Great ways to stay happy and healthy! 

Good morning!

Happiness and health go hand in hand. Being healthy isn’t always about just eating healthy food and heading to the gym. It’s about having a good mindset , and a good balance within yourself to keep everything healthy, and when I say that, I mean your mind, and spirit also. Having a great spirit is essential for long lasting health. Here are some great ways to ensure you live a happy and healthy life.

put yourself around positive and fun people. – you do not want to waste your time around negative people, or people that do not like to see you do well. They exist people. It’s a common factor that if someone isn’t pushing you to be your best, apparently they are lacking in the “happiness” department. They WILL NOT add anything to your life. Two words.. Get rid.. Be around people who you laugh with, and carry a positive attitude. It really does reflect the type of person they are.

be unique , and stay true to yourself. – the best thing about being you, is your YOU, and No one else. Be creative, and stick to your guns. Go with your instinct. Find your rhythm, and your likes. Don’t try to go with someone else’s ideas, and always make yourself stand out. You always want to stand out. It makes you that much more unique.

when you feel doubtful, just smile- it amazes me at my age, that no matter what, I look around at my life and realize how lucky I am. It makes me smile, and as time goes on, it just reminds me that much more, how great my life truly is. Smiling just makes your days a lot brighter!

Don’t take anything for granted.– I know you all know this, but life is short. Anything can be taken away at any time, and your BEST life is now. Enjoying your time with family and friends, and having fun always is key, no matter what. Live each day as though it’s your last, and get out and try new things!

meditation is key to being mindful. – I never was the meditation type, until I started doing yoga, and then I realized that just meditating 15 minutes each morning does so much for your day. It’s a reminder of how to stay mindful of the things around you. What’s 15 minutes of your day, when it can add so much?

always stay positive- I can’t say this any louder.. A positive attitude makes all the difference in your life. No matter what is going on, always keep a positive attitude. Great things do come, more than you know. It’s such a mind power, and every good person loves a positive attitude.

 Keep the music going– music is such a huge part of my life and my family’s life. Unless a football game is on, we have great music playing all the time. We love it, whether it’s indie music or sounds of the season, it’s wonderful for the mind.


What is clean eating? 

Hi ladies! 

Clean eating is so important when we strive for optimum health. If you haven’t made a small change in your eating habits for the better, or do not know where to start , here are some tips on what clean eating actually is. We want to eat our food the way nature intended, and it’s Not a diet. It’s a lifestyle. Eating this way daily will bring you more energy, less ailment, clearer thinking, better focus, and a healthier body inside and out.  

 – drink atleast 2 liters of water daily- I can’t tell you the significant difference it makes drinking water. It flushes out toxins, and keeps you hydrated all day long. 

– keep alcohol limited. – cut down on alcohol , and if you want a drink , limit yourself to 1 glass of red wine daily for the antioxidants. 

-choose organic- choose organic whenever possible. It cuts out preservatives, fillers, ect. 

-read your labels- if you find something through the middle aisles at the store, it’s probabley 99% not good for you. The less ingredients, the better off you are. 

-avoid all processed foods- this includes refined foods also. Anything made with flour, sugar, is a no no. 

– drink your teas- they enrich your body, and have a cleansing effect. 

– eat tons of fruits and vegetables- organic possible. Eating these and replacing the bad food, significantly adds so many benefits to your health. 

– eat the healthy fats, and kick the bad days to the curb.  

 This way of eating resets your system, and adds much vitality to your life. You will age better, sleep better, have better workouts, cut out belly fat, ect. The list goes on. There is no better way of starting off the new year than to start eating clean! 


Need Some Momentum? You can find it here.

Hi Ladies!BEAST MODE_Momentum coord. pr foot notes

Happy Hump Day!

We all need some momentum now and then, because that is what keeps us going right? I found the cutest, most amazing athletic- inspired jewelry line, that keeps us moving, and to inspire us not to give up, and go that extra mile. This gorgeous line motivates you throughout your day, no matter what you are doing, or trying to accomplish. This jewelry line is comfortable, washable, and light weight. Each separate piece of Momentum blends fashion with a purpose or motivational saying that you love of your choice to keep you moving, physically and mentally.

What makes this line so amazing, is that it is YOU ,creating it. You can personalize it for your individual encouragement. If  you have some great motivational words that you live by, and would like to see it on that great piece of jewelry , Momentum is for you. The great part about Momentum, is that 5% of its profits are donated to the National non-profit Action for Healthy Kids. This particular organization works with schools to fight the national epidemic of childhood obesity by teaching kids to live healthy, active lives. Isn’t that wonderful?

Momentum’s line includes everything from wrap bracelets, food notes, suede cuffs, necklaces, headbands, earrings ect. These are all intended for active use. These pieces are all non-tarnishing as well. Each piece is at an amazing price at $10-$28 a piece. Grab some Momentum today and order that gorgeous piece. You can check Momentum out at Check some of these gorgeous pieces out.




Importance of relaxation!!

Hi Beauties! 

This world is so chaotic at times, that I’m sure it seems hard to have relaxation time or “me time”. With all the things we need to do in a day, it sometimes seems right down impossible. We need it, and we need to make time for it. If you are a yogi of some sort, and love to head to your yoga classes for some Namaste, that’s great. Cutting out just an hour a day shows that it can improve our overall well being. Taking time to go to an art class or pottery class with your child can be very relaxing, but just getting personal , valuable time is important also. Relaxation does wonders for our body, mind, and spirit. It lowers stress levels because relaxation brings out mind to a balanced calm state. We no longer are thinking of the things we need to get accomplished. When you cut out relaxation time each day, it gives our minds a break of the constant chatter going on. Relaxation also helps us to sleep better. Relaxation rituals fifteen minutes before our sleep time helps with sleep deprivation. Your mood and memory will improve. Having no relaxation time in your life causes burn out, and burn out will demolish every last ounce of energy in your body and can deplete your immune system. Studies show that people who take less time for themselves get sick more often, and have more sleep insomnia than those that do take time. Your memory is more clear, and you can think more clearly. Stress puts so much emphasis on our hearts, and when it does that, we will get sick more often. Remember to always take time for yourself. If you have young children, get a sitter for an hour, and go do something that you love. You truly need it, and it’s so much better in the long run! 




💕5 Life Lessons I Live By💕

Hi beauties!

It’s amazing what you learn about life as you get older. I have learned so many things and I apply these daily to my, and my children’s lives, daily.

1. Always pick quality over quantity. This applies to everything from shoes, to handbags, to friends! So many people think they are in some popularity contest, feeling like they need all kinds of friends. Or with social media, they hope they get so many likes on a photo… It’s comical. Why? I think it makes them feel like they are gaining something later in life they wished they had in high school. Get over it! Like I’ve always said: No one is that important. What’s important is having six great friends that you can count on versus 20 that really could care less.

2. Always be kind, but not too kind. Always be nice to people; you never know what someone is going through. I told a girl the other day that she looked adorable, and her face completely lit up. Don’t ever be too nice to where you let people take advantage.

3. Positive energy is addicting, so spread it. I have met so many great friends who are amazingly sweet and supportive. You can feel positive energy around you. Stay away from the negative energy. You can spot it a mile away. When the friends are supporting you and clapping for you, keep them. Drop the ones that do not clap! They are no good! It truly ends up being out of issues they usually have which are insecurities and jealousy. Don’t ever let anyone tell you that you can’t, because chances are they wish they could.

 4. Always tell your loved ones how much you love them. Time flies by so fast. As a young person, you are always thinking you’re invincible and everyone around you is too. No one is invincible; they will go, and you will not be able to tell them. Make sure everyday, it is known to them!

5. Be spontaneous and adventurous! When I turned 33, I started doing and trying all these new things. I’m loving life right now, and I am so blessed. My family and I are always doing something, and we are a very tight family. We love traveling (when we are off sport season), and we are very competitive which means we are always playing games or challenging ourselves! Get out there and try the things you have always wanted to do. I’m really considering getting my yoga license just because I love it, and I feel like it. Why? Because I can.  Live life everyday!