My Favorite Rituals that get me through the Winter Months

Hey Ladies!

I will be the first to admit that I love Summer and the Warmth. I mean who doesn’t? It seems once Christmas is over, the cold drags on and on. I have to admit, I do love the sun shining no matter if it’s hot or cold. It always seems to brighten the day. I am one that loves to keep myself busy through the cold months, and it is a great excuse to get things done that have been on your list for quite sometime. The pantry needing cleaned out, or a closet purge is always great. I also have some great rituals that I do during the winter months that make the cold all that much better. I’ve always been a book worm. I have a loft upstairs that is only dedicated to my reading time because I’m the only one that uses it. I’ve made that loft quite comfy and peaceful, so it’s great to sit down and read a good book. I think I have completed three books since January 1st, so that tells you how much my nose is in a good book. Did I mention that having a good nice glass of pinot with that book is even better. When I’m not reading or organizing, I absolutely love watching a good movie with my family. They seem to be home less and less, but when they are, I’m taking advantage of it. pexel photo

We also love having good dinners at home. I have been cooking a lot lately, that is when my husband isn’t. I’ve been experimenting with different flavors and foods, and it’s been fun. I absolutely love yoga and working out, so that is my go to every day. Hot yoga literally makes me feel like a million dollars. It is such a great workout, and even better walking in to a warm room when its super cold out. We do love to travel too. We always try to find time to get to a warmer destination. It’s a tad hard with my kids schedules, but just getting away for 4 days is such a great escape. Well I hope that you have rituals to help you get through these frigid months. Want to share them? pexel photo


Yoga over Running.. Why I chose it

Running has always been something easy for me to do. You get up , grab your shoes and you go. I’ve always ran daily until I fell in love with yoga. It literally has changed my life. I still hit up my daily hiit class, but yoga Is amazing. The complete euphoric feeling you have when you feel like you just completed 50 downward dogs in 95 degree heat. The sweat drenching off your face may not be pretty, but it sure does feel amazing. I have become so obsessed that when I’m out of town in my favorite city of Chicago, I’m grabbing the next best class. Have I mentioned that hot yoga burns the calories? Running would always make my shins hurt, and I’ve realized that I’m not a spring chicken anymore, but I want to feel healthy and fit no matter what age I am. Yoga has given me more focus on my days. I’m more intuitive with the things and situations going on around me. It has made my core stronger. I feel my abs have never been more strong in my life. I’ve made amazing friends in my little yoga village. The amazing people that come in your life with such good mindsets is what inspires me. You realize the value of life , and the little things that are important. Yoga has given me that. To be perfectly honest, I don’t waste my energy on mindless people or negative energy any longer. It seems yoga has brought so much positivity around me. I make sure when I’m not in town, that I hit up the next amazing yoga class being taught. I’m even excited to try the rooftop yoga at the London House this month topped off with some Moët champagne. Yoga never gets boring, and it has made me grow in ways I never thought possible. I make sure I get my Namaste everyday!


Transform your energy with Yoga

Yoga is a century old practice that has been around since the beginning of time, and we are seeing huge health benefits in the body, mind and spirit. I know I’ve seen huge benefits in my self since practicing. Yoga doesn’t stop there. It’s a proven statistic that yoga can transform our inner energy to a point of complete bliss. The laws of physical science state that energy cannot be created nor destroyed, but can be transformed. We all have energy within us. It’s the emotional track that gets us there. We have the capacity to change every thought, desire, and emotion that lives in us. Bad energy is the likings of fear, negativity, jealousy, anger, people that possess these qualities. You want to steer away from those qualities and people. They are the ones that bring negativity around you , simply because they have serious personal issues that have nothing to do with you. You want to put yourself around positivity, happiness, joy, and people that bring the best out in you or want the best for you. Yoga can broaden you reach positive energy and make you feel your ultimately best. When you align your practice to a positive thought , desire , or your creativity, your inner peace will soar. A supply of power arises daily in each of us. It’s the powerful mind that puts us there. A daily yoga practice will transform your energy like no other through using your power kinetically. It will direct your attention appropriately. If you use you right reserves efficientally, you will feel more happiness, joy and well being.  Take the time to grab your mat, give yourself some personal space , and take your mind to a gratifying place. It’s all worth it.


Yoga for Flexibility

Yoga has been around for centuries, and lately it seems to be growing more rapidly. It has even grown to the likes of Wall Street in NYC with “lunch sessions ” being given to the high stressed jobs of stock brokers and traders. There are so many benefits to yoga, that how can one not incorporate a downward dog into their day. Studies have shown that yoga can help with lowering blood pressure, help lower stress levels, and pain management. Studies have shown that chiropractor’s have even incorporated yoga sessions into their clients regimens to help alleviate back pain . The benefits are all so amazing, that yoga will continue to grow. Yoga isn’t just for the trendy people, we are seeing hard-core athletes take yoga by storm. My son is a perfect example. He uses his body so much at a high impact rate, that yoga has helped him with preventing injury and preventing back pain. According to studies, More and More professional athletes are taking it us to help with keeping their bodies flexible during the season. They have seen a decline in injury with the athletes that are doing it. kill that stress

We want more flexibility as we age. Our bones and muscles tend to not be as “young” as they once were, so its important to incorporate a good practice of exercise into our daily habits. Yoga helps keep the core flexible also. The core is the limelight of our bodies, and a strong core helps us maintain efficiency in our daily lives. It helps lengthen and stretch your muscles in a very effective way. Adding a great yoga class in with good wholesome nutrition helps maintain balance in the body, and to prevent inflammation from occurring. Its helpful in relieving tension and stress in such a huge way. Try grabbing that next Yoga class that pops up, or try one out for that matter. Who ever wants stress anyway?


The best place for Namaste in Chicago! 

Hi ladies! 

I love Chicago, and as much as I’m visiting, I have found my ultimate place for getting my inner Namaste in. Yoga loft Chicago Is my ultimate favorite yoga studio. The atmosphere is gorgeous, and the minute you leave, you feel  amazing. The instructors are absolutely phenomenal, and you will not receive a better cleansing than this place. Chicago is known for the high city life, and that’s one thing I love about it. The energy, the people, shopping, but yoga tops it. It can be overwhelming finding the perfect studio. I’m so glad I found Yoga loft Chicago. It’s located just a few blocks off of Michigan Ave. They offer many classes, but their Power Flow Vinyasa is my favorite. They have wellness workshops weekly if you are in the city visiting.