Fall Must Haves for 2016

Fall is here, and there is nothing like getting your Fall wardrobe together. It has always been my favorite time of the year. I absolutely love the cooler weather, especially coming off of a very hot summer. The  sports, and bonfires are something that I will forever treasure. It is also my absolute favorite fashion season too.  Who can’t get enough of the boots, scarves, sweaters, and vests that come out each fall season. There are so many ways to pull off a great season style. You can go from day to-night with just a few accessories.

I have many great items that I love dearly this time of year. Matter of fact, I pull them out every fall season. They include my Burberry Scarf that I love with all of my heart. ( yes its dear to me). It goes with just about everything for a sleek , yet casual look. It can be paired with a great pair of jeans and boots, and a great jacket. I love the Autumn colors in it, and that is why I love it so much. Did I mention how warm it is also? I have had this forever it seems, and I grow more and more in love with it.

I recently bought a new wonderful hat that I can’t wait to pull off this year. It is a gray , floppy hat that I found at Zara. Zara is a store that has everything. I can literally get lost in that store for hours. Their clothes are classy and sleek, and have a French twist to them. It’s very modern, but high fashion. The store carries anything from simple pieces to an outfit you could see on any runway. The hat would look great paired with a long tunic, and vest.

Every Fall season, I can’t help falling in love with the amazing dark nail colors. I very rarely use color on my nails, except in the Fall. I love the reds, purples, and golds. I know they look trendy, but wow are they gorgeous. I love the Revlon color Vixen. One of my all time favorites. This color looks great on nails and toes, especially if you will be wearing some nice open toe shoes. Vixen is a great color paired up with my favorite lip color by Too Faced Melted. The color in Metallic chocolate is a great color for anyone. It looks absolutely gorgeous on.

The shoes make the outfit right? Well of course. My all time favorite accessory is the shoe. The boots that I am loving this fall are those by Vince Camuto. I cant tell you how much I love his shoes. I’m borderline obsessed I think. He has a knack for hitting every style known to man. They range from over the knee to the ankle bootie. Check out my faves!fullsizerender-176fullsizerender-175



Crisp white shirts for summer! 

Hi ladies!

White has always been a favorite of mine. I love white roses, white cars, white walls, and white shirts! It’s my go to color for the summer, and every now and then , I love pairing a white shirt with a great pair of colored shorts. I even love a crisp white shirt on a man.

It’s always great to have them on hand when building up your wardrobe for the summer. One other detail I love is a bit of ruffle . These days you can find ruffles on just about anything. They are detailed on skirts,shorts,  and even shoes. It’s amazing what the color white can add to a full outfit. Great stores such as H & MPixie market, and Top shop are carrying some super cute summer tops that will have you shopping for more. There is something pure and clean about the color, and even in clothing , it can really bring a clean lined effect to the wardrobe.

Below are some of my favorite looks:


Winter cuteness!

One thing i love about winter is all the cute boots & coats! I love the hats too!!


Winter cuteness!

One thing i love about winter is all the cute boots & coats! I love the hats too!! I think I’d get a bit bored wearing the same type of clothes year round! It’s fun to play around with new wardrobe additions.. That’s why I love the four seasons! 💜💜💜💜