

I’m going to start with food. Who doesn’t love taking in the great food NYC has to offer. Everywhere you turn, there is food, and it’s good food. We ate at so many amazing places, by I just can’t fit them all in to my post. I have to start out with the amazing STK Steakhouse.  If you ever have a chance to go, you need to. It’s got a great vibrant atmosphere , and the food is divine. It’s a great place to take the family. Rolling into little Italy, we couldn’t make our minds up on where we wanted to eat. Every little place looks adorable. After about 30 minutes, we decided on Cafe Napoli. I’m so glad we did! The wait staff was remarkable, and did I mention they have the best Tortellini Romano? Of course now I’m going to move on to where we stayed. We stayed at the Waldorf Astoria. The hotel was just fabulous, and the service was remarkable. The rooms are spacious, and they have the best restaurants inside , including the Bull and Bear Prime Steakhouse. The breakfast there is amazing . My daughter and I even had afternoon tea at Lachine. They are so accommodating. I had to venture over to TriBeCa one day to take in some shopping and sights. I have to race about the TriBeCa spa of tranquility. This spa was voted one of the best spas around the globe, and I can see why. It was adorable. The staff was wonderful, and their services were amazing. The European facial  and their signature massage was the ultimate. TriBeCa is lovely as well. I can’t cover everything we seen, because we did ALOT! Central Park is always a gorgeous place to visit or take a walk. The day we visited, you couldn’t of asked for a more beautiful scenery. It’s always wonderful to visit this an amazing city, and have the ultimate fun. If you ever have a small weekend or a vacation coming up, NYC is a great get away. 


Hawaii the beautiful!

When I visit places, I usually find myself saying well this island is a bit like that island or I like this island better because … Well I’m in Hawaii and it’s going to be extremely hard to leave. I have yet another three days to take in more beauty .. But there is something so amazing about this place. It’s like no other.. Beauty surrounds you everywhere. Trees, mountains, oceans, rocks, dolphins, water life, flowers. It’s beyond beautiful .. So if any of you ever get a chance to explore this amazing place.. You need to… Going to the highest point of the mountain today! Can’t wait!