Cooling down after your workout

Hi Beauties! 

I hope everyone’s morning is off to a fantastic start. We all know how important it is to get your workout in, and get your heart pumping. Well I feel people really doesn’t know the importance of cooling down after their workout. I’ve been at the gym multiple times to see a woman get off an elliptical , and then stopping and jumping off and heading home. It’s great she got her workout in, but cooling down is just as important to stay healthy. One of the most important aspects of a proper cool down is to prevent yourself from getting dizzy. Strenuous exercise causes your blood vessels to expand, which in turn causes blood to go to the lower legs and feet. When you stop exercising , that blood can sit in the legs causing your heart rate to drop and cause dizziness. If you are on a machine such as the treadmill, or the elliptical, and you get your heart rate up to a certain level, once you are done, slow the speed up and walk for five to ten minutes. If you are at a class, try cooling down with some light stretching. Light yoga is great. Make sure to hydrate well during your exercises too. Cooling down is just as important as the workout itself.  



Make Your Days Great! 

Hi ladies!

I know how busy times are, believe me… I have two kids that are constantly running, and it seems that the days are moving by so quickly. I just want to point out that we are no fun if we aren’t making time for ourselves. Please take your fitness and health seriously. Fitness provides us with the energy we need, and healthy food provides us with the fuel we need to keep up that energy.

I have seen so many fitness websites offering 10 minute workouts. Who doesn’t have 10 minutes? I feel the reason they are coming out with these quick workouts is to get more people fit and healthy, and to make them realize that NO, you do not need to spend hours in the gym to get fit!

I personally set time aside everyday to get in an hour of fitness. I realized a long time ago, if I’m not working out, I’m not happy! There are different things that make people happy, and I know for a lot of people, fitness is not one of them. I am here to tell you NOW is the time to get up and get moving!

If you are not a gym person, fine! Find that home workout and set aside some time to complete it. Have you ever wanted to take that yoga class? Take it! What is stopping you? Now more than ever, we need to move our bodies. It’s amazing how much potential each one of us have if we follow through, and be disciplined. It takes discipline and hard work.

Taking 15 minutes a day and going for a brisk walk would make a huge difference. I get asked all the time what I do to stay fit and in shape. It is a personal quest for me each day. I get up, and know exactly where I’m going for my workouts, and what I’m eating. I have to admit, my amazing cook of a husband does pre-plan some of my meals so they are ready.

If you take just one day, and journal your meals and workouts, you will feel on top of the world. I got up this morning and headed to a sweat out class that kicked my butt, and loved every minute of it. I don’t like classes where you go see women working out with makeup. No, those are not classes. I love classes where I’m in the class, looking around and everyone is sweating! That’s a class! Find what works for you, and hit it hard! You can do it!!!


Did You Hit a Plateau? Think Twice! 

Hi beauties!

When we get to a certain point in our workouts, we should be seeing results. I’ve talked to so many women and they tell me that they will be doing a workout, and seeing results, then all of a sudden, the scale doesn’t move, their clothes do not get looser, and they feel they are ready to give up! One word: DON’T!

Are you telling me after all the hard work you have put in day after day, you are just going to give up? Your stronger than that! We all hit plateaus! There are so many people that start these workouts and hit a stop spot to where they haven’t moved off the scale, or changed in weight. That is normal. You need to evaluate what you are doing.

Are you giving your all in your workouts? I am a bit of an over achiever, so if I feel I’m not doing enough, I turn it up a notch. I have a son who pushes me, and I’ll tell you, I love it. I am always increasing my weight on my dumbells to challenge myself. I have to admit, I love working out with my son on some days.

How is your diet? Are you eating enough protein? It’s so important to take a post workout protein shakes! Are you getting enough sleep? It’s so important to get those zzz’s every night so you your body is rejuvenated and has time to rest.

These are all important things that go hand in hand in helping you are see results. Everyone’s body is different, but I can tell you, if you are keeping track of the things above, and making changes accordingly, you will get the best of your workouts and see results. You will also feel at the top of your game. If you feel you aren’t, keep a journal of your meals and workouts, and you will see where you are lacking and where you need to improve!


My Workouts! 

Hi beauties!

It’s sizzling hot where I live, so I hope you’re all protecting your skin if you’re in a hot climate right now! I wanted to write a post today on what I do before and after my workouts, because I’m here to provide motivation to get you in the best shape of your life!

I change up my workouts due to the fact that I get bored easily, and I love workouts that use muscle confusion, which gives the best toning results. Before my workout every morning, I drink a glass of warm lemon water. This gets everything moving, and I instantly feel rejuvenated. I then make a pre-workout loaded up with antioxidants. I also take my supplements at this time. Then, I tackle my workout, which consists of anything from a Kettleworx class, to a 3-4 mile workout with weight training, to hot yoga.

Some days, I’ll do a Tracey Anderson videos or just head to the gym to mix things up. Music is very important when working out. Hip hop music gets my energy roaring so I love listening to Jay Z, Kanye West, and Maroon 5.

Post workout recovery is also very important. I take a post recovery drink to help my muscles recover. I recommend ETB Fit products – they are amazing for energy supplements and workout fuel! Check them out!



5 Reasons to Try Resistance Band Training

Happy Friday, ladies!

Resistance bands are such a valuable tool these days for many reasons. 1) If I happen to head out on a weekend trip, and I know I’ll be gone a few days, I will throw my resistance band in my bag. That way I can get a small workout in while I’m gone. 2) The bands come in multiple levels, such as light, medium, or heavy; so anyone at any fitness level can use them. 3) The cost on resistance bands is low. It’s an inexpensive item to add to your home fitness routine. 4) With resistance bands, you’re able to exercise your entire body, including every muscle group. 5) Lastly, you can exercise when you’re on the road. That’s the BEST thing about this great product. Resistance bands can be bought at any sporting good store or online.