Summer is almost here.. It’s time to set goals and get healthy! 

Hi ladies! 

It’s amazing to know that summer is right around the corner, and it seems like Christmas just got over. Now is the time more than ever, to set those goals and get healthy and fit. There is still time to get in the best shape of your life, and set attainable goals. 

Get a journal! 

Start off by getting a journal , and writing your goals in there, and how you plan to achieve them. We all have them, and if you are one that has always worn a one piece bathing suit, and would love to get in that two piece for the first time , here is your chance!  Journaling every day has been a love of mine. It helps me keep track of the food I eat, and my workouts. It helps to look back and see just how well or how bad you’ve been eating. Start off by writing down your daily meals, or what you plan to eat. This will help you stay on track. 

Get moving! 

There is no time to waste. Pick the workouts you plan on doing or the classes you plan on attending , and make sure you get to them everyday. If you are one that loves yoga, plan on attending your yoga classes daily, or even bump it up to hot yoga once a week to burn some extra calories. It’s essential to set up a workout plan . If you feel you need to take one day off, make sure that you are working out all the other days. I make it a point to workout everyday , or attend one of my favorite classes. That’s exactly how I feel better, and get more things done. I not only feel better, but exercise clears my head, and just makes me feel so much healthier. If you feel your not a gym person, then find great workouts through Pinterest, or even through some wonderful apps that you can download. Body rock, is one of my all time favorites. You can download that onto your smart Tv , and do the workouts right in your living room. In today’s world , there are so many unique ways of getting that workout in. If you are a walker , and not a runner, make sure to walk everyday , and try working your way up to running. It can be done. 

Get some health food , and throw out the crap! 

Now is the time to set yourself up on a healthy way of eating. Throw out all the garbage that you have in your pantry or fridge, and replace with wholesome foods such as greens, veggies, fruits, seeds, nuts , and legumes. There are many ways to incorporate healthy meals into your days. Grab a good cookbook and start cooking. That’s the best way to start. You don’t have to be Emeril to be able to cook healthy. A good juice, or a good mixed vegetable salad can turn into one of your favorite meals. Figure out a healthy calorie intake to start with , to get your weight down. Healthy eating mixed with good exercise is the strategy for great success. Try to buy organic when possible. This will cut down on your intake of pesticides and residues, which are so much healthier.


I can’t stress this enough. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! Fueling yourself with enough water is essential not only for good health, but for healthy weight loss. You may not even know on some days just how dehydrated you can be. I always have a water jug with me at all times. If you aren’t a water person, try adding in some different fruits to give it some taste. I love cucumbers and strawberries in my water. It’s very important that you take in enough water daily, especially if you are sweating. 

Applying these essentials to your daily plan of weight loss will get you to your goal weight , and will make you feel healthier than ever before. Now is the time to do it. We only get today. There is no better time to start than NOW! Your worth it! 


Wine… Before Bed Snack?? 

Hi ladies!

I recently came upon some news that researchers have tried saying that drinking a half of bottle of wine before bed helps weight loss. Ummm… I’m not quite understanding how they came up with that! I absolutely love wine… Everything about it. Origins, taste, what it pairs with, and so forth. Wine has a great amount of health benefits such as reservatol which helps repair free radical damage. I do pick wine as my drink choice simply because I love the taste. But I’m not buying the fact that wine before bed could help with weight loss. I know that picking a glass over a bowl of ice cream or a chocolate bar would be more ideal, but wine can carry a lot of sugar in one glass. I try to stay away from the whites as much as possible because they tend to have a lot more sugar than reds. I’m sure all of you keep up on health news, but I really don’t believe how drinking wine before bed could aid in weight loss. Further more, it’s not a very healthy way to live drinking that much wine before sleeping. Yes a glass can unwind and help in aid relaxation, but drinking too much wine can interfere with a good night’s sleep. If any of you are trying to help yourself get to a healthier weight or a healthier way of life, keep drinking your green drinks, water, take supplements, and keep your glass of wine for dinner time!


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